The morning after you win & your job

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I think I would call into work and say im sick. I definitely wouldn't tell any of my co-workers. What would you do?

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I would probably call in sick.

I'm not quitting until that money is in my bank account. On the other hand, I don't think I could be calm or cool enough to work.

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I would buy the company and hire the former boss to manage it.

I would then have a big meeting of all management and employees the following week at which time I would fire the boss and all of his boot lickers.

I would then give the company to the good people who worked there.

Then we'd bust out the Jack and bring in the dancin' girls!

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Day 1, i would call in sick. (off to the lottery commission, as long as all goes well) procede to Day 2.

Day 2, i would not call in at all.

Day 3, i would not call in at all.

Day 4, i would not call in at all.

This would test our attendance policy. After 3 days of no call, no show YOUR FIRED.


CutlassBob Out.

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I like my boss and co-workers..I am lucky in that regard, he already knows if I win say 100k I'm gone , 1 million or more , then thats why they haven't heard from me.

In response to CutlassBob

 lol  im with you cutlassbob.......


i will definately call in sick in.

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I would go into work and sign up for all of my vacation days.

And then after a few hours tell them I don't feel too good and go home sick.

That would give me time to visit a lawyer and take care of all the legal business and still be bringing home a paycheck.

I might as well take everything I have coming to me from work too. Why not?

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Since I am the boss of me,  I will change the work hours,  give myself some vacation time,  hire two more secretaries (no work experience),  redefine my job responsibilties,  extend lunch breaks............ rewrite our mission objectives,  upgrade the coffee machine.......................

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In response to chillz43

I plan to keep working and keep my trap SHUT.  I couldn't just walk out on my boss,  Teh company seems to take advantage of her as it is.  I know it would be tough to do her job and mine :  I just wouldnt feel right walking out.  Besides, I still feel you need to have an outlet.  Boredom= trouble.  Working keeps your mind in focus.  Especially if youre working cause you want to, not cause you have to.

In response to lottocalgal

What if your bored and your mind wonders at work?

I have a few hobbies that would keep me busy, I definitely would not be bored.

To answer the OP's question:

I'd basically do what Peter did in the movie Office Space without the embezzlement stuff.

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In response to rdgrnr

Sounds like my kinda plan,,

 only thing I'd change would be bustin out the " Wild Turkey"...!


Seeing as how I'm out of work I don't have to worry about that. 1st thing that I would do the next day is to go to the bank and setup a special account. Then head to claim my prize. Head back to the bank and deposit the check.


I think quitting your job so fast even with a 2 week notice will raise suspicion. Especially if your boss knows how much you have in your 401k or are close to your co workers and or boss. And if you let your friends and family know that you quit they will also question you. Unless you actually can afford to retire you should probably keep working or work part time. Maybe start your own "busniess" and say you got another job lined up. And the "business" can be whatever you want it to be.

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I would...

A) walk in with a piece of mistle toe hanging from my back belt loop.

B) Call in and say that I have and eye problem... I just won millions and I can't see myself working for the company any more.

C) Call 'em up and say "I quit, come get your vehicle and hurry 'cause it's parked on the street........ running.   (oh, and I'd lock the doors)

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The poll options didn't list what I would do.  I would call into work the next day, ask for HR and ask for an immediate leave of absence.  If asked why, I would simply reply that it was a family matter that needed my immediate attention.

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In response to rdgrnr

This was well put!

Only after that I would have to buy the packers or least try too...

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Well since I don't have the internet at home right now, I wouldn't know until I got to work and checked my numbers on USAmega.  Hopefully I could refrain from screaming or passing out.  Then:

  • Keep my mouth shut
  • Make copies of ticket and put original in safety deposit box
  • Take days off as needed
  • Let a week go by
  • Mail a copy of ticket to Lottery HQ then call a few days later to unofficially confirm the winning ticket and let them know won't be claiming right away
  • Find a qualified tax attorney
  • Gather my brothers for a family meeting to decide how we are going to claim with some input from the attorney
  • Set up the corp/trust(s) to claim ; set up bank accounts
  • Send the family representative to Lottery Headquarters to claim winnings
  • Resign from job which requires a 45 day notice instead of two weeks.  If I win around annual audit time, might stay longer 'cause I wouldn't leave them in the lurch.


Very little of this would change if one of my pools won, just substitute pool members for brothers, etc. above.  The rules state that we will not claim the money right away. Yes I know some of the members may go rogue and go to the media but that's the chance I take running pools. 


Just think...going into work knowing you have in your possession a MULTI-MILLION dollar wining ticket. You now have as much money as the company makes in "X" amount of time. You could afford to actually pay someone's salary. You could go in and buy the highest level of stock available. There's really not much you COULDN'T do at that point...and noone knows it but YOU.

What a feeling!! You're sittin at your desk, cubicle, etc. knowing you don't even have to be there. You can take out ALL YOUR CO-WORKERS for lunch at a top restaurant...and it's on you. You can go into your boss's office and talk investment like the BIG BOYS because you have the dough to do it now!!!!

Simply can do what you want because you can. It requires a special mental reserve to retain composure here...especially knowing you just don't have to. A "seasoned" mindset will allow a smooth transition into sudden wealth without stepping on toes. I know that most of us don't like where we work because of the people and how things are ran. This is an epidemic. The biggest portion of one's joy, at the point of winning, should be knowing that they're free from the work force.

This alone let's me know I must take very good care of my money so that I won't have to go back into where I once was... Just some food for thought.




Whether I plan on quitting or working after my win, I would go to work as if nothing has changed... BS

Someone will notice a change in my attitude. But I will keep it a secret as long as possible.


What I would do depends on which ticket wins.  I buy my own tickets plus I operate pool with my coworkers.

If a ticket in the pool wins, of course I'll be going in to work.  I'll have to split it with 13 people so whether or not we have enough to retire on all depends on how big the jackpot is.  My boss is in her 60s and near retirement eligibility, so she could probably go right away, as is another member of the group.  How we'd collect it would of course depend on the group.  If they want to do the press conference thing, I guess I'd have no choice but to do it.  I'd hope they'd want to claim it using a trust, LLC, or something of that nature to provide a level of anonymity.  If we claimed anonymous, what I would advise we all do is plan our exit carefully, perhaps drawing straws or something, and each of us leave one at a time, so as not to arouse suspicion.

Now if one of my personal tickets won, I'd still go to work, but at the same time, be working with an attorney and such to claim using a trust and have it planned how the money will be invested.  After that, I'd continue to work for a few months or more.  What I do has deadlines to be produced and once I finished that, I would then resign, explaining I was going to move on and do something different.  I'd give adequate notice of course, since I like my boss and my coworkers.

My wife wants to go to Tahiti if we win. so that's probably what we'd do first.

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In response to jarasan

I like this idea!!!!! Too bad I'm not the boss of me...but I would be AFTER I won!!!!!

I would call in sick!!! Not sure what I would do the second and third day etc!!! I love my paycheck but my job?? HAHAHA

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In response to ca-dreamin*

tiggs will 2nd that HAHAHAHA..

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I'd go to work as usual and not say a word. After I let it sink in that I won, I'd travel to the lottery office and claim my winnings. Afterwards, I think I'll disappear so nobody can bug me about giving them some money, LoL.


I will call in sick for sure. At the very least, to spend time making phone calls to the lottery office, arranging a financial and legal team, and setting up a trak phone or two for temporary communication.  In my office, we are paid in advance and once a month. If you quit before the month is done, you have to pay back what you did not earn.  

Since my savings are rather low, I'd have to coordinate with the holding time after claiming the win. I have no clue right now if they pay you some right away, and the balance later, or if they hold all to verify there are no legal claims or judgements. <-- Definitely the first question for the lottery office.

Then I plan on quitting with no notice by clearing out personal items from my desk and computer after hours the night before claiming. I'd then leave my keys, security card, and a note on my boss's desk that says based on the value the company places on my work, I have little doubt they could replace me with minimal interruption.  No No  Actually, I am torn between giving a two week notice saying I am just planning on moving back home and doing the above. If I give the notice, I would be subject to questions that I would really have no answers for.. like what are you going to do with your house... do you have a buyer for it... etc? More than likely, the first option will be the one I go with, but guilt at leaving some very good coworkers in a lurch will pray on my mind.  It's the bosses I want to burn, not my coworkers. So, I probably try and prep them as much as possible without alerting them to what is about to happen.

As soon as possible after claiming, I'd be on the road traveling to this new stage of my life. White Bounce

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I will keep my mouth shut. Let my dad know that I won. I won't tell my mom since since I can't trust woman and also we don't have good relationship. I don' the job at the moment so I don't need to worry about letting my boss know. I will withdraw the money and move to another state possibly Oregon, Washington or New Jersey and go back to college. I will not enjoy my life like buying on useless things. I will donate about 2 millions dollar or more depending on the prize to well establish church or charity. I will have to see it for myself where the money is going towards when i donate the money since now a day, you have plenty of scammer even at charity and churches. Even winning $7 million without tax is enough for me now a day to live the American dream life.

In response to kaizon7

I like your idea of letting it sink in for a bit so you can gather yourself. You know, this reminds me of the law passed regarding the purchase of a firearm. If a person doesn't already possess one then the time lapse between being cleared and legally able to own one can save someone's life if the person had bad intentions.

This buffer allows a person to calm down just as taking time to think anything through will allow recomposure. It'll set the stage for future "rational" decisions as opposed to "it feels good" impulses.



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In response to Lucky Loser

The right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.

infringe -  1. to commit a breach or infraction of; violate or transgress  2. encroach or trespass

encroach -   1.  to advance beyond proper limits; make gradual inroads  2. to trespass upon the property, domain or rights of another, esp. stealthily or by gradual advances


A Constitutional right left undefended and undemanded and allowed to be infringed upon will be lost forever. We are now living under a regime keenly aware of this fact and ready to abrogate what they consider to be a "living document" susceptible to change at the whims of popular culture. Those who wish to take away our rights are masters at doing it incrementally. If we wish to remain truly free, we cannot surrender an inch to those who would take our liberty. 

If every action that could potentially "save one person's life" were taken, this country would be utterly paralyzed.

Automobile accidents claim 40,000 lives a year on average. Look at the lives that could be saved if we outlawed automobiles.


"From My Cold, Dead Hands"     ~ Charlton Heston ~ 

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In response to rdgrnr

Well said, thank you.

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