Mondays " Birthdays " 10/3

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Members Celebrating:
LottoVantage, dbharvey, Villa-D, Lady_g98, mattdPamNC2VA,arleneinflorida, Ms5PennieGen, byharris, shannieaquawoman,maine23, Mamma28z, joopjk, rexbell.



" Happy Birthday " to all , Past and Present members of LotteryPost.

                                                                          Have a great day...!

An extra shout out to;   LottoVantage ,  PamNC2VA, & Ms5PennieGen.

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Happy Birthday!

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Happy Birthday everyone,

Special wishes for Mamma28z , Party

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Happy Birthday to ALL ...Hope you enjoy your Special Day~Chompy

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!!! 15 HAPPY BIRTHDAYs !!! 


To the "Happy Birthday Fifteen" ;) !!!


“Today you are You, that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is Youer than You.” ~Dr. Seuss

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Your wish is my command! 
Wishing you magic and all the best on your special day! 
PamNC2VA  Cheers
Some of the birthday members are not active, yet I hope that they visit LP
every now and then and see that people still think about them, read their
informative posts and send them wonderful thoughts and blessings!
Love, Light & Ble$$ings to everyone, worldwide, celebrating a birthday today!Sun Smiley

Thanks to everyone for your kind birthday wishes!!
Wish you all the best of luck today...


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Thank you Everyone for your Thoughtfulness, You have helped to make my  Day Special!Big Smile

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happy birthday to each and everyone........!!!!!!! extra shout to pam my va. girl.......

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PartyHappy Birthday Everybody!Party

In response to MADDOG10

Thank you Maddog!!!

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In response to MADDOG10

Happy Birthday: Guys & Gals!Party

LottoVantage, PamNC2Va, Ms5PennieGen, AquaWoman, RexBellThumbs Up

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In response to MADDOG10

Happy Birthday to all who have had birthdays this month and year! I have not played the games in a year, but just happen to drop in to see what was going on. Thank you all for thinking of me on my special DAY, it was wonderful. SPECIAL THANK YOU TO:

Take care and God bless.....Genny
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