scratch tickets by state


Personally, after research, the best looking tickets are in Florida due to the odds and prizes, what is your opinion? Don't just judge by where you live.

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Never tried any scratch off from any other state but, I hear Fl is best overall, I wouldnt think so..


You can ask the PA people on here and we will all tell you that it is not PA. According to posts I would have to say Florida, but not sure the volume of tickets purchased by Florida people here vs other states. Florida also seems to have more posters, so that could make things seem better also. Shop owner next to work said he use to have a shop in Georgia and said they seem really well. He said PA sucks and so far this holiday he hasnt had a single claim form(over$600)

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If you ever visit Tennessee do not play their's.

They suck big time. What i see on here Fla has the best scratch winners.

Finding a 100 dollar winner here in TN is rare.


Mass pays players back the highest percentage. Not just saying this because I live here. Google it!


Florida does not even make the top 10.....


Massachusetts boasts that it's the "most efficient" lottery in the nation, paying out 71.9% of its games' sales as prizes, the most of any state and far above the norm of 59%. Nearly 70% of its ticket sales are in the form of instant scratch-off games with names like Winner Wonderland ($5 ticket, $250,000 prize, 1-in-1,008,000 probability) and $10 Million Hold 'Em Poker ($10 ticket, $10 million prize, 1-in-80,640,000 probability). These tickets return 70% to 72% of sales to winners.


The 10 easiest state lotteries
StateHouse edgeStateHouse edge



West Virginia 



















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I vote GA. I live in TN but GA has higher payouts and I like that. I like it alot.

Passing thru GA on I-75 last weekend I hit $100 on Jingle Jumbo Bucks.

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In response to TheOtherOne

Their $20 tics are very good but the cheaper ones not so much

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In response to martinfan763

 Heres what the odds on GRAND PRIZES that are remaining as of Jan 4th,2012 on all the scratch off games.

$1.00      279 Grand prizes left/ 1157 potential.  best odds on "Dueces Wild" game 35/50...     Payout $4K

$2.00      64 Grand Prizes left/ 265  potential.  Best odds on "10X The Money" or "Triple Your Money " 5/10  &  6/12...   Payout at $30K for each game

$3.00      28 GRAND Prizes left/ 80 potential.  Best odds on "Crossword" or "Wild Bingo"  11/20 & 5/6...    Payout at $50K for each game

$5.00      29 Grand Prizes left/ 159 potential.  Best odds on "Monopoly"  6/12  ...Payout at $250,000.

$10.00    16 Grand Prizes left/ 54 Potential.  Best odds on "2 Million Casino Action"  3/5...   Payout at $2 Million  or  "200 Million Spectacular"  7/20 with a payout of            $1 Million

$20.00     109 Grand Prizes left/ 181 potential.  Best odds  on the "Blockbuster"   85/130....   Payout at either $1 Million or $10 Million(depends on what you scratch)

Hope this gives you more info

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I'll drive 500 miles to play scratch offs in Georgia....She is very good to her people.US Flag

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I wish she ran all the states Lotteries.Just my personal experience with playing what I call the Loop.I-24 to Chattanooga....Wildwood exit.Oh yea.!!!!You will hit there for sure.

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Do Not Play Scratch Offs In Tennessee.They Are A Rip Off Like The Pick #3 And #4


I had to vote Florida because everytime I visit family and friends down there. I have pretty good luck on them... Illinois just plain sucks......

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I would say Texas.................

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In response to CDanaT

I am with you on this one. Pretty dry in Cape Coral, FL so to speak. I have had better luck with GA in a month than

the two years I am in Florida. Crazy


After completing scratch-off EV analysis for some 10 states, the best out of those ten was CT and the worst was NJ. For CT, the expected value for the $20 tickets were over $16, whereas most other states was hard to find an EV of $15 or better. Illinois also has good tickets because their odds are lower than most states. This kind of data analysis for scratch-offs in AR, CA, CT, FL, GA, ID, IL, IN, NJ, and PA can be found on my site in my profile.

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I voted for (other)  Texas since they were not listed.

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Just gotta say... This poll blows! Wish people would stop voting on it and bumping it up to the top. This will be my one and only unintended bump post for this thread.

What kind of list is this? Mostly East coast, and leaves off the two largest lottery states, but has, excuse me... New Hampshire? You got freakin' New Hampshire but no California and Texas?

This poll is over a year old, and the person that posted it has never posted anything since. Let it scroll away into oblivion.

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Definetly not GA. I would have to say FL. I live in GA and rarely win, its pretty horrible.

In response to Jmister102

Im a new member to lottery post from Albuquerque,NM.Though i have not played the NM lottery scratch-off games consistently enough to develop any kind of winning strategy.I wanted to share some of my personal observations i have made over the last 10 years regarding NM lottery scratch-off big jack pot winners (12k,32k,45k,450k etc) i have personally known and met.The main thing i learned from my observations is this: All the big jack pot winners i have ever personally known have been NM scratch-off game winners,and i know many more casino players and also alot of sports bettors,poker players,horse bettors,powerball,megamillions and many other wagering games players who have never even come close to winning anything close to the jack pots the scratchers players i have known won.Sure i have seen on tv huge multi-million dollar jack pot winners at casinos and numbers pick lotteries but i have never personally known or met one these winners.I just wanted to know if any other forum members had experienced this to in their states.I look forward with the help of the members of this forum to learn how to become a winning player and hopefully share with you my winning jack pot posts.   

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California has the best ones, Lucky for Life is good, but i like the Tripple Crossword  and 5x Crossword ones the best



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How the hell did Connecticut make the list????Green laugh

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Texas scratch offs are pretty decent.   I wish they'd do more second chance ones for prizes, not merchandise.


Connecticut has good scratch off odds comparing with NY or Califronia

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I personally think North Carolina scratch-offs suck!  At least for me they do.  I never win more than 10.00.  The last time I did was years ago and I won 100.  I have yet to win more than that on scratch offs.  I can't afford to be an every day player so maybe that is part of the problem.

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