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Hi All,

Todd has wonderful wheels in the wheeling section.  Unfortunately, it only goes to...

Full 5 if 5 of 16 numbers used would generate 4368 tickets.

Does anyone have the entire list on the 5/36 or where I can find it?

Todd ~ thanks for getting back with me!  Your wheeling programs are awesome!!!

In response to Zoozie

In any pick-5 game there are 120 different ways the winning 5 numbers can be drawn (1x2x3x4x5=120), but since the winning numbers are placed in numerical order from low to high, we're only concerned with 1 combo. If you want a full 6 number wheel multiply 6x5x4x3x2 and divide the results by 120 or 6 combos. A full 17 number wheel is 17x16x15x14x13=742560 divided by 120 = 6188. You can do the same by factoring any number and always dividing the results by 120. A full 36 number wheel is 36x35x34x33x32=45239040 divided by 120 = 376,992 combos.

This only tells us the total number of possible combinations but to see the combos, you'll need a wheel generator. I downloaded a free wheel generator at Lottery Director many years ago that generates full pick-5 wheels up to 64 numbers and I believe it's still a free download.

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