why is the pick 3 odds at 1 in 1000?


the 1000th number would have to be 4 numbers, not 3. I am guessing the 1000th number is really 000. Correct?

I was assuming the pick 3 odds would have to be 1 in 999.

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There are 1000 possible straight 3 digit combinations from which 1 combination will be drawn.


Hence, 1 in 1000.

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Three columns of 10, 10 X 10 X 10 = 1000

Plus what Lotterologist said.

One in 1000 = 999:1 or 999 to one odds against.

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"000" is a valid combination in a Pick 3 draw.


yeah I know. 000 to 999.

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In response to thealfa

If you knew that, why did you ask the question?  Count them!!

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I think a smart mouth means that you are losing. Be kind to those who are trying to learn --Smash


Do that thang!

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In response to Cupcake10

So that means u are losing big time  Evil LookingBig SmileWink

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