Define Winning the Lottery

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Every time I win pick 3 my friends always brag that I won the lottery.. I don't see winning pick 3 classified as winning the lottery. I just see it as winning money as the pick 3 game.. same would go for pick 4 as well...

cash 5 might be different, maybe

but I really only see winning the lottery as actually winning one of the big jackpot games....

what does everyone think


I only consider hitting the Jackpot in the big games winning the lottery.

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winning the jackpot on super lotto to me

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I think when I hit straight on pick4..ISmile consider winning the lottery!

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In response to victorl3ichiban

I'm with you.

Matching six for six that wins a seven, eight, or nine figure jackpot.

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Definition for "Winning the Lottery":

When you win a State / Multi-State jackpot and your take-a-way (after taxes, etc.) is enough to pay off your debts, your mortgage, give to family and charities and still take an early retirement with a solid investment portfolio funded by your winnings to generate income........Yep........That's how I define winning the lottery!

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In response to Perfecttiming2

good answer...

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For me...Pick 3 is a loan that I pay back with interest.......

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At least a million on a big jackpot game.

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Define Winning the Lottery

Hitting P3 3 days in a row straight with minimal picks ..maybe I'm just too simple   lol


winning the lottery has to mean winning enough to drastically change your life.  enough to quit your job (my god, i can't stand reading how winners say thay are going to keep working!  such a waste of good luck on such people!) and do the things you love.

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When playing any lottery game, a win is a win and you probably have beat the odds of winning but not every win is a jackpot win.  Winning a few dollars and even a few thousand dollars may not be a jackpot win but that doesn't mean it shouldn't count as a win.  Players who play pick3 don't expect to win a life changing amount of money even if they win a lot.


of course it all comes down to how we user language and those on LP may use certain words differently.  but in general when it is said so and so 'won the lottery', it is taken by most tomean they won a phucload.

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In response to birdbreath

i disagree , addai just want to get paid $5000 a week and thats fine with me ...Smile

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"Winning the lottery"  That is when you spend/invest a fortune and break even  or at very best am ahead of the game and walk away with more money then you started with.

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