Seek a System Journey

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Hello to all my LP family, I'm now on this journey to seek out different lottery systems....My quest is to learn and teach different workouts for this thing we call Lotto, Lottery.......3 or 4 even 5 workout systems. If you are  willing to learn as well as share lets do this..So here I go..........1st Journey...Let it begin.


There are two important rundowns...they are the -111 and the +123. These contain all the numerical elements from which the "hit" is drawn.Shall I show you.Take the numbers 378 Let me run them down for you.


Rules for this workout is take hit from last drawings then run it down as I will show you , using minus and plus system.Now check through the the rundown combination that show as many as two figuresof the numbers you would like to play.If they show them self on one side they are consider good.If found on both sides they are excellent.And the way to do this system is this (Note Use Egyptian mathematics) Egyptian mathematics means no carrying and borrowing like in regular math the way we were taught in school.

Example:378 Begin with your hit 378 and end with Your hit 378

Minus 111                               Plus 123

378                                           378

267                                           491

156                                           514

045                                           637

934                                           750

823                                           873

712                                           996

601                                           019

590                                           132

489                                           255

378                                           378

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I will try to post a different system everyday until I have no more to post................

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Thanks to every one who was willing to try new things I will be bringing the daily work out shortly for today.

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Thanks for all the support everyone gives,the system I am giving will be a different system each day. I use various ones on different days. I'm sharing different ones for different people who may like different workouts.It just a way to add to your system log or book. This is not to offend anyone only to place new ideas to new situations. Because we all know how the numbers change each day.So we should have various ways of approaching them. And again thanks for all the support.

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I just think you r so kind... All your hard work for us.. Thank you so much... It's Ohio again narlie on LP....

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In response to narlie

Your welcome I just say I can't win all the money especially in other states lol............

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Seek A system 12-14-11 Great info for Triples

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some of these strategies works very well in va. especially the old man zero. i would like to hear more

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so here goes another system... I thought I already post a place for systems. It's so hard to keep up with all the systems all over the place. It really sucks!

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In response to Cupcake10

"so here goes another system... I thought I already post a place for systems. It's so hard to keep up with all the systems all over the place. It really sucks!" ...Cupcake10


I'm not understanding your comment here, Cupcake10.

You would like every systemto be registered in your thread?


Idesire$ started her thread 10 days before you started yours!

Look at the date stamps.

Seek a System Journey

Posted By: Idesire$ — December 6, 2011, 11:10 pm


Best Pick 3 Systems

Posted By: Cupcake10 — December 16, 2011, 2:47 pm



More importantly, there is room for everyone to create and express their own ideas in this forum.  It doesn't serve everyone tohave all of their threads and ideas under a banner with your name on it, does it?  Surely, you don't mean what you stated in your comment, do you ...really?

Your comment is also hurtful to Idesire$, don't you think?

Let's be repectful here. It's a nice thing to do. Sun Smiley 


"If it ain't broke, don't fix it."  Peace!  Auntie Harve$t Moon Wink 

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In response to Harve$t Moon

I concur Auntie Harve$t Moon, well laid out.  Idesire$ please continue to share you and your mother's work. I really appreciate you!

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please do continue Idesire$ we wait for you to post.. well i do its the ohio girl again who says you were God sent to me.......

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Well Cupcake10 all systems are different and thats why they are in different threads but under FORUMS. But If I do understand right I posted all the lottery systems under the thread that states LOTTERY SYSTEM. And Todd dont allow systems to be all over the place we are just that organized.LOL

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Thanks I be continue

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