All you ever wanted to know about Doubles Traps

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                                                                Setting a Doubles Trap 

                                                                               See the gallery

                                                                    .....or taking the Bull by the Horns 



Here it is ...... short and sweet.  

  Step ONE....


 Wait.....  wait until your game goes 7 days (or draws) without a double .......then start your plays and set your trap for 3 days or less.

  That's it. 



                     Here is the good part...... Most doubles will hit during that 3 day trap ......90% of the time. Coffee

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 Here are some games that are ready to go ......or going already. 


             Tx  Midday...... 10 draws...normally a stopping point ....but not starting from here

          DC Midday........ 7 draws                   Remember, PLAN... on 3 draw plays... and stop.

          MD..Midday...            8 draws                        Doubles play 3 draws isn't long.       

                                                                             Good Luck ! Sun Smiley

          Mo ..Midday..... 8 draws

          NY....Midday........   7 draws


          PA..... midday......6 draws

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In response to WIN D

Good Luck with this WinD...

WC skipped 18 days in a row before we finally got a double last night.

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Setting a Doubles Vtrac Trap
might give better results
during  the alotted time.
Sometimes a (doubles vtrac )Mirror pair may come in lieu of the double sought.
Wind I'm fascinated by your posts on Mirror pairs
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  Hi Rakster......    only about 10% ever get that far.....or even past the 10 draws mark.

  But............. thats why we cut this particular deal off at the 10 draws....or 3 draw strategy.

  Playing for 3 days only and then stopping........ we can avoid those tough old wicked Doubles that go nutts sometime.  LOL 


    Of the 6 Doubles listed up there ...... 2 of them hit today with doubles ..........  TX with 911     and PA with 262  

    Nice for those who can play MULTI state draws.... only 4 left now.



 Hello BA......  I tried to use the Vtracs when they were first invented here in Atlanta many years ago. They were popular with some but never really caught on.  I never found them that helpful with our systems least at the time.  The mirrors... just by themselves were a hand full.

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tks for the tip ill keep that in mind

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Your welcome savagegoose !       Good Luck 


 Say Rakster.....about that long out Double that just hit in WC last night.  

When we look back over the last 365 draws ....(up until last night) there was only 3 times any double going over 10 draws .....or past the 3 day play window. The 3 day play window strategy.... and stop the protection against those.       

 Not a bad little system for the WC game most of the time.  Pretty nice...or normal acting doubles up there it would seem....... dependable actually.  

 WC had 95 doubles during the last 365 draws.......... and only 3 or 4 went over the stop play after 3 draws limit.  Pretty good...  


 I will confess to breaking the 3 day playing cut off rule .....on occasion ....but never ever, ever, ever more than one extra day.  LOL  

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Need to get a PM to you... (your message box is full)

Let me know when you clear it.  Racking my brain on a project and I know you are the goto person.  :-)



Zoozie (Teresa)

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 Hi Zoozie....  sent you a PM 


 There are some growing opportunities on EVE draws.......but for right now

  NM..eve  out 9 draws

  WA..eve.. out 10

  CT..eve.... out 6 

   MD...eve....out 5 

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In response to WIN D

  Of the 6 State Midday games listed up there........ 4 of them have now had their doubles already.

  NY 252       DC 393     PA 262        Tx 911

  The only states left to hit now are...... MD and MO midday.....  

  One more draw to go and we will have a 100% hit rate for all the states tomorrow on Wed.... then we....stop. 

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Speaking of Doubles Traps...Lurking...  here's a good rule of thumb to remember.                



 If you hunt doubles a lot know that doubles can be tricky and so any helpful edge is just what you might need to get a hit. Here's a good one....


 Playing from one double to the next ..... not counting any single numbers... just looking at the last double to hit the next double that going to hit .. 

 If we want to play the BEST Odds to hit the next double ....

                                       **DON't use any of the last doubles digits. 


 Say the last double to hit a week ago was ..... 110      Next time....cut out all the doubles that contain any of those 2 digits.  When we cut out ANY of the 2 digits of the last double that hit we are really playing the best odds. 

                 ** There is almost a 25%  better chance that the next double will not contain any of the last doubles digits. 


 Any time we cut the last 2 double's digits out....... we are actually cutting out 34 doubles from the next double plays.There are 102 doubles that will contain at least one of the last double digits......but there are 168 doubles that won't. There are 66+   more doubles  that will not. 

                      So, there is a ......24% better chance the next double will not contain any of the last doubles digits





yeah win D, its been about 8 or 9 draws so far in ohio.  i still wouldn't know what double to play though.

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In response to gunjack

 Well...... according to the best odds...... you shouldn't play digits from your last combined draw double which was .....993. 

 Which means if you don't play any of these you will have a better shot.

 299, 334, 119, 335, 344, 399, 669, 336, 499, 003,

229, 337, 355, 599, 779, 338, 699, 113, 339, 366,

799, 889, 033, 899, 133, 223, 377, 449, 099, 233,

009, 199, 388, 559


 According to the best odds ......the next double will come from one of these below that don't contain digits 9 or 3.

 Start your subtraction filters today ( sums ,roots, recent doubles, etc).

from these. 

 055, 118, 226, 244, 488, 668, 677, 001, 155, 227,                           Good Luck !  At least this way ..the "Force" is with ya !  

588, 002, 011, 066, 228, 255, 688, 778, 166, 445,

788, 004, 022, 077, 112, 266, 446, 455, 005, 122,

177, 447, 006, 088, 114, 277, 448, 466, 556, 007,

115, 188, 557, 566, 008, 044, 116, 224, 288, 477, 558, 117, 144, 225, 577, 667


   This is just me ......but I would focus on the 26 doubles that contain digits 2,,,or 8 .......and play for 3 draws and then stop. 

    or just the ones with a digit 2 perhaps......

                                   226, 244, 227, 002, 228,         255, 022, 112, 266, 122,           277, 224, 288, 225


thats some good stuff, that 9 is on fire in ohio, hopefully a double comes for tommorow. I never tried a subtraction filter. I was looking at that 662.

In response to WIN D

thanks man, but I lost. ohio got 577 for the midday today.

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