Libra Dave


Texas needs your post!!! Where are you?

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Libra Dave what would it take for you to come back? we miss you.

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Do to some health problems, I have had to cut back on the amount of time I spend on the computer. I should know more by the end of July after I have some tests done as to when I can resume all of the posts I was doing. Beleive me I'm not happy about it either.

Good Luck Libra Dave

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I will be praying for your speedy recovery and all your test to come back fine.Good Luck to you as well.


You have an ingenious mind. Hope the test results go well!!!

You help so many!!!

and it is very appreicated!!

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Get well soon Libra !!Big Grin Angel

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Praying for your speedy recovery! Thanks for all you do to help players. You are missed, but we do understand! Thanks again.Thumbs Up

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<snip>, im sorry to hear that Libra.  We all love your post and wish you a fast recovery!Cheers

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Best wishes to you libra dave and may God's healing hands be upon you.

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I hope you have a speedy recovvery Libra Dave.


Hope you get better soon I will be praying for you.


Just trust in the Lord.  All will be fine.  Our prayers are with you.

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Your help on this forum has been tremendous!

Thanks for all you've done and we hope to see you soon......


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Sorry to hear about that for some time now I've been dealing with paroxysmal atrial fibrillation. No more caffeine and a whole bunch of other stuff.

Take it easy till your in the clear.


i miss Magma too.

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Take it easy LibraDave.  While GA misses you, we want to hear nothing but good news of good health at the end of July.  Please follow doctor's orders and take care! Wink

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wish you a speedy recovery libra dave

get well soon

new yorker

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Get well soon!


Get well soon, stay positive and stress free as much as possible.  We all occasionally need time to just "relax" and be good to ourself.  Eat well.

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Libra Dave


I will add you to my Prayer list, I pray right now for your speedy recovery.

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I will b prayN 4 U LD. Thx so much 4 all of your help over the past 4 yrs.

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Our Prayers and Thoughts are with you Dave.

Take good care and Godspeed to you.


yeah,take it easy Libra Dave,us 60 yr.olds have to relax more.

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I'm sorry to hear that you haven't been feeling well Dave. I am keeping you in my thoughts and prayers. Blue Angel

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