Big Winners that are regulars here?


HI, just a point of curiousity...being new here I have been searching to see if there are any big game winners (any of the games:  Lotto (old) Quinto, Mega, Powerball?  Hit 5, pick 4, daily (not sure what a big win would be on daily)? 

if there they drop out of here afterwards?

Love hearing good stories about successes with the lottery keeps me motivated...

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If you're a "BIG" winner wouldn't you be sailing around the Caribeano in your luxury yacht? I doubt you'd be hanging around on the internet,lol.

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Good question, but I agree with lottolaughs.  I'd be going thru my bucket list and traveling the world. Sun Smiley


guess I have to agree...what amazes me is those who have won the BIG ONE...I mean HUGE...generally keep playing (that is a guess on my part) personally after all this work of crunching numbers and time spent...if I won...I would be DONE...

and I certainly wouldnt keep workin' my job...that always gets me...

people win, keep working the same old job...

I have even heard of people quitting work...then after a year going back...I sure HOPE that is NOT me...

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So.... IF you won, you'd pretty much stop doing productive things?  I lot of people aren't like that.

I'm sure someone here has hit for a few thousand, but I doubt any really huge winners are regulars here.  I "almost" won 5+0 on Mega millions, but didn't wait on the line because it got really long.  Wouldn't you know it, my exact numbers came up (didn't really have a Megaball picked, but still.)  Had I won 250,000.... I think I'd probably still play especially because I'd be giving a lot of that money to my parents.

In response to Boney526

Yeah, I agree, and sucks for the $250,000 miss but that's how it goes. Anyway, there's quite a few people around here who have hit the pick 3 quite a bit and maybe even the pick 4, but i don't think any jackpot winners.


"So.... IF you won, you'd pretty much stop doing productive things?  I lot of people aren't like that." -Boney526

If I won enough to be financially independent, I definitely would quit work and remove that stress from my life.

But quitting a job doesn't automatically mean one is no longer productive. Work isn't the only way to be productive. If I quit my job (which I would), that means someone with no job can now have a job. Second, I would volunteer my time (and money) toward a particular need in society. Perhaps working at a rescue mission or soup kitchen, helping orphans or poor children, working with fellow veterans, or something like that. In fact, by quitting work and doing something like that, I feel I would be even more productive. 

So just because one quits work doesn't necessarily mean they stopped doing productive things.


Back to the subject, if all the big winners are no longer here, are there any regular winners? Those who are consistently successful in picking #'s to the extent that even if they haven't won the big one, they at least have regular winnings and are perhaps even profitable?

In response to Boney526

wow the irony of that...and to be that close...course I have sold stocks that I barely made 3k at 7 dollars per share only to have it go up in a year and half to 30 plus dollars and I had like 4000 shares and I coulda made a mint if I had just held it is the same kind of thing...that is why I started real recently picking my own numbers cuz quick nothin' and I have been doing that for years (not a lot of money - but did 50 dollars that last mega... and blew the whole thing and didn't even win a dollar)

Then I found this site...some if not most of y'all are brilliant!  it is intriguing to read all the theories...

I didn't say I wouldn't be productive...I just wouldn't be productive "there" at work.  I would call in "Rich" and take the day off to go down to Olympia and make sure...I really won the thing, like check in hand kind of stuff, before dumping the job...and getting my husband the car of his dreams...and we could get a sailboat and play all can tell I have never had any extended time off work in the 30+ years I have been workin'...

but I have SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO many gardening and home remodeling projects...the list goes on...

In response to ameriken

Yeah... that is what i would like to hear too.  I mean 1000.00 is a really good win (to me anyway).  50k now that is awesome. we're talking. And the 4+ MM the washington lotto is at...I spent all morning crunching numbers...gonna play my $2 Stretch

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If i win the lottery for 50 grand or more the last thing i would do is advertise it on the Internet. Unless the lottery makes me stand behind the cardboard check.

I'd have enough trouble peeling people off my back for handouts in my own family and neighborhood.

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no not yet, but January 19 could be my lucky day.

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I know alot of big wieners on here..

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In response to kjanine

I think people who keep working after winning are either bored or they love their job.  Before winning, there was a reason why they had to work - pay bills, support family, etc.  Even if they love their job and career, there was still that stress.  Now that they're financially secured, that stress is gone.  So they can keep doing what they love.

Personally, I love my career.  I'd like to keep doing it in some capacity, maybe teach or volunteer, and mentor others who want to follow the same career path.  But I don't want to work for a corporation again or any type of boss.

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In response to four4me

I hear ya brother but I gotta say  "those cardboard checks arn't big enough".

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