What are the odds?


I bought this ticket on Sunday, the day before:





Florida (FL) Fantasy 5 Past Winning Numbers

 Draw Date   Results  Mon, May 10, 2010 05-14-15-16-23
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You really must have done something to tick off the Lottery Fairy!

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In response to Coin Toss

The Lottery Fairy hates Thor with a passion.

Also, it's that time of the month for the Lottery Fairy.

God help him.

Thor help him.

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The results were 2-16-19-20-28. My wife got very excited.



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Caveat emptor: Check the purchase and draw dates.....

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You may be right. The fairy's name is bruce, and he and Thor get in a hissy fit all the time. It's really gets ugly when they start pulling each other's hair.

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Good Tuesday to ya's.......

A day early and 2 dollars short.

I hate it when that happenz.

When i buy Fantasy5, Mega or Powerball tickets i often take my losing tickets and make up my picks from the numbers on them losers, very often all the numbers are there, I'm just yet to pick the right one's.

Good Luck & Happy Playing.


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I'm hoping no one hit the JP that day and she got a few hundred bucks in the rolldown. I've seen it as high as 12 hundred. Too bad winners can only get a max of 600 now with the stupid cap that was placed on the winning amount on a rolldown. They should be ashamed of themselves for doing that. What am I saying, there is no shame among the greedy, I forgot.


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Even Thor can't help this fairy......

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In response to joker17

I think I've seen this guy in S.F


Man...I would be mad and probably fall to my knees crying if I got all the numbers but on 2 different lines!

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I am sorry this has happened. Those lottery gods are an arbitrary and fickle bunch. Sometimes they like you for no reason at all. 

There was one time where something similar happened to me. I intended to play a certain Pick-3 number on a certain day, but when that day came up I forgot to play the number. The number came up. My loss: $500.

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