Tennessee: 5/1 - 5/31/2010

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TN MID 05/01/2010 Sat


Tn mid due digits are 2,6,0,4,5,3. The hot digits are 7,6,1,9

the due digit is the 2 out 11.. the due no match pair is 4-8 out 52.

the due doubles are 00,55,05,22,77,27,33,88,38. The due roots are 1(out 26), 2(out 10), 6,7,4,8. The roots from last week are 3,5,9


TN mid is due:


No Match

Wild Match

2 digit return

All Even



By Position:

2-out 36ßWatch This

3-out 46ßWatch this

0-out 39ßWatch this


Due Double Pairs:

55-out 86

44-out 73

22-out 70

00-out 57


The due vtracs are 1(0,5) out 2, 4(3,8) out 2 2(1,6) out 1 and 3(2,7) out 1. Watch This-->The due vtrac pair is 3-4 (out 33) Pairs: 23,28,73,78. The 1-1 vtrac pair is out 13 draws . Pairs (00,55,05).




38 16 16

27 38 27

05 49 49


Due Vtrac Roots:

3-out 28-345*,552*,444,111

4-out 14-112,553,445

8-out 8-vtr-125*,134,224,332*

9-out 7-vtr-135*,234,225,441,333

2-out 6-vtr-245,335,443,551

5-out 3-vtr-113,122,554


* means most common

Roots that fell last week are 1,7,6


Hot digits- 9,7,3

Warm Digits- 2,5,6

Cold Digits-0,1,4,8

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5/1/10 M/E

012, 013, 014, 015, 016, 017,018, 019, 023, 024,

025, 026, 027, 028, 029, 034, 035, 036, 037, 038, 039, 045, 046, 047, 048, 049, 056, 057, 058, 059, 067, 068, 069, 078, 079, 089, 123, 124, 125, 126, 127, 128, 129, 134, 135, 136, 137, 138, 139, 145

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I just got a QP at the store for mid draw and it is 134.

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These pairs are out 34 draws on midday so everything I play for the next few days will include them.


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In response to Littleoldlady

Thank you very much.

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In response to Wheeler

Thanks Wheeler.

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I got 5 quick picks for eve. draw.

They are 506,546,717,876,898.

Good luck to everyone.


Ok guys here are my very first posted predictions.  They are for the 5/1 evening drawing.  I have combined the following analysis methods:  Vtracs, Destiny2008's chart, root analysis, and odd:even analysis.

6 ways:  039, 048, 345, 034, 489, 678, 268, 246, 016, 025, 124, and 012.

3 ways:  889, 588, 669, 088, 448, 466, 066, 228, 444, 007, 223, and 003.


Good luck to all the Tennessee players out there!


With Best Regards,


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In response to lctwo

Thanks..for the post.

I must tell you guys that when you see a vtrac in red by a root sum ..that is the one to play.  Look at this morning, we had two of them in red by root sum of three.

3-out 28-345*,552*,444,111

496 is vtrac 552.  so just pay attention to them..

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TN EVE 05/01/2010 Sat


Tn eve due digits are 4,0,1,9,2,6. The hot digits are 8,3,5,7.

the due digit is the 4 out 8. the due no match pair is 0-7 out 61.

the due doubles are 44,99,49,11,66,16,00,55,05. The due roots are 7(out 11),3(out 10),5,2,4,8 (the root sums that fell this week are 1,9,6


TN eve is due:



CD Double



By Position:

9-out 31                                             

7-out 24

2-out 22


Due Double Pairs:

99-out 167ßWatch This

00-out 96ßWatch this

77-out 71ßWatch This

66-out 69ßWatch This


The due vtracs are 5(4,9) out 3 and 2(1,6) out 2 .The due vtrac pair is 1-5 (out 10) Pairs: 04,54,09,59. Watch Thisà The 5-5 double vtrac pair is out 40 draws. Pairs: 44,99,49



16 27 27

38 16 05

49 38 38


Low End

05 49 49

27 05 16

49 38 38



Due Vtrac Roots:

5-out 33-vtr-113,122,554*

6-out 18-vtr-123*,114,222,555

8-out 0-vtr-125*,134*,224,332

3-out 7-vtrac 345*,552*,111,444*

9-out 8-vtr-135*,234*,225,441,333

4-out 5-vtr-112, 553*,445*

7-out 4-vtr-124*,223,133,115*

1-out 3-vtr-145*,235*,334*,442


*-most common. (falls the most) It is up to you to figure out which one to play.

The vtrac roots that fell this past week are 2,8

Hot digits: 9,6,7

Warm Digits: 2,3

Cold Digits: 0,1,4,5,8


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Little when you post by position 9 out 31 does that mean the total sum of the 3 digits?

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In response to pcurtis

That means digit 9 is out of first position 31 draws.

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In response to Littleoldlady

Thank you very much!

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I got 5 50 cent straight qp. 968 689 695 105 628 I also played 795 127 568 883 289 379 787 107 667 570 good luck everyone.

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Watch pair  48X coming soon

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In response to Littleoldlady


In response to Blackdave

well i went to michigan winning numbers and noticed the 19 pair in the cash four and i told my husband that if the 75 pair didn't hit at midday i would play it tonight. and bam.   75 hit in midday.  darn it. i am going to keep looking at michigan and see if any else jumps out at me.


i think michigan does the ball drop.  not computerized.  i think.  does anyone know?

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Mechanical Lottery Ball Machine

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I only track Ky and TN..that is more than enough for me.  I wonder how much money they paid out today?  That actually would decide whether I played or not.  I think they made out like a fat rat in a cheese factory.

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In response to Littleoldlady

The payout was a pitiful 14,000 dollars. Cash 4 was a pitiful 4000 dollars.

I want my money back. All of us should demand it.

In response to mglsr

can this be manipulated?


They drew numbers in Cash 3 & 4 last night!  Did things in Nashville flood more today or are they manipulating drawings even more than players suspect. It should have been flooded yesterday too!!!

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Well here is the results Cash 3: 803 P4: 0188

i just got a few QP's This Eve. i miss the cash 4 by one. i had 0182...figures tho

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i spent all my time lastnight figuring out todays midday numbers and then they pull this we should all get refunds thats what i think.....

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In response to DESTINYBEAR916

State workers who work downtown in Nashville were strongly encouraged not to try to come to work because of the flooding.  Many places were still taking on water because the river had not crested.  Nashville is really in bad shape.  They are probably going to be projected to have lost hundreds of millions if not billions.  Almost the whole downtown area and surroundings has been affected.

In response to Littleoldlady

i know the t.v. shows how bad things are.  but the dams are being opened and allowing more water this could complicate things too.  i was an insurance adjuster for 13 yrs, and the hardest thing to do it tell someone that doesn't have flood ins there is nothing your ins co can do for you.  i sure our president will help us and this will cushion the blow, but won't take care of everything.


lititle do you think that this will screw up you puzzles and pairs due? will this line up numbers that are totally out of wack.  i think in a way is does screw things up

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In response to flat creek*kid

Its the same type of machine that Ga, Ill, & Ky uses.

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Did TN use Ky numbers for midday? They must have because I find it very odd for both the  cash 3 and cash 4 numbers to be exactly the same as Ky's midday numbers????

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