One Very Merry Xmas Eve.

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I had one heck of a merry xmas eve.  I got up at 10pm to find that I has won the first quarter of the Steelers-Panthers game on my work football pool, which paid out $25.  At around 11, I was in the McDonald's drive-thru before I started my shift at work, listening to the game on the radio to find out I had won the third quarter on the pool as well (with a different square at that) and another $25.  Anyway, while on my lunch at work, I got winners of $40 and $400 on instant tickets.  And to top it off, since I started my shift at midnight, I got out at 8:30am, before all the hustle and bustle.  One heck of a merry xmas eve for me.


grats! also what do you mean? what kind of games is the first quarter etc?

also how many instant tickets did you buy and what numbers were they etc?

i also won $250 on a instant tickets today after buying a few.

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Very nice DoctorEw! Enjoy your winnings!

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In response to DoctorEw220

wtg congrats.

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FANTASTIC DoctorEw!!! congrats!

brothadan, I think Doc is referring to a pool where you bet on what the score of a game will be after the 1st, 2nd, quarter, etc.

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As for how much I spent, it was nowhere near what I won.  As for the football pool, here's how it works.

There is a grid with 100 squares, 10 rows of 10 squares. Everyone puts in a set amount ($2 in the case of my work's pool.)   Someone draws the numbers from 0-9 for both teams.  If the numbers for each team match the last (ones) digit for the score at the end of each quarter, you take the money.  For example, I had Steelers 3- Panthers 0, Steelers 8- Panthers 3, and Steelers 7- Panthers 0.   For the first quarter, and the score was 3-0 in favor of the Steelers, so I won it.  For the third quarter, the score was 27-0 in favor of the Steelers, so I got that one as well.  Payouts vary depending on the pool.  Some do 1/8 of the pot for the first quarter, 1/4 for halftime, 1/8 for the third quarter, and 1/2 for the final score (after any overtime).  Others just give out 1/4 of the pot for each quarter.

Does that make sense?

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Wow What a Merry Christmas Eve !



lol the pool thing is very confusing....anyways grats again.

i spent the $250 i won yesterday on scratchers lol.

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Congratulations on your win DoctorEw220.Hurray!

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Oh, Congrats to you !! Its nice to be so lucky.  Big  WAY TO GO FOR YOU. Enjoy your rewards.


Importantly, what instant games were they? Not much is hitting in PA where I am. Congrats!


Congratulations on the big wins. Now if I could just be so lucky...there I go daydreaming again. Spread some of that wealth down south will you, or at least some of the luck, as I seem to have lost mine. You've sent the snow and cold, now send the rest. My kids had a decent Christmas, so I am happy about that. My six year old says "Well I guess I wasn't as bad as I thought I was. Santa Clause brought me some toys after all." Poor kid, I guess we scared him so much that he was expecting coal or switches. He said how Santa was bad for leaving the fireplace doors open.


Glad you had a good Christmas, CarHauler! I did, too. Despite my liberal political views, I do believe in God and Christ. It's my favorite time of year - everything is so joyful. I got some snow yesterday, but not as much as predicted before. About 4-5 inches.

What a nice Christmas treat it was for the poster to have that $400 win!

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