Money and Happiness

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If YOU win the lottery, will the money buy you happiness?


I'll still have problems, but I can better deal with those problems If I had plenty of money.

On the other hand, If money doesn't buy me happiness, I'd rather be rich and miserable, than poor and

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Someone once posted that when you win a jackpot you trade one set of problems for another.

I don't think winning a jackpot would make a miserable person happy, they would just become a very wealthy miserable person.

Such a win could also make an already happy person not as happy when they started getting hounded by other people (consider the News thread about the couple in Scotland that went into hiding.)

But winning a jackpot would certainly enable you to have a lot of freedoms that you didn't have prior to the win.

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it might not buy happiness but it can buy a lot of fun and peace of mind for a while*****


All I want is the chance to prove money won't make me happy.  Wink

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Money makes me happy, but wealth does not necessarily make me happy.

Each month, hoping to find older bills or bills with strange serial numbers, I get a strap of 100 $1 bills out of the bank. Then, I run statistics on them. I also like getting old-style bills back in change (before they redesigned the currency back in 1996). 

Being wealthy does not matter that much to me, and I do not play the lottery for purposes of becoming wealthy. After all, I play only the Pick-3 and Pick-4, and I seldom put more than $1 on the same numbers, so I am not going to get rich playing the lottery.

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In response to redhot7

I'm already happy.

All that dadgum money'll buy me a helluva lot more fun though - whiskey, wimmins and nothin' but good times 24/7/365 fer me and all my rowdy friends.

Leastways fer a couple years or so.

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If I win, it just means I can stop working at my present job, the only real source of my unhappiness. Everything else in my life is just fine.

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In response to redhot7

if your happy or not that will not change,just be magnified.

for me magnified means, what to do now w/ a newly aqquired 44 hours per week.

thats what i daydream abt. on the 44.

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In response to sully16

same here, my present job or any job.

altho if i get bored i may take if something i like to do,just to get out of the house.

can't say for sure cause i'd be in new territory.

the freedom to choose is the best part.IMHO.

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In response to rdgrnr

already happy! that won't change, just be magnified,but then you already know that.

try to make it for more than a couple years or so.

some on here would like to hear more. HA-HA



In response to redhot7

Nope. Can't buy what I already have. However, it will make things easier, move my kids closer to me, and therefore making me happier. But that wasn't an option on your poll. White Bounce

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In response to Coin Toss

coin toss,i'm long past the point where i'm more than willing to "trade one set the problems for another"

maybe i'll do better w/ the new set.

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In response to joker17

maybe you would become self employed ?

thats the only way i'd go back to so cal.

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In response to joker17

"At least they had it good for awhile."


Hell, I agree. Yes, they made stupid decisions, but at least they got a chance to know what it feels like. For awhile they lived a life most of us could only dream of.

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this thread is weird and funny.   Trust me I've had hot chicks and didn't need a million dollars to pull them AND STILL DON'T!  In fact I dated a few girls that went on to model and one who went on to dance for an NFL team.  It was fun, pleasurable, etc but at the end of the day like I said in a previous thread it was external gratification which is different from internal happiness.  Again too many people are confused with the difference between the two.   I'm closing in on 45 now.   I'm happy being in a stable relationship.  My GF is 25 and just graduated from college.  She's not some mindless bimbo chasing money and temporary pleasure.  But trust me I've had those type of girls.  In fact I've pulled a few of those type of girls while they were dating guys with money and I had nothing! 

When someone tells me money will make them happy for the rest of their life and will solve all of their grief I call BS because I feel that deep down inside they lack true substance, identity and a stable frame of mind and the only thing money will do is mask those short comings.   Woooooo I can drive and expensive car now and live in an expensive home and show off and now women love me!  No what you have my friend is a pain killer that's keeping you sedated from something that's eating at you inside. 

With that in mind I myself would love to win millions.  But I'm not a fool to think it would make me a better person.   I know what it would do is give me external pleasure, joy and a satisfaction.  But Disneyland gets dull and boring when you go everyday.  Like I said I've noticed my friends who were millionares from playing professional sports to be no more happy than my friends who made 60 grand a year.  People have some grand delusion that constantly satisfying things you 'WANT' will fuel their happiness.  It's easy to think that way when you've never been on the drug of money. 




 "Americans who earn $50,000 per year are much happier than those who earn $10,000 per year," writes Gilbert, "but Americans who earn $5 million per year are not much happier than those who earn $100,000 per year." - DailyBeast

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"When someone tells me money will make them happy for the rest of their life and will solve all of their grief I call BS because I feel that deep down inside they lack true substance, identity and a stable frame of mind and the only thing money will do is mask those short comings.   Woooooo I can drive and expensive car now and live in an expensive home and show off and now women love me!  No what you have my friend is a pain killer that's keeping you sedated from something that's eating at you inside. "


- Yep.


I'm calling on you Joker.  Cars and Women aren't the same as happiness.


Or you'll realize that when you grow up in, say 20ish years Cool

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The babes didn't leave the guy who owned a Yugo, when he met the babes he owned a Ferrari, then he went gaga and was left with a Yugo. Quite a difference.


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People who think they can only be happy through money and possessions would seem to me to be very shallow and superficial.

And maybe they think this way because they've never lost the things that are really essential for true happiness. Usually, the things that make you happy are all around you and you don't realize how important they are to your happiness until you lose them. You can't gain happiness by gaining money but you can lose happiness through losing family members. Sometimes you might not realize how someone made you happy until they're gone forever. And you know that no amount of money in the world could fill that void, that no amount of money could make you happier than that person did. And you would give any money you had to have that happiness back.

To me, happiness is my family.

And no amount of money in the world could ever change that.

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In response to rdgrnr

Beautifully said, I agree wth my whole heart.

In response to unseen

That's your opinion. Lumping everyone by saying people confuse the two is simply ignorant. You're the one who is a fool for speaking for others. Speak for yourself.

In response to Boney526

Yeah, thanx for the warning dipshmidt. I'm so gald you woke me up to that BS. Go tell it to someone else who will be dumb enough to listen to your know-it-all crap.

Come to think of, you're right, you know what would make me happier than cars and women? For you to realize what a dumbass you really are.

In response to Coin Toss

He went gaga? Okie dokie....

Stop doing so much drugs Coin...

In response to rdgrnr

Sounds like something  either Martha Stewart said, or what Jerry Springer said at the end of his show....


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In response to joker17

I get it totally now.


You've got nobody you care about, and nobody cares about you, so you'll never feel what it's like to lose somebody.


Or at least that's the only reason I could think of for somebody to make a statement like that.  You wouldn't let somebody you care about die for all the money in the world.  Something tells me you don't understand that statement because you would seemingly just replace them with all the babes you'd get driving around in ferraries.

In response to Boney526

You got it totally now?....You wouldn't get it if it hit you square in the forehead going 300 MPH....Bang Head

Yup, you've got me pegged alright...BRAVO !......

You're such a brilliant person. Now go back to your room and finish your homework, and btw, make your bed and clean up your mess.

Hey folks, now the 19 year old genius is  an expert on Psychology and  social behavior...Unbelievable folks !

OK, here's your ever growing resume:

Math genius

ESP abilities

Tax attorney expert

Masters in Psychology

Sociology wiz

Religous expert


What else should I know about you? I'll take a guess...

Speaks 5 languages fluently

Electrical engineer

Expert Locksmith

Computer programming professer at Harvard

Consultant at NASA

Brain Surgeon

Biology scientist

and more to come as per the wind blows...

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In response to Boney526

You hit the nail on the head right there, Boney.

It's a cultural thing.

That's why he hasn't got the slightest idea of what you're talking about.

He has no sense of compassion and no sense of honor.

I was going to say he's all instinct like a dog but even dogs have a sense of loyalty.

He doesn't.

He is 100% totally self-absorbed.

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Hey quit taking every post I make and telling me that I'm claiming to be an expert on the subject at hand.

If I did that, though, here's your resume...


1) I'm about 50 but I act like I'm 12.  I've got a young spirit - and I act out like a 12 year old whose Mom just cut his allowence.

2) I have a system that's a guaranteed way to beat horse racing (or whatever the hell system you bought for 2500 dollars) but it has a 3 year learning curve.

3) Did I mention it's a guarenteed working system?  Like it's been proven because some guy told me he won on the internet.  But it took him 3 years to learn it.  Now he's a millionaire.

4) House Edge?  Wow what retard thinks roulette always has a house edge?  That's stupid, if I just wait out about 10 spins, I can get an EDGE on the HOUSE.

5) Great at making insults that make no sense.

6) I make things up about people, and then say it AS IF they said it first.

7) Did I mention that anyone who does math is stupid?  And Religion, too.  I don't believe in fairy tails but little steel balls moving around a roulette wheel have a memory of where they've been in the past.  But Fairy Tails written by religious figures?  I KNOW that's made up.

In response to rdgrnr

I got your cultural thing alright. And when you pull it out of your ass in the hospital bed crying from pain, you'll finally see the culture.

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