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There is no thread for this but it would be interest to see others daily scratcher ventures here

I will start off with tonights

Went to Winn Dixie with $100 on hand. Hit up BDB $20 tickets lost 5 straight. Worst possible start so went to the atm and got $200 and bought another BDB. Won $100 on ticket #012. Next binged on Florida Millionaires Club. I bought 10 tickets in a row #020 - #029 and lost $200. Disgusted I got a Lucky for Life. Won $50. At this point im down $190 for the day. I decided to try to win back my money on Gold Rush and $200 Million Spectacular. Big mistake. After scratching numerous of each I realized I was down to my last $20 !!! So I went and got a $20 Monopoly. Immediately saw 2 trains. My excitement quickly came to a end when both prizes were $5.00 so I just got my $20 back. Bought my 11th FMC and lost so there you go out $300 on the night No Nod

I hope to never repeat such an experience and look forward to hearing other people's outings !

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James, sorry to hear and I'm hoping right along with you that you never repeat that experience again. Now you need a good $1,000 ticket...oops

but see if you can step up and do a once and done. Sometimes it's just right there waiting for you.

Tonight, I was at a disadvantage because, went to my local store to get my numbers in and saw that the lady who hits the machine while

on her shift at the courtesy desk was working then. So grabbed a Monopoly, 2 - 20x the Money tickets and an Eagles ticket and left. $0.00

on all 4...out $20.00 I thought okay, I'll just go on up later on and check it out, buy the same thing and maybe come up with a winner worth

speaking of...but....she's still there. Change of plan....I didn't buy the same thing because I know darn well she sweeps the machine and if

she's not getting out of her seat to go and buy more...then she cleaned them up, in other words: found the winners. So I decide to buy what

she doesn't buy....$2.00 and $3.00 tickets. I got 10 7's tickets thinking maybe there's a shot at the double 7 I haven't found yet...but only got

2 winners for $9.00 total. I got a Crossword, a Cube game and a HoneyComb, which I hate...took them home and nothing. With the extra $1.00

out of the $10, I got a 9's in a Line and won....3 big bucks on that one. The other $10 I got 5 Treasure Hunt tickets and got a moneybag...doubles

the prize but the prize was only $1.00 - shameless use of symbols again in PA - so total win on those - $2.00.

I'm not down an awful lot but maybe tomorrow will be a better day.

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In response to James1

Jame1dont feelbad, i brought 10tickets  before in a roll,every lastone  were losers,ihad my best of luck ,from buying from the machine like at kmarts,ora tliqiorstore,   good  luck Blue Angelplay your birday val8


I'm sorry to hear that, James. With 10 losers in a row on a $20 ticket, I bet someone won big right before. Have a much better day next time you play.

My day was boring. Got money back, but not what I put in.

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In response to MattfromPA

Sorry to hear about your lost. I almost never play scratch-off. Here in China, they have so many scratchers and I sometimes just watch people scratch away 100 to 200 RMB in 1 minute. Tickets range from 5 RMB to 20 RMB. I like to pick my own numbers so I stay away from scratcher but I wouldn't mine scratching one just to see. The key is to scratch only one and if that is a winner then maybe try again but be cautious. Anyway, I hope that you recoup your money back soon.

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I won $5.00 on a Wild Card- $2.00 ticket

Went to the next store and lost the $5.00

Had $5.00 left stopped at my fav party store- chatted with the ladies for awhile- got 2 $2. tickets and went to the car and scratched - won $40 (ticket 111)

Took that back in and got $8.00 worth of $2 tickets and a beer- Won $20 on one and $5 on another

So I now have $40 in cash ..

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Hey James1, There is a thread for posting winning tickets. I posted a few of my winning scratch-offs there. Someone posted a ticket from Mass. that cost $5 with 5 top prizes of $1,000,000.00 you will never get that in Florida.


hello james

were on the same boat....on average if its a bad day for me i would spend about that much....some days if its really bad and i get frustrated i would lose around $500 or more....i would suggest to set a limit....even thought sometimes i still get carried away...good luck on your next scratch ticket.


Put in $40, won $30 back today. Most notable is the clerk asked for a tip on $25 winnings! I've never had someone at Giant ask for a tip before. I didn't give it. What is standard lottery etiquette here?

Someone supposedly won $1,000 from that Giant store today. Again, why couldn't it be me?


Hey Matt, Hang in there stay positive and keep trying.  My guess on the tip is that the person that won $1,000 may have given a tip and now the clerks may think  or at least try for any tip they can get.  I don't blame anyone, times is hard, but I wouldn't tip on anything under 1,000. 1,000 and up, maybe if they are really nice and do their job with a smile.

In response to wish626

Hi! She complained that the person who won $1,000 (on a $20 ticket she said) didn't tip. So perhaps she was mad about that and asked others. Thanks for the tip advice. If I won $1,000 I'd definitely tip some.

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Started today with $200. Head to my lucky Publix store got EVERY $20 scratcher they had until each ticket won. Made it through everything most I won was $20 back 4 times. Just awful. Then lost that $40 at a mom n pop on Florida Millionaires Club. Not so lucky store any more.

Got another $200 went to another Publix again bought every $20 ticket they had. Was up $360 after 5 minutes. Monopoly won $100 and Lucky for Life and Gold Rush both $50. Went to another store bought 3 Gold Rush won $100 on the 3rd ticket. Up $400 now. Went to a BP played Billion Dollar Blockbuster 5 times 5th ticket won $100 still up $400. Went to Texaco played a new book of Florida Millionaires Club. # 000 won $20. # 001 - # 011 lost everything. # 012 wins $20 ...

With $180 in my pocket headed to another mom n pop. Played Monopoly on the 5th ticket I won $100 so still at plus $180. Then played BDB until I had $50 left. Just won $30 once and $20 once cant believe it really. With $50 left bought $25 worth of Powerball and $5 FLA lottery. With last $20 played Lucky for Life and lost. Out $400 today and thought about driving my car into oncoming traffic on the way home ...

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Went to buy some milk from the convenience store and decided to get a quick BDB and Lucky for Life for $40 total ( the guy sells after hours ). Lost on both. Down $440 on the day


I won my biggest 5$ dollar ticket so far (25$) off a game called Black Pearl today. I play scratchers several times a week and it's been a while since i last won anything.

In response to James1

OMG! I bought a $5.00 scratcher today and got back 5. I also bought 2 Powerballs, 2 lottos and a Fantasy 5, so I'm down out $5.00 for the day

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In response to bigboy90000

Man this game is killing me. I am giving it up for awhile.  I am throwing money away!

In response to goherd14

Alot of people dont play the 2nd chance drawings for one you have to keep up with the tickets which is no problem for me and two some people hate waiting for the promotion to end.BTW the 100 Million Fortunes drawing is tonight hope I win.

In response to OldSchoolHits

Thanks OldschoolHits I'll look into that. Here is an observation that I have made with GRT and some other scratchers:

1. When you see consecutive number for Example Wining number is 7 and you get a 5 or a 6 on multiple occasions on the same ticket chances are thats a losing ticket. (Not all the time but most of the time)

2. I have also noted  that when you see a roll That gives a bunch of $5 dollar wins on $5 Dollar tickets and $10 Dollar Wins on $10 Dollar Tickets and so forth - Usually those rolls don have any Significant wins.  (Not all the time but most of the time)

3.Chances are when you Get a $500 Dollar Win most of the time the rest of the roll does not have a signfaicbt win after that.  (Not all the time but most of the time)

I use the disclaimer  (Not all the time but most of the time) becouse this is a game of chance and luck and anything can happen.

In response to goherd14

Herd, what game are u talking about? Had a pretty good day today, only played like 5 ticks but got 2 $70 winners on 20th annivrsary and 2 $20 winners in the new $10 game. Nothing Big but Enough to make about a $90 profit, i called it a day after that.


I got these two yesterday, the only two I bought

Should I keep playing this roll or no

In response to MattfromPA

Here's the deal. IF I ask the clerk to pick a scratch off for me AND it hits, then depending on the amount won, I would probably give that person a tip. $25 winner? What are you going to give them? 10%?


I once had a clerk ask me for a tip before I scratched the $20 ticket.

"Hey, if that ticket is a winner I get a tip right?" 

I told her," Sure, if it's a loser YOU give me half what the ticket cost."

Looked at me like I was from Pluto. Needless to say she didn't want any parts of that deal.

Back in November of 1992, the night clinton was elected, I hit the PA Wild Card lotto for $60,621.00

Quick pick,......I kept all the money. All that was left after the feds took their cut that is.

If the clerk would have picked the numbers for me she would have received a tip.


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Tip imo is BS. You decide to play, tell them how/what you want to play, spend your
own money to play and wait for the numbers to be drawn....where are they in all that?
Waiting til you show up the next day to see if you hit?
Doing the job they are paid to do doesn't imo entitle them to anything from me. I'm
not sharing my winnings - they aren't sharing my losses.
If it's an instant ticket they won't get any of that either. It's mine.
It's like going through the checkout and having the checker say...hey,
Can I have some of that? wth?
You tip them once and they want it all the time.
Whatever happened to: Nice day, isn't it? Now it's: Can I have some money
if you win.
Buy your own chance at some easy money cause you ain't gettin' mine.

In response to dr65

I tip $20 when I cash in a $500 winner. That's it. That's my policy, if I hit $500, and you cash it out for me and let me keep the ticket, then I tip you twenty bucks. The clerks at my local Publix let me keep my $500 winning tickets. They aren't worth anything anymore but I like to keep a collection of them.

I can't stand when a cashier says "If you hit something good on that, you gotta share it with me" chuckle, chuckle.....

So cheesey!!!!! No class!!!!

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In response to OldSchoolHits

I'm not against anyone that decides to tip. I just think it's a real turnoff for a clerk to assert
arrogance disguised as good humor when they bring up sharing.
Maybe if I was feeling real happy after winning and the clerk didn't suggest a tip, I might on
impulse give something. But the ones that bring it up first, they can leave me alone. Mad
Big Smile

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In response to dr65

I agree with you I have asked them to pick me a lucky scratchoff....I won one for 400 once.....and I gave the guy 10 bucks.....but that was months ago......

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In response to dr65

well if they have the attitude that it is "owed" to them........that is definately a turn off.......beau


Finally had a decent day. I am on vacation this week.

Bought an Extreme Green early in the morning and finally got a 10X with $10 for $100. First time for a 10X.

Went later in the day to another store and got a 10X Cash. Got two 10X symbols with $5 for another $100.


Hopefully the streak lasts today.Banana

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In response to beaudad

Hello beaudad!! I hope everything is well!!

Once I collected $250 and feeling a bit generous, (this was awhile back cause lately with the way some clerks are I don't
feel too generous with any of them).. a kid was working and I got my money and put a $20 in the instant machine
for him and said pick what you want. I know he used play tickets, so I think handing him the $20, it would have wound
up in the same place but I just left then. The kid didn't ask for anything but I'll tell you what, anytime I went in there he'd
ask me 'Find any winners lately'?
Long story, short...that day taught me to just keep my money to myself. I hate feeling like a mark.

beaudad I hope you get a real good win today!! Good luck!!

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I agree.....hate to feel like a mark too!!!!  and sometimes to not feel pressure from winning......I take my ticket to another store.........Wink

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by the way dr......631 hit last night.....and I was hoping for 147..........hope this helps......!!!!

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