Dreamt 7777 came!


I am going to carry this number.  I dreamt this number came.  All I could remember when I got up this morning was 7777.  Any meaning to this LP Family?

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Well, some might say remember the mirror number also...2222.

Good luck!

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Of course play the obvious - 7777.

Dream of lottery numbers: 308, 162, 611, 379, 3495

Can also play: 617, 532, 801, 209, 881, 312

Good Luck!!!

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Ga drop this 7777 with 603 November 11, 2005 might be it's headed to GA

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In response to BrownskinNae

also remember Bird  4 = 7

444-4444-440-400  etc


Thank you all.  Increase WTG 312 came last night in CALI I think it was.  My mom is 67 today so I'm gonna try that 617 today.  I didn't get to check the post yesterday would have caught it.


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