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Lately there have been a rash of new members trying to send e-mail addresses and links, both on the forums and through private messaging.

As a reminder, please don't do that.  The system will automatically suspend your account if you do.

Also, members who have been here for a while, don't ask new members to send their e-mail address to you.

As soon as they comply with your request, they are going to get suspended.  If you are so trusting of a new member that you want to privately communicate to them, then you send them YOUR address.

Finally, new members: if someone sends you a message containing a link or an e-mail address through the private message system, do not reply directly to that message.  That's because the system will naturally include a copy of their private message in your reply, and therefore your reply will contain the link or e-mail address that they sent you -- and you will get suspended by the system as soon as you send it.

In this case, either send a NEW message (not reply) to the person, or else make sure you delete all the old text from the reply before you type your reply and send it.

Why is all this important?

The reason Lottery Post has been around for 10 years now is because we have no-spam policies like this, and the technology to back it up.  In fact, the no-link and no-e-mail policies for new members are for YOUR protection, and they have practically eliminated spam from our site.  You wouldn't believe the number of spammers that are automatically detected and silently eliminated by the system every single day.

This stringent system simply means that as a new member you need to be careful with anything you post or send, that it does not contain any link or e-mail address.

Importantly, don't think you can hide a link by putting "dot com" in it, or a bunch of spaces or something.  Anyone who can get away with doing that can already post links because they have been promoted.  As a new member, if YOU try it, you will get suspended.

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In response to Todd

Ok Todd, woah! Some one just recently PM'ed me and told me that their account got suspended because they took upon themselves, to try to copy and paste something to me!  They PM' me under another, new name. 

It's good to know this!

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Just to be clear, if your name has "New Member" under it on the forums or in your Profile page, then you're a new member.  If it says anything else (like Rookie, Regular, etc.), then you're NOT a New Member, and the link/e-mail stuff doesn't apply to you.


so if someone sends me a private message don't respond to what should i do

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In response to vonvon123

If the PM has a link in it DO NOT RESPOND to it. Otherwise you are ok.

I learned my lesson the hard way.

Trust me you'll only do it once.



i'm new at this what do you mean a link in it

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In response to vonvon123

You must be new to the internet as well!  Here is what a "link" looks like:


ok, and yes i am


so if someone wants to talk to me they should  post it through the lottery post or on the forum and  i'm asking this because i don't no i just want to be sure.

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In response to vonvon123

Answering in the forums like we are doing is fine.  When you get a Private Message (PM) then you can read it and answer it, BUT if it has any kind of link or an email address : , then delete those from your reply or YOU will loose your account.  I will send you a PM (without any links).  You will see the "Private Inbox" near the top of your screen turn red.  Click on it, then click on my message to read it.



I am a newbe but have a little insight as to the inner workings of a site like this. "My hat comes is off to you. You run a very tight ship. Iam learning.


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@Jack-C: Thanks for patiently helping to explain things while I was offline for a while.

@vonvon123: If you're not sure whether or not replying to a PM will cause a problem, after you click "Reply", first delete all the text in the editor and then type your response.  That will ensure the only thing you're sending is the text you're typing.  Of course, you don't have to worry about any of this stuff once you get promoted by the system.


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In response to Todd

You're welcome, Todd.


Thanks for running a well managed board.

Yahoo could really learn from you!

They supposedly have rules but don't enforce them.



Just want to make is OK for me to include MY email address on an email and online post if I want somebody to communicate with me? 

Or I can only include my email when I reply to a PM?

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