Why do people play QP's?

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In New York, it's true that QP's win the most jackpots.  Do you play strictly QP's? If so, why?


I've read here on the LP many times, that the reason there are more winners with QPs, is because more people play QPs, not because there is a better chance to win If you buy one.

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I play both QP's and my own playslips.

Studies have shown that is the smartest thing to do.


"Who's studies have shown that", you might ask?

Well mine, but they're very reliable in my opinion.


"How do you know the studies are reliable", you might ask?

Because I did a follow-up questionaire on the results.


"And what was the response to the questionaire?"

Overwhelmingly in favor of my findings.


"And how many questionaires were returned?"

Well the initial response has been one so far.


"Yours, right?"

Well yeah, initially.


"So based on this study conducted by you and responded to by you, why are you so confident the findings are valid?"

Because I said so, that's why.


"Because you said so?"



"You're an idiot."

Leave me alone.

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I play quick picks,, because, eventually, that number will hit.  Maybe the day I buy it, maybe a 1 to the day I bought it?  It works.

Sometimes, I've won $350.00- $400.00 on a $1.00 qp str/box, and even str.   lol

I love quick picks.

I think because, in Missouri, the numbers are RNG, that, the quick pick, will give me, 2 out of the 3, "Sometimes"

That's my theory, and I'm sticking to it, lol


Good Luck.

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  I play both QP and play slips.

But, to answer the question of why?

It's the luck of the draw that most people hope for.

And if the numbers I picked were not drawn, I always blame it on the computers knowing what I picked,Green laugh

and the lottery agents weighing down those balls so those numbers won't raise to the top. Thud

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they inroduced new lotto terminals here in my state. now you can  hand over an old ticket and they scan it and replay the numbers.

also have a ticket scanner now so you can scan it to see if its a winner without buging the operator,, just waiting for the announcment that it hasnt been scanning correctly.



my main prob with playing own numbers is filling out coupons, they go upto 18 gamews here and its a real pain if you make a mistakew on game 17

In response to GiveFive

The games are really simple if you think about it; we buy a six number combination and hope the drawn numbers will match our combination. The odds of matching the drawn numbers are exactly the same whether we choose the numbers or having the terminal choose them. Some players use numbers that have personal meaning and play those numbers every drawing. Some play 2 or 3 personal combos and add a couple QPs on their playslip too.

The reason people play QPs is obvious because players want more chances to win without having to choose more combinations. The volume of play grows as the jackpot gets higher because more players want more chances of winning.

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The general public play Q picks because their unfamiliar with filling out play slips.

Some people may have tried filling out play slips only to have it rejected because it wasn't filled out right. Were told to fix the slip and get back in line. Many people aren't going to do that unless for some reason the numbers they chose to play were special top them.

Lots more people don't have time to fill out slips so, it's easier to say give me a quick pick.

People who follow the lottery jackpots might know more jackpots are won using quick picks so they buy them.

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I play both qps and play slips. It just depends on how I feel that day. Sometimes, I play both.

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I seldom play QP's, I prefer to pick my numbers using a system I'm developing and players who only play QP's have asked me why I waste time picking numbers and filling out play slips so I assume they think picking numbers and filling out play slips is a waste of time so they buy QP's.

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I fill out the playslip with QP's straight across the five lines then let the retailer scan it.  It beats them from making a mistake and I having to spend more money.-weshar75

In response to weshar75

I sometimes do QPs with Fantasy Five in Florida, but when I do play Qps, I mark my favorite number 3 and 17, and let the computer pick the rest. You wouldn't believe how many friends I've told that to, and they don't believe it's possible to do a partial QP. And it's not just with Fantasy Five, but with all the games.

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oh and i didnt answer the question i rarely play quick picks., even though sometimes i will use a random number generator. i play same numbers every week, but of theres a big jackpot , i will use random numbers to make new games that " compliment " my numbers already played, kind of covering number combos my normal plays dont cvover.

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In response to joker17

Yeah, I very recently heard of "partial" QP's myself, and I've been playing regularly for quite a while.  Never knew you could do it. 

Matter of fact, I just bought 2 partial QP's this afternoon.  Second time I did it.  But the numbers I got look real ugly to me.

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In response to rdgrnr

tiggs can understand this..This goes on in tiggs head day and night..Like wow man..

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QP tickets win more because more people play QPs than their own numbers. That's what I believe anyways.

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In response to jarasan

i don't capitalize everything i am supposed to,  both because i am lazy,  and i am not the fastest typist anyway,  so it saves a little time and effort on my part.

it's my personal style. 

if you notice,  my spelling / grammar won't allow me an english teaching job any time soon,  but i handle it well enough that anybody who can read english knows  exactly what i am saying.

i purposefully avoid spell check,  because i am comfortable with who i is.

i have ran across this before,  when someone "disagrees" with me on a point i made,  instead of addressing the point,  they use my less than "perfect" grammatical non-skills as a smoke screen excuse. 

to be honest,  thats a really lame intellectual excuse,  and a non issue as far as you wanting to address what i stated.

i have read alot of what you write at LP jarasan,  including the blogs,  and i find you to be one of the the most intelligent people in here,  agreeing with alot that you say,  and for you to resort to that is pretty disappointing.

you read and fully understood everything i wrote.


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Sorry to dissappoint.  I'll be the first to admit Quick Pigs are fun and they are really hard to catch.


 They are determined to hit you 'DA NUMBA!


Maybe if we had 59 numbered piggies they could race,  then the first five finishers would make up our first Mega Quick Piggie of the night...................................then the Mega Ball would be run with a field of bigger piggies..........................

In response to jarasan

Especially if they are all greased up! Lol

In response to badboy00z

Does this mean that If I pick the pig  trifecta, then I'll really be able to bring home the bacon?

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In response to joker17

Yes. Of course!

In response to jarasan

Cool.....I just hope my friends won't squeal on me when I cash in my multiple low paying tickets.......Wink

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In response to joker17

A little bacon is better than none,  I can smell a pig (bacon) from a mile away.  Even the fake stuff.  Pig trifectas mean lots 'o free piggies.


In response to jarasan


I love bacon.

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In response to joker17

Not to get off the Subject but i play QP's mainly on PB & MM. With my PB and MM tickets i will get 5-10 QP's then make up my own sets of #'s from the #'s on the QP Tickets.

I may pick up a QP for the 4 digit while getting my MM/PB tickets. But just one.


P.S. But i can eat 2 or 3 BLT's with Extra Bacon on Pita Bread!!

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In response to joker17

Great new Alice.  The new guy keeps their signature sound. Thanks.

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In response to Delta Draw

(1)  pay you for what?   for something you cannot even do for yourself?   that's an obvious blunderific on your part.  lol

(2)  "ballpark numbers"  for multiple states don't prove squat.  it's always "state specific" that tell the true story

(3) why would i want to jack numbers off of anyone's system in here,  when clearly systems don't work?   lol

(4)  i told you i would return the number 4 to it's rightful rotation, once the 1st opportunity presented itself

(5)  the "people magazine" reference was a joke.  leave it to you to turn the intent of another into your own personal "bent".  that is one thing you are good at

(6)  it took noah around 100 years to build the ark.  he wasn't in a hurry, and neither am i.   i defer to Gods timing,  well over my perceived immediate "needs"

(7)  i will match the journal of my life against yours anyday.  at least mine won't include "stories" of not being able to back up what i claim.  and they most certainly do not contain chapters on excuses.

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I play Qp's and play slip.

And I have been playing the same lottery numbers for about 23 years now and have never won nothing big.

Maybe tonight!

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I only play quickpicks for the Cash 5 on nights there is no big lotto drawing.  I do so because I have a certain set of numbers for the big games that I visualize.  I can't use those same numbers for Cash 5 because the number pool is quite limited. 

I don't want to confuse my subconscious mind or the Universe by visualizing 2 different sets of numbers.

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