Interesting Find In All States For Triples

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See if this works in your state...

when you have a double and the single number is 3 away from the double or the double numbers are 3 away from the some cases..

well..a lot, it triggers a triple.

This might be old news but this is different from the mirror doubles triggering triples.

Which triple it's going to be is up to you...I haven't looked into that yet...Confused

Example #'s:

336 - 3 + 3 = 6

144 - 1 + 3 = 4

033 - 0 + 3 = 3

114 - 1 + 3 = 4

996    etc

885    etc

774    etc

225    etc

Just take a look and see if it works in your state, states with single draws take longer.

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Oh and lol it of course doesn't work next might take awhile but if you're aware of any other triple trigger and one of these shows with it..

I'd be on the triples then or just be aware that they should show soon.

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I will give it a try. Neat info. Thanks

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DC got 888 midday with 522 showing on the 30th of August.

I'll watch how this works out for awhile.

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South Carolina - 444 tonight

Trigger - 858 August 25th...10 days ago.

Pretty long out.

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Hey Dr65, thanks for posting, Conneticut just had 306, I believe this number would trigger triples for them???

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oops not a double never mind:-)

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You got 2 of them in one day.

Day draw - 414

Night draw - 225

Your state is a tougher're due a triple but it seems it's a 50/50 between what is actually triggering them...1/2 trips seemed triggered

by mirror doubles and 1/2 seem triggered by these doubles I'm focusing on.

Well, regardless...the 144/255 and 114/225 seem to like to bring out 888 or 111 or 555.

Good luck and we will see.

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Ok so Michigan had :

454 and 292 on Tuesday- 8/30


005 on Friday 9/2  eve..

111 or 777 or 555 ?

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In response to Mamma28z

Hi Mamma...the 005 would be a mirror double and some players like to track the mirrors as indictions for the triples, I watch them too.

But the doubles I'm talking about are ones like this 144, 114, 225, 255, 366, 336, 447, 477, 588, 558, 669, 699 - the single digit is 3 places

away from the doubles..

For 144 for example....take the 1 and add 3 to it and get 4...that makes 144

The 255...take the 2 and add 3 to it and you get 5...that makes 255

The 366...take the 3 and add 3 to it and you get 6...that makes 366

These would be the doubles you look for to find whether or not they triggered trips in your past results.

Do you get it? I'm probably making it more difficult than it sounds but if you look at the list of doubles above, just try and find in your history

if any of these triggered a triple. I haven't gone through all of the states but am working on them!

I'll take a look at yours in a bit.

Big Smile

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I don't know how you figured it out, but, I did too, but, didn't play them, 000's hit in Missouri after a little double streak.

Thursday, Sep 8, 2011Evening2-0-4Tuesday, Mar 6, 2012View
Thursday, Sep 8, 2011Midday0-0-0Tuesday, Mar 6, 2012View
Wednesday, Sep 7, 2011Evening6-5-0Monday, Mar 5, 2012View
Wednesday, Sep 7, 2011Midday6-8-9Monday, Mar 5, 2012View
Tuesday, Sep 6, 2011Evening5-6-5Sunday, Mar 4, 2012View
Tuesday, Sep 6, 2011Midday4-3-1Sunday, Mar 4, 2012View
Monday, Sep 5, 2011Evening1-1-9Saturday, Mar 3, 2012View
Monday, Sep 5, 2011Midday9-6-9Saturday, Mar 3, 2012View
Sunday, Sep 4, 2011Evening5-8-8Friday, Mar 2, 2012


Good Luck.

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In response to dr65

Thank u dr65 every observation is very important to the lottrey player... Approve

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Ohio had 552 on 9/09/11 mid so are we due and what do you predict?

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In response to MzDuffleBaglady

Hi Mz!

The triggers I focused on were the ones where the digits are 3 away from each other..see, you got the 588 and the 969 within a few days of

getting 000! Nice to see it worked for Missouri, not so nice to hear you missed it time! While triples aren't a money making

monster for a lot of states, they just don't show often enough, it's nice to just keep track of these possible triple triggers as a way to decide

whether to put more on triples when the triggers hit.

Good luck to you today Mz!!

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In response to addai1516

You're welcome addai! Still waiting for one in PA...wondering if I should be on the triggers or the triples Big Smile 144/441/414 would be nice!

Good luck today!!

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