Dreamt my mom was dead and woke up screaming


Hi can someone give me the numbers for this dream.

i was at the gate of the home i grew up in and from this gate i could see my mom stretched out in a coffin all made up, and , i was aking my brother how she looks and he said the guy has her fixed beautiful , but then a familiar person joined the conversation and said no, why does her face look so dark ..... so i started to move forward to see her for myself but just could not and began screaming and crying.

i woke up screaming and crying from that dream, my mom is alive and well she is 66 and i would like to play the numbers for this dream.

please help someone.

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866 606

beautiful 001 1458

dead 976 697 486 7198

mother 013 024 546 032 622 439 562 4090 469

coffin 327 506 649 156 435 0603

screaming  514 830 142 770 692 529 5779

crying  289 028 222 322 202 020 932  7727 1728

Good Luck!!!!!!!!!!

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Gate 005 662 719 387

Mom 160 854 695 018

Coffin 156 435 867 720

Brother 708 784 217 386

Screaming 516 124 411 532

Crying 758 482 016 391



Good Luck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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wow thank you, 668 california mid-day 


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Thank you, i will play all the numbers in the late houses tonight...

i did not play all and i did not play california at all  today so i missed the early ones , so i will them all tonight.

Thanks again for the numbers

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I wish i had given you the number for beautiful face which came in new york this morning (beautiful face 059 4403)

pick out what stand out in your dream and play those numbers

well i guess, if you can, then play all cuz sometimes the ones you don't play

are the ones that comes.

Awesome dream!!

Good Luck!!!!

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Oh my God,that's a nightmare!

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mother, dead= 761-120-027-1227-222-020-022-777-070-077-999-090-099-279

dead 308-030-033-333-3338-3308-080-088-888-3888-0308

dead body- 014-0140- 141-414-1414-0140-814-8148

coffin 161-616-016-021-212-121-222-022-047-747-474-4747

coffin 499-066-666-060-068-072-010-016-161-616-0116

mother 304-045-047-3434-434-545-454-474-747

face 080-088-888-8808

crying 028-828-282-0280-2828

age of mother  666-660-066-0660-688-668-8668

gate  056-076-5676-026-2626-626-262-038-075-562

BE$T of Luck......

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What is your mother birthday the month and date?

In response to Meccah

play your moms age, day she was born, month and day or year she was born in p4 just a suggestion

good luck


WELL the numbers continue coming in

6680 Late New York

430 Late NY

Early Florida 562 and 0314

Late Florida 3204

Early Chicago 668

Asue 11pm - 0077

Asue 8pm - 1333


Do i continue playing from this dream today or can i drop it now?

In response to lilthing

1728 FALL IN ASUE 2pm

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