If you win MM, name something "odd" you'd do...

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Everyone will always buy cars, houses, vacations....What's one "odd" thing you'd do?

Me?  I'm getting my darn cat declawed!!! It's like $500 and I'd never have the money otherwise!!  LOL


What would ya'll do?

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Something 'odd'... both cats will go to the groomers and get SHAVED (tired of winter coat 'coating' everything!)

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Buy an aluminum can crasher.  I'm an obsessive recycling buff.


Two Chicks at the same time Wink

In response to egantt88

I have always wanted to get my ankles lipo'd....they just do not match my legs! lol   Hyper And I have yet to find an exercise to make them thinner :)

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In response to IMGONNAWIN

That sounds painful.

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I am a geek so I would run fiber to my house.

I would also start a bakery for my wife because she has always

wanted to do that.Smile


Oddities.....hmmm...I'd buy the animatronic T-Rex head from Jurassic park.

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faint, wake up faint again....Thud

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In response to gonnawinwatchme

That's so funny because I want another cat but can't due to the cost of declawing!

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maybe rent Disney World for a day; Ive never been and would love to bring friends!


Also, have Christina Aguilera perform a personal concert for me lol. She used to do it, but idk if being a TV star has gone to her head now.

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Odd hmmm,

       I'd call obammy up and refer to him as Mr. President..

                                                         Now for sure that would be Odd.


Buy every single WWE replica belt out there. I'm a wrestling fan. They are about $300+ a pop. I'd buy them all just to have them.

I suppose that's not very odd but I'd do it!

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Ride every rollercoaster in the US :)


One more  bump up and I will be richer than Mitt Romney...

Maybe I would run fer governor. Our governor is being recalled.

Seeing that the home building business is having such trouble, I would start a home building business.

I always do the opposite...... Gotta be the contrarian.......

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Probably the one thing I'd do that might seem odd to others is to (at my advanced age) get braces on my teeth again.  I had my teeth straightened once decades ago, but they have become crooked again.  I'm still toying with the idea of doing it, but at my age have been wrestling with the idea of spending $5000 for what few years I may have left.  With a jackpot win, or even a win over $25,000, I'd probably go ahead and do it.

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Patriot  Best idea yet! But it can be hard when so many are blinded by the "magic man".


Since it hasn't come up for me I haven't gotten an authoritative opinion on the matter.

But the IRS rule as I've read it is that  I could deduct up to half of adjusted gross income

for qualified charitable donations.

So taking cash value of $250,000,000 which should be also adjusted gross income,

you can give 1/2 of that and deduct it.

Essentially the result is I'd be giving about 35% to charity instead of 35% to the government as

federal income tax.

You may deduct a maximum of up to 50% of your adjusted gross income (AGI) (Line 36 on IRS Form 1040) for the tax year the donation was given. However, if you give more than 50%, the excess may be carried forward for up to five years. Be aware that the 50% rule applies to most contributions.

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I would go into the witness protection program...........Leaving

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In response to Uff Da!

Don't straighten your teeth, just move to Kentucky.


Buy A Powerball Ticket!!!!!!!!!!!


Take the cash option and have the bank set up a cash delivery all in $1 bills stacked in an illuminati pyramid in a deserted location in an abandoned warehouse. Dress up like Heath Ledger as the joker with a shirt that says "Say no to the Kardashians"...Pure gas on the money pyramid and watch it all burn...All the while its streamed live for the world to see...Is that too odd guys?

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pot has been raised. now lets see who really gets ratchet with it!!!

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In response to Uff Da!

That is not odd.  I had a coworker in her 60's get invisilign braces....go for it! It is never too late.  Just don't get plastic surgery like the one wealthy woman did (the one who looks like a very ugly cat).

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I would go around and buy really expensive things, and pay with it using nothing but pennies.

In response to Down

You would have to rent a dump truck and a rail car to move it around.


One thing I would buy is a castle, or maybe just build one. How's that for over the top.

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I'd start an escort service for all the right reasons

And set up shop at the top of Four Seasons

I'd buy a yacht with a flag that says 'Chillin' The Most'

And then rock that b*tch up and down the coast


(Actually, that's what Kid Rock would do, I must have been channeling him)

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Walk into the local Giant Eagle (supermarket) and pay for all the groceries for people for the next 2 hours.  Then go have lunch at Red Lobster and leave a $100 tip on a $10 lunch.  Then I'd go get a tattoo of a Steelers logo on my left leg.  Then to dinner at Texas Roadhouse were everyone eats for free!

Then I would make it my personal mission to buy every copy (VHS, laserdisc, betamax, dvd, blue ray) of Shanghai Surprise with Madonna and Sean Penn.  Then I would have everyone I know come to my house with all their SUV's and leave them running while I had a Shanghai bonfire, because if that is not the worst movie ever made, I don't know what is.  I made it 20 minutes in the theater.

So, then they would be contributing to the global warming and pollution.Evil Smile


But I don't think any of that is odd.  So not sure what the real question is here?What?

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In response to surimaribo24

I think I'm gonna take you with me suri.

I'm startin' to think you might know your way around Amsterdam real good. Embarassed

I gotta feelin' you could find your way around there blindfolded. Shocked

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I would buy one of the lots on Nanaquaket point, and build my mother a memorial there since it was her favorite place in the world Lovies

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