MADDOG10 hits Nebraska pick 5 on the boar

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Very nice, congrats Maddog!

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Thanks Geos*5666!..

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Holy moly!!!

Maddog10     Nebraska    Pick5    5of5    01-04-07-18-33     01-04-07-18-33    $50,000

                X 10

Congratulations on your $500,000.00 Hit!!!

Last nights prediction wins totaled $611,313.00 because of your win.....Thumbs Up

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Thanks Litebets27,

      I guess it did push the win total a little did'nt it?      Thanks again.!

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In response to MADDOG10

A little!ROFL

Nice job MADDOG10!Party

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Nice going.

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Happy for you.... WOO - HOO  !!!!

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This MADDOG10 cat seems to be winning every day.  Why isn't everyone just following his lead?  What's his secret?

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In response to Luminus


 Actually I went to Ireland and kissed the Blarney Stone....

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Not going to share your secret, huh?  And no one's going to answer my question, either?  Really?  It's like that?

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It doesn't matter, anymore.  My latest test game, which I did not post, brought in significant mutli-wins.  My system is functioning properly.  It's time to take this game live!

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Saw this in a post over in the Discussion, congrats man! Quite a nice win there.


Maybe some of that winning will rub off when I go and get my MM tickets later on (hey, one can imagine).


Always respect for Maddog and all you bring to LP.

I think (if you take it on a game/state basis) some of the considerations taken in to account for predictions are sort of least to me.   Simply applying sound prediction strategies/methods

Rather than ask how he did it...I think you will get more out of it by analyzing it yourself.

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Great!  You made my day.......Congradulations. When do you get paid?  LOL

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Do they sell nebraska tickets in New Jersey?

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