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Tonights Mega jackpot cash value is $94,200,000...

Suppose you were advised to take the cash option, paid the taxes and for the sake of simplicity, you designate about $10,000,000 to charity.

What would you do? What charitable organizations would you give to.


I'll post my answer separately.

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Suppose you were advised to take the cash option, paid the taxes and for the sake of simplicity, you designate about $10,000,000 to charity.

I would consider that the advice of some simpleton that didn't know his behind from a hole in the ground.


Since I would want to perpetuate my giving, I would invest the money in an account that would generate interest to give to the following in the following manner on an annual ongoing basis:

5% of the earnings per year to the poorest parish in my Diocese. They are in the inner city and provide free food to the poor in the city.  The parish is in a real bad section, very meager operations.  The people that come in seem very grateful.

15% to the hospitals maternity/labor and delivery departments where my sons were born.

5% to the pediatric cardiology unit at another hospital

10% to the American Cancer society.

5% to the Susan Komen Breast cancer foundation

5% to the pediatric AIDS foundation

10% to the Disabled american Veterans

5% to my kids' school

5% to a college fund for children who lost parents in the military.

5% to American Heart Association

5% to Salvation Army

10% to an organization that helps people with depression/suicide prevention

10% to an organiztion that works with abused/neglected children

10% March of dimes


Of course with a big win, I would either quit my job or scale back so that I can replace that work time with more volunteer work.  Being a parent is a full time job (even when they are in school), and not something that I would want to give up.

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SO let's not be a simpleton, get our heads out of our behinds or the nearest hole in the ground and answer the original question. If not, you are not adding anything related to the core of this topic.


I would donate monies to the Gonpolian Jemtacker society, the Procko Stambulyn Trust, and the Sarah Prothemian Advocacy group.

But charity starts at home, so my immediate family would come first.

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The Salvation Army wouldn't accept it. A jackpot winner tried giving them a huge donation before, I think it was $1,000,000, and they refused it when they realized it came from a lottery win.

In the book Infinite Riches, What to do Before and After Hitting the Lottery, the author gave an example of a straight cash donation to a charity as opposed to a trust to a charity. In the long run the trust paid a lot more.


I would give it all to Poland for a Museum and theme park. One of the highlights of the museum would be the excavated and restored Septic tanks they were going to use in the Polish underground to launch a counter attack on Germany. The theme park would have grey water slides and poop-shoot ranges along with curtsey food courts all serving the same thing and offering hepatitis shots. There would be a Big Top (canopy made with Quick Picks) with regular shows always ending with shooting a man out of a real cannon. Being 1/10,000th Pole myself (the DNA does not lie), it would be the right thing to do.


I am part Italian too but they already have a Museum for flat tires and no room  for a theme park expansion.

They have an especially nice section on wooden spoaked wheels made with shoes for traction.

In response to Delta Draw

If my history lessons memory serves me well, The Polish Army hauled over 100 of the septic tanks to the border for an attack, but the tanks were useless because none of the soldiers knew how to operate them. Big Grin

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i take it if you give to a charity , then it counts as tax paid ?

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35% of it.   It's a reduction of taxable income.

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10% right off the bat goes to animal rescue, specifically to Pittbulls and PB mixes. Take a breeds natural instinct to please and turn it to cruelty and horror for a buck. Both the media and arsehole "gangsters". And if I hear one more idiot spout the sensational nonsense thier idiot-tubes "tell" them is news....(postal!). Seriously folks, Petey from little rascals, Prez Roosevelt owned and loved one and original family dog used on war posters to promote protection from communism, maybe not the big, bad killer they are being portrayed as. Sorry to rant, something near and dear to me. After that, children I guess..Protect the innocent and those who cannot protect themselves, is there a charity to keep idiots from breeding? I'd definitely give to that!Rant

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Yep, I'm replying to my own post. Why did this topic dissappear? If you don't know what motivates and moves you with NO real choices how are you going apply your beliefs once you do win? You don't become a differant person you just have differant options to screw yourself. And to possibly realize your dreams, if you don't get caught up in it. "Your money or your life " is a great book...please read.

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I would discreetly move around the cash & give small amounts so that it doesn't seem noticeable enough to be detected as a lottery win to ultra orthodox synagogues & truthful doing good Israel charities and Precious Bearing Seed in Ohio, a fabolous bible printing place. Buy blind dogs ($35000 to train each), give to blind organizations in US & overseas. Give to truthful charities doing good in India. If its allowed, give local police station gadgets & new cars. Fix up the dying & decayed buildings in the old downtown area of my small southern country town. Maybe donate solar panels to American Indian Reservations.  Buy 20000 bibles, English & Spanish. Also buy lots of those $250 Italian kidskin leather covered bibles in every color there is. Visit outlet stores & wholesale suppliers and buy namebrand and designer stuff and donate that stuff to various thriftstores. Leave big tips in tip jars and things like that. Buy tumbleweed travel trailers and choose & pick out qualified grateful homeless people.  Buy tumbleweed house plans and donate those to organizations and people. Like try a habitat for humans thing with those houses with some people.  Buy forested and swamp land and donate to land trusts to preserve against cutting for profit and development.

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Although NOT my cup of tea, and not quite sure if you are being sarcastic...Isn't it great that you have the freedom to express your particular bent. Don't get used to it though, original intent was your rights end at your own nose and any "religion" that uses fear or intimidation aka "socially acceptable views" to recruit new members is on my "don't believe the hype" list. Of course it's your opera and we are all just bit players in your own drama. I  am sincerly not trying to attack, peace good luck and live long and prosperNo Pity!

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I would like to start a fund to educate people from Kentucky to the point that civilized society can understand them when they try to speak.

We can find a cure for Mush Mouth if we all work together.

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In response to RJOh

Sun SmileyRJoh; Hahaha!!!! Hahaha ooh ohHahahahLO..LMHOooofff... too funnyROFLBig SmileGreen laugh


<snip>, I have to win first!

Stupid technicalities!


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I personally would donate to kid charities, i finds they are worthy of getting  my money

thanks to child labor laws,  must  can not most earn themselves a decent living or for that matter help what family they were born into rich or poor


either it be giving to food and clothing for kids. I'm all for giving to such charities .long as they  don't waste it on high administration costs


giving to adults, however, I am completely against, because simply people should be responsible for themselves

such  as a homeless person or someone who was just evacuated due to hurricane or earthquake

you have to remember the homeless person put themselves there

there hurricane victim build their house in a flood plane right on the coast

and any earthquake victim knowingly lived on a ticking time bomb

not only do I not care for these people I despise giving money to these people

it's like getting a crack cocaine user a other dollar to waste on their own destructive habits

what does a hurricane victims do?

move back to the same place their house was destroyed

what does the earthquake victims do

they rebuild on the same ticking time bomb. That just reset itself

what does the homeless person do when they get money

they wasted it on drugs or drinks or anything that you may consider Junk

and then there is  of a course worst charity case of them all

the government:

people think it's all right to steal money to give to a bunch of idiotic morons who frankly are not are not real producers of anything

they have no understanding getting back up when you fall flat on your ass

of course this stupidity is the cease of worst economy they have seen in a long time

this makes it so there is less money in the world to give real charities


that are much more deserving than some government Democrat,who voted on and a forced charity through taxation


To be blunt, if I were to win one of the 100+ million dollar jackpot. I frankly would  start my own charity that would  grow fresh fruit  and give it away to kids who need it,

because frankly serving kids the food that  is MSG contaminated and other bad stuff that the food banks give away to be eatan is frankly disgusting

I frankly think  such people should be locked in jail for for the harm they cause kids who don't know any better

kids don't know that they're eating poison that affects the brain

ever wonder why Alzheimer's and such other mental diseases in old people are going sky rocketing up

because the stuff in everyday food, junk food is contaminated with toxins are harmful to the body and brain

people are too stupid, and frankly, we should make stupidity most painful thing it can possibly can be in order to limit its spread

instead, we were like its okay. it's all right to be stupid, let someone else do the  thinking for you,we take care of you.

it's the blind leading the blind

so in my eyes must charities are harmful to society in general

that's the point I'm trying to make here

to make life comfortable for stupidity is in fact rewarding it

and that is flat-out encouraging bad behavior

so, look at kids charities, and for all others

if there is even a slight chance stupidity is being helped by it

do not donate to them. Give no money, or you will in fact be supporting stupidity

and that's the last thing you want to be doing. If you want to help society

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I would donate half to the nigerian lottery. Those guys are always so nice sending me emails about how Ive won the Nigerian lottery. They are so generous, i would have to donate to them


I must have won the nigerian lottery at least 10 times.

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In response to joshuacloak

You might as well just hoard any winnings you get and become a greedy miser. They all *waste* a portion of donations on administration costs.

Better yet, get your walking shoes on, go out and find the people you see fit to get your money, that might be the best way. You can cut out the

middle man....if you do it all by yourself. Now there's a life mission....hand deliver aid, you'll know exactly where it's going.

A person who gives with reservation or prejudice might as well just keep it. Money with strings attached is not truly a gift. It's a tool. How long

would it take you to regret giving anything? The day you heard the warehouse where they store the food was flooded by tides waters from

Hurricane xxx? Or the day you heard they had to hire and pay more people to distribute the food purchased by donations? Or the day a 7.0

Earthquake hit the warehouse and swallowed everything up after years of warnings it was coming?

Conditional giving, that's nothing new. Something new and refreshing would be to give and forget. The best part about that is, there's no hard

feelings involved...not regret and no resentment.

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You all great plan, but you have not win it yet. And remember your spouse will run you over if you do not discuss in advance. This lesson I've learned from the 1994 lottery movie "It Can Happen to You" played by Nicolas Cage.

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