New Internet Browers: Which Are Best?


Since   was accepted in the Lottery Discussion Forum in the past, I trust my current post is acceptable here now.

I rarely use my Internet Explorer 8 Browser at LP because I find it to be quite sluggish compared to FireFox or Chrome.  When I wish to access Microsoft Update or certain other Microsoft pages, I'm forced to use it.

Given my experience, I find it strange that IE-8 is so popular among Members at  I did some informal tests updating some Prediction Statistics pages at LP pitting IE-8 against Firefox and Chrome, and found IE-8 quite a laggard.  But I wanted to get a more reliable test of the differences among these browsers, so I looked around for one.  Here's what I found:

Here are my captured results:

I'm not sure if the scores are normalized across different machines or not, so it will be interesting to see the results that others get.  Even if the scores are influenced by the user's machine speed and OS, the relative percentage differences should be the same.  My tests were done from XP within a 12 minute period.  Since I don't have IE-9, I'd definitely like to see if it is an improvement over 8!

What results did YOU get?


There are things IE does that the others don't do for me, so I'm staying with IE.


Here are my results...



Thanks Joker.

IE-9 looks like an improvement over IE-8.

I hope others will run this on IE-8 on their machines for comparison.

The dismal result for me seems too low.


What type of Browser is CHROME ???  I've Never heard of it.  How is CHROMEBetter ThanFIREFOX or INTERNET EXPLORER ???

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In response to destinycreation

Chrome is Google's browser

It is a fast alternative to every browser.  Be careful if you install it,  read the options as far as adding toolbars etc.. Know what you are adding to your machine......................

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In response to jarasan

Being the Fastest: Doesn't make it the Best!

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For security, Internet Explorer 9 is the best.

Aug 16, 2011 article
Internet Explorer tops browser security tests | Security | ZDNet UK:



For speed it is between Opera and Chrome
March 22, 2011 article
Browser Speed Tests: Firefox 4, Internet Explorer 9, Chrome 11, and More:
In response to jimmy4164

IE-8 is for Windows XP so by comparison your machine is probably much slower. Some manufactures did offer XP as an option after Windows Vista came out and their results could be slightly better. IE-9 is much faster but XP users can't use it.

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In response to Stack47

There are so many reasons a machine can run "slow" it would surprise many as to how "fast" an old machine can run on WinXP browsers if the software and hardware are configured correctly.

Any machine able to run WinVista can be also greatly improved if "configured" correctly.

The key is improving performance issues is that a computers' resources are not being frivilously spent on uneccessary or unknowingly authorized processes.

Win7 is awesomola for the most part and highly secure,  machine upgrade necessary for most, if you want Win7.   There is a utility that can evaluate your PC to check if Win7 will run on it.

In response to jimmy4164

What no one seems to be observing is that it's the RELATIVE differences among the 3 browsers I tested on the same machine within 15 minutes, that is important.  I was hoping someone else would have a configuration that would allow them to compare IE-8, Firefox-5, and Chrome 13, to verify my result.

To compare IE-8 to IE-9 we need someone with a dual boot system, one running IE-8 under XP, the other, IE-9 under whatever.

As for Joker's tests, Firefox 3.6 is known to be much slower than 5.0 under most tests, which would account for his results showing Chrome 3X faster than Firefox, and mine, 2X.

So, if others who can would make runs with either my setup, or Joker17's, we would then have more "apples" to compare to apples, and "oranges" to compare to oranges!

P.S. Joker, if you upgrade to FF 5.0, and test again, it will help! Smile

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In response to jimmy4164


 One thing you might want to consider in all of the is the amount of referral services Todd is using at the LP. If you go with Firefox and use the Ghostery add on you will see what I mean. Everything anyone posts here goes to multiple referral services unless you use a blocking add on. Just an FYI.

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In response to JKING

What is the name of the Blocking Add On?

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In response to LANTERN


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In response to JKING

It is obvious that you have no idea what you are talking about.  Your comments are dangerous because you take a real topic (ad tracking) and try to make people believe that posting content at Lottery Post has anything to do with it.

You are flat-out wrong.  I hope you are simply misinformed, and not purposely lying to people here.

"Ad tracking" occurs on every single web site on the Internet that shows ads.  It is simply a means for advertisers to be able to show advertisements that the individual is interested in seeing.

Any ad tracking that occurs is done completely by the advertiser, not by Lottery Post.  Moreover, the advertisers do not have access to personal stuff like your e-mail address, password, content you post, private messages you send -- nothing.  That's because all web browsers have security mechanisms built-in that prohibit third party content (like advertisements) from accessing any page content and/or internal information (like cookies) from the domain you are viewing (i.e., Lottery Post).

Plugins like "Ghostery" will allow you to see the advertising trackers.  I am sure the paranoid among us will try to disable trackers, and I guess they will make themselves feel very smart for doing so.  However, the balanced among us know that ad trackers are harmless and are not a manifestation of "Big Brother" -- they are simply a means for advertisers to show you ads that you are more likely to click on, because they are related to things you are interested in.

TRULY paranoid types will also disable cookies on their computer.  And then they won't be able to use Lottery Post, because like most sites with login capability, Lottery Post relies upon cookies.  Again, the balanced among us understand that cookies are also harmless, and not a manifestation of "Big Brother". 

I would greatly appreciate if any additional posts here would not continue to steer things off-topic by suggesting falsely that Lottery Post is "tracking you" or by continuing into other paranoid realms.  I believe the topic pertains to browser performance, so let's please stay on-topic.

And regarding browser performance, Google Chrome is (IMHO) the best web browser, based not only upon its stellar performance, but also on its simple and streamlined interface, its security (the first browser to run both Flash and Adobe Reader in a "sandbox"), and the fact that it automatically and silently updates itself.

Internet Explorer has made tremendous improvements in version 9, and the upcoming version 10 will be even better.  Even though my #1 choice is Google Chrome, I have no problems recommending that anyone use IE9 as their primary browser, it's that good.

It seems the original author of this thread is stuck on Widnows XP, and the best thing any Windows XP user could do to improve their situation is to upgrade to Windows 7.  Once on Windows 7, a variety of modern software and technology is at your disposal, and you are no longer limited in your choices.  You will also be far more secure than you are today, once you upgrade to Windows 7.  Windows XP is a decade old, and has many security holes.  Use the link in a previous post by Jarasan to see if your PC is upgradable to Windows 7.

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Chrome for me under both a dual boot of Windows 7 and Linux.  It's light weight and fast and that's what I love.  I secure my system so I'm not too worried about malware and other rogue programs.

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