I think I lost a friend of 15 years.


I haven't been here in months because I have been cutting back on the lottery.  I've been only playing the Mega Millions when it goes over $100 million(like now).

Money really make people two-faced. This is why I'm worried what will happen if I actually won a huge jackpot prize.

On November 30, I was helping my friend, a single mother of one kid, go grocery shopping.  After we were done, I told her that I was going to buy a Pick 3 lottery game and I wanted her to pick the numbers.  She picked her daughter's birthday, 7-19-2004 (719).  I wagered $1.50 and won $750!!!!  I paid off my electric, gas and rent bill for that month.  I also gave her $20 for picking the numbers.   2 days later, I took her and her daughter to a nice, upscale restaurant on my tab and I thought everything was dandy...WRONG.   We decided that I would buy some premium whiskey(Jack Daniels Single Barrel) and we would drink it at her house and watch a movie.  After a few drinks, she started to get irritated about something and I asked her what was wrong.  She told me that I should have given her at least $100 for picking the numbers.  At that point, I thought to myself about all of the unfortuanate jackpot winners like Jack Whittaker and the Floridian Jackpot winner was shot and killed shortly after a jackpot win.

To make the story short, we argued about it for 30 minutes even though I know I didn't do anything wrong.  I've known her for 15 years; she was so nice and sweet.  After I won that money, which is all gone already, she had a devil in her and she drastically changed.  It seemed like she was some machine and couldn't help being two-faced. 


Winning that $750 didn't make me two-faced at all. All I did was pay my bills, treated her and her daughter out to dinner and gave her some money for giving me the numbers. 

It's hard to trust human beings.  The human brain is so dang complex..especially when it senses's amazing....Thumbs Down

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I'm sorry. Whenever someone gives me a number like this I always buy them the same one for 50 cents just cause I know something like this would happen

In response to SmoothJuice

Twitch file this under extreme gray haired & green faced moment ...... and write her off

such is life


You did nothing wrong , i alway give people number,s and they catches if they want to give something they could if not what the <snip>, i could of buy the number to. that girl is not you friend what about if you did won 7millionnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn dammmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. im sure you would have fix her up. I have a friend where i dont win like that and she usually have her lil hits she always look out for me, thanks geeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.  You should be glad she showed you her bad side before you win your millionssssssssssssss, remember me.

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In response to SmoothJuice

An old adage, "Burned and learned".  There are plenty of numbers to play here on LP where like-minded lottery folks gather.

I once gave a 'friend' the number 800.  It hit on the night draw and he played the day draw. . . was not a pleasant experience!

Since then I don't do that kind of thing.  So I can honestly feel your pain.  A true friend is someone who would give their life

for you.

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In response to olplugger

well said olplugger.

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I'm sorry, I agree with the lady.  You should have given her some money.  Maybe not the 100.00  that she wanted but something.  Instead, you made sure YOUR NEEDS were taken care of with no thought to her.  Maybe she wanted to do something for her child.  I always make sure that if a person gives me a number, I buy them a ticket also or if I hit, I give them some money.  You can never know what they are really going through.  Taking her and her child to dinner was just further "rubbing" salt in the wound.  You could have given her the money that you paid for the meal.  Maybe she is better off without you being her friend because you showed her just how much you care for YOURSELF and to H#LL with everybody else.

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In response to Littleoldlady

She gave her 20 dollars and I totally disagree with you ...    She didnt have to give her anything .   Very sweet of her to take them to dinner and give her 20 dollars..   People are just GREEDY !!!!

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In response to Littleoldlady

Littleoldlady... I totally agree with you... Although she did not owe her friend anything... A true friend would have atleast given her $100.. What the He double hockey sticks can you do with $20... Nothing... As her friend she probably had shared with you her struggles and when you won the money she felt like you would help her out... So you showed your true colors... YOu won $750 and Gave her $20.... $50 would have been better than $20... If that was all you was going to give her... then you should have kept the win to yourself and not said anything to her... I agree with littleoldlady your fried thought you was rubbing salt in her wounds.


This is an interesting situation. I'd have to know more information.

If the only tickets I bought were the 2 tickets, one for a dollar and one for 50 cents with both having the same number my friend recommended, then I'd feel obligated to give my friend at least 200 bucks, maybe 250 bucks. However, If I buy 10 bucks worth of tickets everyday, and one of them happened to be her suggestion, then I would probably give about 50 bucks.

I feel this way primarily because If my friend is willing to partially pay for the cost of my tickets everyday, then he/she would get the correct proportion of the win dependant on how much the friend chipped in. If they're not willing to share the cost of playing, they should only get a consolation

A similar situation happened to me when I first moved to Florida over 11 years ago. About  a month or so after moving here, I decided to play all the telephone area codes in the immediate and surrounding towns. In total, there were about 5 or 6 combos. I went to the Publix shopping center to buy my tix at the customer service. The nice lady looked at the tickets which were being printed, and immediately caught the common thread of the numbers. She advised me that I had overlooked one area code (949 at that time), so I thanked her for the heads up and played it with the rest of my picks. Sure enough, the area code she reminded me of showed straight winning me 500 bucks.

The next day I returned to the store and and found her at the customer service desk and told her what happened. I tried giving her a 50 dollar bill, but she said they weren't allowed to accept any gratuities. I pled for her to take it but she refused. So I crumpled the 50 dollar bill up in a small ball and non chalantly flicked it her way, sliding it accross the counter, and told her I understand about the policy and walked away. You should've seen the look on her face...ah ahha hah ah....

Normally, in an ideal world, the lady should get half of the 500 dollar win considering I would've never won, had it not been for her advice. There is no doubt that it's a hard call to make. Greed and the conscience battle each other until one of them gives in. And in the end, even If the greed wins, in actuality the conscience is the real winner. It may convince you to sleep better at night, or it may haunt you.


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What's done is done. You can't change it even if you gave her half of what was won now. Obviously, you wrote to get it off your chest or get

confirmation that you are not in the wrong.

IMO, you are guilty of being selfish and she is probably thinking the same thing about you: devil-like, a changed person, untrustworthy and

not the nice and sweet person she knew for the last 15 years.


Your friend's portion of the winnings: $20, Dinner, 1/2 bottle of Jack

Your portion of the winnings: $730, less dinner for 2 and whiskey for 2


Money didn't change either of was a lack of proper judgement that got in the way. Look at it this way - you asked her for a number, it came

up...doesn't matter if you paid for it, that was your decision...would you have played 719 if she hadn't told you to? Maybe, maybe not. The point is

the number came out, won $750 and she feels she was entitled to more than the $20 cut you decided to give her. Dinner and whiskey are

incidental considering the whole scope of things. You paid your utilities and rent, she can go buy some milk and bread and a couple gallons of


There is nothing you can do now, the only thing left for you to do is determine whether or not you want to talk it over with her (talk is cheap, also

useless if you can't see eye to eye and believe me, you never will because you think you did enough, she doesn't) Trying to make it right even

if you had the money to do it by giving her half, probably wouldn't work out either - you'll always remember what she did when you thought

your generosity was enough, she'll always remember you initially thought $20 was good enough.

This is a very sticky situation. If the number did not come up, everything would be the same. It did and you were presented with the opportunity

to do the right thing. The area where you are in error is, you did the right thing for you. Did this cross your mind or lips?: Well, it was MY money!

Technically - your money but her number. You entered into an unspoken arrangement which was made even more solid by your friendship of 15

years. You involved her in the process when you asked her for a number. Why didn't you keep her in it when the number hit by giving her half of

the money? Don't make the mistake so many do by saying money got in the way....the lack of basic principles and poor judgement got in the way.

IMO, you took control of the winnings and now have to suffer the consequences. Move on but don't place the blame fully on her. Be big about

it, you got nearly all of the money, now at least take 1/2 of the blame.

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It's human nature. When I worked in Vegas some of us would play video games on our breaks (the old stand up arcade games). This one particular night, no matter what game I played I was getting scores with 18,19, 64, and 65 all night long. (18,000, 190,000, etc...)

Well, our crew (crew of four) got the early out that night so we went to the Horseshoe and I played a Keno ticket, 18,19,64, 65. It hit solid and I won $400. I gave the other three guys $20 each and said I'd see them at work the next night

I get to work that next night and I'm all kinds of no good @#$% !@@ because they blew about $100 each trying to win back the $20 that I gave them that they lost.

No good deed goes unpunished.

Go figure.

You are absolutely right about people and money. Gambling should always be a solo endeavor, always.

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In response to joker17

Well said Joker.... I don't think her friend was jealous.. but disappointed...

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In response to joker17

a honest clerk, good story, when I tip a clerk they grab it so fast your head spins.


Chalk that experience up to a lesson lived and learned!

I've seen money as being the cause of many friendships (some real, some fake) to go down the dream.

If you're friendship was genuine, you two will work it out.  If it wasn't, then both of you will get over it in time and move on.

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In response to MzDuffleBaglady

That's right, MzDuffle that is a True Friend for you. I would of did the samething. Played it Both times for us Both.

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In response to jcyvr

Good thing the clerk was honest, too. (I'm guessing the envelope was sealed) Wink

In response to time*treat

yes it was :) Well some people are still honest :)

Well i just think that friendship is worth more then a jackpot on the end of the day .... Coz once money is spent you stay empty hands... and i think ods of finding a real friends are much higher then wining a jackpot :)

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In response to jcyvr


I guess all lottery players have their way of saying thank you to those help picking their winning numbers. For me, considering my culture and educational background (accounting), I would not expect my parents sharing their winning just because I have helped them buy tickets or pick numbers. Although I know they will take care of me, I don't expect that. It is their money. They take risk. All I do is helping just like buying something or grocery on my way to supermarkets.


I think culture and educational background affect people's behavior towards lottery winning. For example, last week my brother travled to Oregon, I gave him $10 to buy Powerball because California doesn't have it. I asked him what would him expect if I hit the jackpot. By the way, I did not win. He answered, "Nothing." He said if he had expected dividend from my winning then he would have to pitch in money in case I lost. I guess that gene run in our family. In addition, he is also studying accounting, so he understands the concept of investment and property entitlement.


Seriously, I don't want to break relationship with my families. Therefore, I play with my money; I don't ask for numbers; I don't promise anything except buying my parents a house. My be I should stop asking my families and friends buying ticket for me when they go to Powerball states. Nevertheless, deep down inside I want to share my winning with my families.

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In response to temptustoo

I agree with you temp


This is why I only buy lotto for my wife and myself....I have thought about buying scratch-offs for friends for gifts and such, but decided against it... There is always that "what if" factor..


What if your friend won a jackpot on a scratch-off that you bought, it would be a hard thing to handle. 


Lotto = solo game only

In response to SmoothJuice

I dont remember how I stumbled on the lotterypost site. I am really an ametuer on the internet. I really thought everyone here was trying to help everyone win some money. Share there knowledge in how to win . I have not found anyone that is willing to do that on this post. Everyone does not have a lot of money to play twenty or thirty dollars in the lottery every day.

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In response to grannyvon2

Well if you are basing your opinion that no one here helps others to win only on this thread, you are an amateur. Check out some of the other forums before you pass out judgment that no one will help.

There are a lot of ideas and people that share their knowledge. You just have to look.

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In response to grannyvon2

Well, granny, start reading ALL the threads that pertain to the lottery games you want to play.  You can find old posts and new posts and other information by searching - the Lottery Post search tool is in the blue drop-down menu at the top of each page.  Click Resources and you will see "Search For Something"

If you are interested in Lottery Systems, there is a forum for that.  In the menu on the left side of each page, Click Forums.

Also, do not post something that is off-topic in a thread, such as you have here.  Your comment does not pertain to Smooth Juice and his friend.  Start your own thread.

THAT is help.  This is not a classroom, not many will take you by the hand and baby you.  Eventually you will have experience through trying everything here.


You see that is what I am talking about. I really am not educated on how to utilize this thread. I dont know how to go to other threads or forums. No harm intended. Glad to get a response from someone.

In response to grannyvon2
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In response to 1977

Years ago I was working in construction and after work I would go to the local doughnut shop to have coffee and a couple of doughnuts and study my lottery charts for 3 digit, trying to decide on numbers to play that night. One day I had thought it over and decided that the number that night would be either 934 or 943.  The boyfriend of one of the ladies that worked there came in and saw me working on my lottery charts and asked me what the number was going to be that night.  I told him my 2 choices.  Lo and behold, 943 came out straight that night and I won $250.  The next afternoon, the boyfriend came back in and said I was right on with that number and that he had won $290 on a straight/box ticket.  Do you think he offered to give me $10 bucks....or to pay for my coffee and just wanted to know what I thought the number would be that night!  I told him I hadn't figured it out yet, and of course I never gave him another number, tho I didn't let the situation get to me....just laughed inside.

    In a situation like we are discussing here and the the basic circumstances, I would have had to give the lady at least $250 since it was her number and a very special number.  If I needed $750, then I would have had to play one more .50 ticket.

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My granddaughter who was four at the time told my father to buy a scratcher off he did, and won some

money he bought her a jump rope she was mad, because she felt that he should have given her the money to buy what she wanted. She felt that he wouldn't have won had she not told him to buy the ticket. I gave him his

first hit on the pick3, and he took credit for coming up with the number, so I never tell him if i hit he  will wants to know why I didn't give it to him. Will he give you a number"no" he all for himself. I give numbers all the time

and I don't expect payment Thank You works for me. I think your friend was mad after the fact, because

she took the dinner, and the liquor if she had a problem with you she should have spoken up. You ask her

for a number, and she gave it to you I really don't think she expected you to win. The next time you ask for a number from a friend who is with you it would be wise for you to tell them to play it also are buy an extra ticket.

If that friend complain that you had more money than me I say cut that friend out of your life. The moral of this

story is my granddaughter felt he didn't share are give her a choice as to what she wanted.

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People were asking about the other foot. Would the friend have given smmoth juice $20? Would the friend taken smoothjuice to dinner? would the friend have paid smoothjuice bills?


A True friend would share more than 20 dollars.  what a cheap ass.  especially if she picked the umber for you, <snip>.  she prolly didnt even need the dinner.  but thats just for you.

if my friend wouldve given me a number and I won, I would split it half without thinking.  thats true friendship for you.

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Ok I'm late to the party but I'll give my 2 cents.......

Whatever you coulda, shoulda, woulda you know the saying "Hindsight is 20/20"  You did what you felt was right and I know I'm going against others here when I say this BUT.....

For your friend to enjoy an evening with you and then let it out that you should of given her $100 dollars and still refuses to speak to you......GOOD RIDDENS!!!!! That isn't a true friend! I doubt "she drastically changed".  Have you ever had anyone tell you "you never really know a person 'till you live with them"??? HAHAHA there's a reason for saying that!   Oh boy so much more I could say here but I won't!

I'm always leary of picking out numbers for someone else cause I feel bad when they lose but if they won....sorry but I would NEVER expect ANYTHING from them.

Don't be so hard on yourself! Life goes on and if your friend chooses to act this way.......that's her loss!

And just one last comment.......

No one here knows YOUR current financial situation and the fact that your friend receives food stamps, child support etc. doesn't necessarily mean she is somehow struggling more than you. (And yes I've been there and I've also seen way too many people cheat the system)

I haven't bought a lottery ticket in a long time but if and when I do I prefer to buy them by myself, and I'd choose my own numbers because I already have too many headaches : )

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