Need some help with some math for Play 3 lottery!


I've been trying to come up with a way that will allow you to do a little math for picking Play 3 lottery. Finally, i have the foundation, now i need some help with the math part.

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Doing any type of math is for a Pick 3 game is fairly easy, since there are only 1,000 possible combinations. Sum charts have been previously published here in Lottery Post. 6 box possibilities exist for any pick which is not a double or triple, 3 box possibilities exist if the pick is a double, and only box one possibility exists if the pick is a triple.

The problem with devising a strategy in almost any Pick 3 game is the payout precentage, which doesn't change from game to game. Most jurisdictions pay out on the order of 48%-50%, with a few going as high as 60%. These percentages are unchanging, as there is no increase in payouts if the top prize is not won, as it would be in jackpot games.

Good luck.


hi badger42. I read your past posts. with subtraction or adding some numbers, you can find past winning numbers in many ways. this is easy because we have only (0-9) ten numbers in all.  main question is finding one way, one formule can be use every time. What do you need, please explain it in detail. before helping we must know "your question".

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