what do you want to see?

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I say one ticket winner.

dallascowboyfan's avatar - chi

one ticket winner, me, me, me......Wink

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It would be nice if it were won so things could go back to pseudo-normal.

pavizlo$'s avatar - Lottery-038.jpg

This is too much money for one ticket winer. It would be great to see at least 5 winers from 5 different states.

dallascowboyfan's avatar - chi
In response to pavizlo$

Welcome to the LP pavizlo$....Thumbs Up

ttech10's avatar - blobdude
In response to maximumfun

Same here, I just want a normal sized jackpot... I guess call me crazy...

NightStalker's avatar - mortaine

If I don't win, I want it to roll, just to watch the madness.  Even if someone does win, the stores will be ghost towns for the next few weeks as jackpot fever wears off.White Bounce


One winner. How big could this get if it rolled 4-6 more tomes? 2-3 billion? Now we would be in the BIg leagues!   Eek

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In response to pavizlo$

I agree with your wish to see statement.

If one person wins this in a State that does not offer anonymity when claiming the prize, this could be ugly.

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In response to Litebets27

who ever the unfortunate soul/s are .........

its gonna be slaughter right from the millisecond they come forward regardless of whether or not anonymity applies


any news crew worth thar equipped vans R gonna keep a seriously close 24 hr watch over any claim center

furthermore no one is twisting any arms to get them to play

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I wish to see the pot grow to 1,000,000,000 USD's, than win it myself here in Europe! Roll! Roll! Guitar

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In response to hearsetrax

That's fine. I already have planned to hire several limos to throw them off the track.  Wink


I'd rather see a one ticket winner.... MEEEEEE!!!!

ttech10's avatar - blobdude

All I have to say it win or lose... I'm done with the mania. It's really exciting and all, but I'll stick with my 1 line and mediocre dreams.

These crazy half billion dollar dreams are too much, especially knowing how likely it is to happen again, I just want to get back to numbers I'm familiar with.

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Get back up to over a 100 million, so we can have some more nutbags come out hiding....Lot more interesting stories and drama when the Jackpot is large !!! Especially from the (alledged) winners

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