Pennsylvania: 7/1 - 7/31/2011

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    Let's welcome July in with hits galore! Good luck everyone! Hit them extra good this month!


FRIDAY HOT PAIRS: 13 19 40 46 49 59 68

07/01/11 MID QP'S: 632(187)  1287(6732)

07/01/11 EVE QP'S: 751(206)  3080(8535)

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addai back with pairs = 52 74 58 69 29 18 14 03 70 63 win big !!Smash

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In response to addai1516

   Nice set of pairs for July...addai...I really like the  74 and 70 pair...and the 03 and 63 pair they have to be coming out this month....looking for the 307 this month....

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In response to dr65

   Well..dr65...let's hope that July has more punch in the numbers this month....or else someone is going to be put in a bottle rocket fire cracker and sent way up in the sky and not come back..Jester .....or maybe I will throw an  M80 at that should do it...LOL

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In response to G26GRACE27

Hello Grace and thanks for posting...I really like that  632 and the 206...nice set of pairs also..

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GL to all players in July & have a safe, happy holiday for the 4th of July!US Flag

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In response to addai1516

Hello addai!! I'd like to see 74 as 447/477 and I like anything with 8's and 4's for today...we are missing

the 0 in daytime for awhile. I wouldn't mind seeing 144 and 022 either!!

Good luck today!!


These are only for 7/01/2011:










































































If any of you are near the state lines, get some of NY and OH... money!

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All  Month   Plays


The  following numbers   are to be played   All   Month


53   pair

135 235 335 435 534 635 735 853 953

13  pair

00  pair    until  mid  july


Heavy  Hitters      553/353/030    str   All   month

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US Flagwelcome to July hope some of the oldie's and over due hit 066-644-664-746-174-416-231-142-728-524-748-928----trips good luck to all this month


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In response to thehitter

I see some of the older ones from w/o's that should be showing up...162/126, 129, 136, 278, 017

and like these too: 045, 048, 024, 038..we need a zero to show up soon.

Good luck today and thank you hitter!!

In response to dr65

Same to you Dr. A BIG FAT ZERO would be nice for my plays. That 045 is getting close. Today or tonight would be perfect.

Good luck everyone. My sets are brand new everyday now. Much winning coming!

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045  Just hit in NY

Last53Show page 51Page 52 of 55

DOUBLE ALERT!   With a  0

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In response to thehitter

And your winner is 705...

...two pairs for the price of one...

...the fix is in...


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The double 2's are back - they're showing up in w/o's....hmm, what to put with them?

The 0 is out for 8 draws at night...220/202/022? Root sum 4 fits....

These numbers seem to be so fudged up....maybe I'll just go with what I was playing a few days ago:

398 486, 682, 683, 175, 371, 461, 681, 232, 375, 351, 485/845/548, 450

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Evening Box
Singles no box hits in last 12 months:
024 026 037 067 134 146 237 247 356
Pairs: 02 03 06 07 14 16 26 37 46

In response to thehitter

Lets get this <snip>ing party started!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1



Get on it good!

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Congratulations to all winners and posters of 549 and 594!  The double draw was the same six way box.  This was one of the longest periods in the history of the lottery without the same six way box hitting back to back ball draws.Party

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07/30/2011 9   4                  Double DrawPayout
07/30/20115   4   9                Payout
07/29/20119   4   3               Payout
07/28/20118   7   5               Payout
07/27/20114   4   9               Payout
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They need to stop advertising the double draw ASAP. That way they don't need to generate funds for

something that is a total farce. PA lottery has become too big for its britches....and those britches' pockets

are full of money.

Am I angry?...Noooooo, I'm just not gullible.

I do hope that no one is playing MORE numbers in anticipation of hitting at least ONE draw.

Keystone, what are the odds of something like this happening? an unrigged environment of course.


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In response to dr65

First ,congrats to players who have 549/594.  Now, let me effin rant here. ^&%&** ers!!! B... chit.  My mistake for dropping the number 549. it happens, but to have it come out second time,... no they didn't. Also did anyone else watch the live drawing because i'm in Delaware county and the channel when to technical difficulty just before the pick3 draw and after the pick3 draw, very shady!   one last time SCREWdriver You!!!

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In response to dr65

The odds of the same six way box are about 1:167.............that was to be expected but by having it occur on the double draw it prevented people from playing the number from one night back the next night for those expecting the same number to return back to back nights.

As one other poster mentioned, the pick 3 and pick 4 were not shown live at least here in S/E PA.  It said Red Carpet on the screen until it got to quinto.

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While there were no technical difficulties here in Pittsburgh, it still looked very shady.  They barely had the balls back in the drums before drawing them again.  I e-mailed the lottery right afterward telling them that the drawing looked very shady, and that they should have declared a foul,  drawn another set, and looked into why it happened.  What happened isn't what they had intended from the promotion.  All they did was give the winners more money instead of making more winners.

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I know this may sound crazy, but after my girlfriend showed me the number of winners for each bet, I wonder if tonight's drawings may have been rigged.  194 winners were super straight (compared to the usual 19).  1070 hit straight, and 1640 hit boxed.  I'm wondering how the bookies fared tonight.  It's a suspisciously high number of winners for tonight's draws.


UPDATE:  She just got a message on her terminal saying that they are still keeping the numbers.  Something tells me that something is up with the drawings.

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