An easy way to get to ""

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I guess you could call this a feature.  It's been available for a while, but I sort of overlooked talking about it.

Just like Facebook users can get quick access to that Web site by typing "", Lottery Post users also get a very quick method now -- even quicker than

Just go to your browser's Address/URL line and type and press Enter.  Your browser will instantly go to

I have an easy way that I remember it:  "lp" is for Lottery Post, of course, and then "vg" is for "very good".  LP.VG

Nice and quick! Smile

In response to Todd

Thanks Todd,


Just tried it and it works just as you said




like u said Todd its been working for awhile not sure how long thought folks knew


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Just curious - how did you discover it?

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thanks todd . great feature. keep up the good work .

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In response to Todd

Thanks Todd!

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In response to Todd

Great shortcut Todd.....! Thanks. 

One of my homepages on my home computer is Lottery Post, so it loads everytime I open my browser. Big Smile

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Another good short cut:

I've  saved your blog , click on that link , look at what you post for Ohio, play a few of those in Missouri, then I click on lotterypost from your blog. 


Good Looking out.

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I already have it in my Browser, everytime I come to A.O.L. it is there  I knew this Months ago..


good job todd!

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cool toddHyper

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In response to marcie

I'm not sure what you mean.  It was not available months ago - maybe for a few weeks.

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In response to Todd

cool. it comes up very quick.


Thanx Todd, but I've had a voice activated laptop for 5 years now. All I have to say is LP, and I'm at the homepage. Green laugh

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Well I am always here and I notice a few months ago when I go on the Internet it was right at the top of my page right next to A.O.L. Lotterypost is there and that is how I get get here I just click on Lotterypost. At the top of my Page I am looking at it right now. It says A.O.L. and next to it it says Lotterypost, suggested sites and get more add ons. Even when I close out Lotterypost it is still there.

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In response to danyo1332

Thanks, that's a wonderful compliment!

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My preference, and has been for years, is to have an LP icon on my desktop.

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