PA's Instant Games Getting Boring.

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Is it me, or are PA's instant games starting to get boring.  It seems like they only offer the same game, just with different bells and whistles.  You match a number or get a symbol and win a prize.  Bingo and crossword games are nice, but even though you get a little fun and excitement, even if you lose, but they are getting old.  They need something like a Jeopardy, Wheel of Fortune, or a Price is Right game, or maybe some game that ties in with an online game.  Any other ideas?

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I know what you  mean, they are boring. Same type of game, different colors..that's about it. They need some fresh imaginations in the design


I do like the games with multiple ways to win....a bonus box, different symbols used for different prize levels, a number of different plays on one


Maybe they could use something instead of matching match shapes or images...there was a leprechaun game awhile back, that

fella was kinda cheerful and it was fun seeing his smiling face on a ticket.

A game show ticket would be different. They seem to be stuck on simplicity. I'll still play, of course, but it would be nice to see some flair.

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One that I've seen in a few states is a monopoly one where you go across a game board and scratch off your prize.  Maybe other ones based on board games, like "Life" or "Chutes and Ladders", or maybe "Scrabble".  "Battleship" would work.  Maybe a "Mastermind" one where if you get all four right you win something.

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Oddly enough, MA is about to offer a Price Is Right ticket - however it looks like just another match a number game (you'd think the least they could do is use a Plinko chip as a wild symbol, but nooooooo.......)

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They should do what PA did and offer more than one game on it, or maybe a plinko style game, where you just follow arrows until you reveal a prize.

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