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after playing the same numbers for 26 yrs wouldnt that be something to hit the 200 million powerball jackpot?

maybe after all those years i finally can get some money back (:

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Heh heh I've only been playing mine since about 1993.  But yeah, that would be fantabulous if those were the ones that finally raked in a huge one.

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In response to PackMan

It'll be a Quick Pick most likely.


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In response to rdgrnr

Aaaaaamen Rdg,...... according to TLCML, over 70% winners are from QP......

rdgrnr's avatar - nw barkeep.jpg
In response to CDanaT

Now you've done it, the pigs are sure to be released now.

Bet on Orange.

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I wish all of you luck. I quit the powerball when it went to 3 dollars for the powerplay. I will only play 1 ticket if it gets to 1 billion and that isnt going to happen.

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Watched it too. Noticed most winners were hitting their state lotto. Thinking of playing less on mm/pb and investing more in the local. NY gives you 2 bets for a 1$.

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In response to rdgrnr

I Agree!

Surrender Watch out for them Quick PicksSmash

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In response to RedStang

Oregon gives you two lines for a dollar too on megabucks.  But I have been buying QP's since 1996 on powerball so maybe one day I will hit it big!  Good luck!-weshar75

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HMPH...had only 2 numbers...oh well...better luck next time

In response to CDanaT

You did better than me. Got 3 quick picks with no matching numbers.

CDanaT's avatar - Nolz june15.jpg

Sorry KAL...but it do any of us any good caused she rolled over to 250 Million !!!!  Banana

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In response to CDanaT

Mad well color me seriously annoyed........

but my guess is inspite of slightly better odds I tink its gonna set the new record

money eyes

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I got 12 bucks out of 'em again.

I'm closin' in.

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I too have a set of numbers that I have been playing for 20+ years.   Now that I won't pay $2 for a ticket, they will probably win...

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