If you win MM, name something "odd" you'd do...

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Everyone will always buy cars, houses, vacations....What's one "odd" thing you'd do?

Me?  I'm getting my darn cat declawed!!! It's like $500 and I'd never have the money otherwise!!  LOL


What would ya'll do?

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Something 'odd'... both cats will go to the groomers and get SHAVED (tired of winter coat 'coating' everything!)

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Buy an aluminum can crasher.  I'm an obsessive recycling buff.


Two Chicks at the same time Wink

In response to egantt88

I have always wanted to get my ankles lipo'd....they just do not match my legs! lol   Hyper And I have yet to find an exercise to make them thinner :)

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That sounds painful.

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I am a geek so I would run fiber to my house.

I would also start a bakery for my wife because she has always

wanted to do that.Smile


Oddities.....hmmm...I'd buy the animatronic T-Rex head from Jurassic park.

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faint, wake up faint again....Thud

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That's so funny because I want another cat but can't due to the cost of declawing!

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maybe rent Disney World for a day; Ive never been and would love to bring friends!


Also, have Christina Aguilera perform a personal concert for me lol. She used to do it, but idk if being a TV star has gone to her head now.

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Odd hmmm,

       I'd call obammy up and refer to him as Mr. President..

                                                         Now for sure that would be Odd.


Buy every single WWE replica belt out there. I'm a wrestling fan. They are about $300+ a pop. I'd buy them all just to have them.

I suppose that's not very odd but I'd do it!

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Ride every rollercoaster in the US :)


One more  bump up and I will be richer than Mitt Romney...

Maybe I would run fer governor. Our governor is being recalled.

Seeing that the home building business is having such trouble, I would start a home building business.

I always do the opposite...... Gotta be the contrarian.......

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