Mega Millions and/or Powerball time spent selecting lines.

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I spend roughly 5 to 10 minutes PER game to come up with numbers to create some lines for either Mega or PBall.   This is per game as these are the highest paying and most played.  So this is for say,  your favorite game or the one you play or understand the best.  So I always wonder,  do other people spend a lot of time,  or do you have for eg. software that speeds up the process ( I got that),  or did you used to spend a lot more time and don't anymore,  because you have software and/or a streamlined system.....................??????????????


Thank You and Good luck to everybody no matter how much time you spend!

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  I usually get QP's on these games. QP's seem to be the winners most of the time for either game.

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It takes me 1-2 hours to come up with my picks. All done by pencil and paper.

What i have been doing recently is if the first # of the last draw was 11, i go thru the history of all games starting with the # 11. Then i document down the draw following that draw. I do this for the last 25 draws.

Then i make a frequency chart of all the numbers collected.

Then i take the #'s in column 1, 2, 3, 4, & 5 add all #'s in column 1, divide by 25 and get an average. These #'s go into my pool.

Then any #'s that repeat in 2 consecutive draws are put in the pool.

Finally i take all the averaged #'s and go up 1 and down 1. They get added to the pool.

Tonights pool of #'s ended up being the following.

7 - 8 - 9 - 10 - 12 - 13 - 17 - 18 - 19 - 22 - 26 - 27 - 28 - 36 -  37 - 38 - 40 - 43 - 45 - 46 - 47 - 55 - 57.

We'll see what happens. So far this seems to work better on Mega Millions.


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System players not only have to record drawings and update their data files after each drawings but check to see if their system worked the way it was suppose to and made adjustments or allowances as needed.  That alone could take a half hour but I doubt if any of them will admit it if they've never won a big jackpot because it would seem like they were wasting a lot of time for nothing.

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In response to CutlassBob

I believe your system will work and give you a big pay day,  time well spent.   Your parameters are tight and well defined.  How you choose your line play and mega power balls is another endeavor?  That is where budget comes into play and the statistical odds of lines played determine the eventual outcome.   From 20 + numbers how would you whittle it down?  Or do you grab bag from your list..........or ?????

Thanks Bob!  I had the chance to buy a '70 Hurst Olds W-30 convertible years ago but I got an SS396 instead,  the 455 in the Olds.... well.,..... it smoked a bit and the gas mileage was 10 mpg as opposed to 12mpg from the 396..  Whoopsie.

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In response to RJOh

Maybe,  maybe not.  If you enjoy doing it......................unless you like paying Fed. taxes,  I think that is the greatest waste of time and MONEY.

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In response to jarasan

Hello Jarasan, thank you for the kind words. Normally my pool of numbers is around 9-17 numbers. This was an abnormally high pool. 

Last month in a Mega Millions Drawing i had all 5 numbers in my pool of 13 numbers, wittled it down to 9 #'s then wheeled.

Basically i whittle the pool down with a Coffee and a little luck.


The wheeles gave me 126 combinations. One of which contained all 5 white balls. Had i known i would of played them all. YES budget does come into play! I only played 10 combo's, # 99 in my wheel was the winner, the closest i got was # 112 which only contained 3 of the #'s. But my observations are working.

One of these day's you'll see my name in lights on LP. Hope to see you there also.

My 1967 Cutlass is powered by a 1966 Olds 425ci i took out of a 66 Delta 88 i owned. She gets about 15 miles per gallon as long as i can keep my foot out of the carb. Stock rear end gearing also. Turbo 400 Trans pushes her along just fine.

I wish mine was a convertible! I had a 1972 Chevelle with a 396 under the hood while i was stationed in Spain. What a ride. The spanish ladies loved it.

Take Care and i wish you Good Fortunes!!


In response to RJOh

I Agree!

I can take up to 4 hours, but sometimes life gets in the way....I have had all 5 numbers in a pool of 22 numbers a few times, and of course, I removed the wrong ones Crying

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In response to shagadelica

It is clear the system you use is good because you've gotten good hits on the challenge.  Yeah life does get in the way but if you get a 5 of 5 or 5 + 1 on a ticket,  life would never get so much in the way again!  I hope you hit big and congrats on the challenges!


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I usually spend 5-10 minutes, which is probably why I never win anything.


In the future, I will reduce my time to less than one minute because I am going to copy and paste Cutlass Bob's picks.



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I meditated to get my numbers. It can be very long.LOL

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I'm a retired widower and senior citizen living alone in a small Texas city.

Free time is one thing I have a lot of.

A big chunk of my time is spent managing lottery statistics for Pick 3 (D&N), Cash 5,
Lotto, PB, MM, Two-Step and Florida Fan 5, a recent addition.

Playing the lottery is a hobby and a great source of entertainment.
Keeps the mind active, too.

I use paper and pencil workouts for all the games, except Daily 4, which has too
many doubles. I'm playing one set twice a day. No statistics to maintain.

The amount of time spent varies with each game. The most active period is immediately
after the drawings, which are held at 10:12 p.m Central time.

For example, last night (0918), I lost $6 in Pick 3. I played 4 mixed and 4 doubles.
The winning combination was a double. I updated my files in less than 30 minutes.
I'll pick new combinations for Monday while watching Dallas Cowboy football this afternoon.

I played 5 sets in PB. Had 1 plus the PB. Invested $5 won $4. The files were updated.

I had a 2of5 in Cash 5 for #2. I play 5 fixed sets using alphanumeric substitution. I
update every 3 days.

I recently added Flordia Fan 5. The charts were updated. I play 3 days a week. My next
play is Monday. It will probably take me about an hour to prepare five sets. I'm using
some new tracking charts and this will take more time than usual.

In fact, the data for all of the Saturday game were updated before I went to bed
at midnight - that's less than three hours.

Making choices can be time consuming where the Jackpot games are concerned. There is
a lot of data to consider. I recently spent 3 hours preparing predictions for
the 0908 Texas Lotto game. It was my first attempt at 50 combinations. I won $3.
Not sure I want to do that again.

Players with families, intensive job situations probably don't have a lot of free time, but
in my humble opinion, the chance to win millions is worth some time and effort.

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Hello - I live in Florida and the Fantasy Five Game is my favorite.  It seems that several people win every evening.  Makes me wonder what THE BIG SECRET IS???

I too track by Hand, ie. Excel files. In last nights game I had two tickets with 2 numbers based on my humble analysis.

Interested in hearing what you are doing. I just took the historical winners by year on the same date, a Karma thing I guess. Paired numbers that seemed to come in together and make tickets from there.  Naturally, 3 of the numbers that came in were not on the historical winners, thus only getting 2 of 5.

Thought I would share.


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I have a question about your system. If the number repeats itself in the next 25 draws why would you want to add it and divide by 25?  Why not just use that number as part of your pool of numbers to select from. I guess I am not clear on the whole adding thing.

Do you mean that #'s that repeat themselves are added to the pool in their original form, ie. "6" and then you added the "6's" again in your column and divided by 25 or do you remove them from the addition of that column since you are going to include in pool of numbers?



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It seems sometimes the less time I spend thinking about it the better the outcome, and I am not talking Quick Piggies.


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