I Need the Breakdown of 3 Digit Straights...

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Hi All,

Geeeeze... I haven't posted for awhile!

I have been working on a new pick 3 system and need some help for those who either build programs or do excel sheets (Or you may already have this info I need on the breakdown - Hmmmmm Win_D?).

(I'm a super brainstormer, but not a programmer :-)

Here is what I need:

There are a total of 1000 STRAIGHTS in the pick 3.

Doing the one up and one down method, there should be an average of 38-50 3 digit numbers that will cover the ENTIRE 1000 straights.

Example:  180 would cover 079,070,071,089,080,081,099,090,091,179,170,171,189,181,199,190,191,279,270,271,289,280,281,299,290,291

Does someone already have these 38-50 numbers that cover all the straights or can create something that pulls these numbers out?

I only need the list of numbers.



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In response to Zoozie

Hi Zoozie,

you will end up with 1000 sets of numbers, won't you?

In your keynumber, 180, there is 181.
So is 181 no longer a keynumber? I mean, it will also come in some day, and then you'll have the breakdown for that one, in which you will find 182, and 182 will be a keynumber on its own again, again a breakdown.



Ha ha...Zoozie

Can't help you out, but I did notice you live in Southwest Florida....I live in Fort Myers

What a small world....

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Hi Ricky,

Wow it has been a long time... few years back you created a program for me.  :-)

We start with 1000 STRAIGHT numbers in pick 3. 

My objective is to narrow the straight list numbers down from 1000 to 40-100 by doing this...

By going 1 up and 1 down in EACH digit and thus eliminating those numbers.

For example:  If 018 is one of the 40-100, these numbers would be eliminated from the main 1000 list:

907  018  107

908  017  108

909  019  109

917  007  117

918  008  118

919  009  119

927  027  127

928  028  128

929  029  129

* I would not eliminate 018 from this list, but move it over to the shorter list.

Am I explaining myself clearly enough?  I know what I need, but maybe not articulating it correctly.


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Interesting problem.

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The background info . . .

splains it all.   BobP

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In response to Zoozie

Goto this thread

Thanks to our very good friend, Jadelottery!!

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Thanks so much everyone... now back to the drawing board!

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