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We might have done this before, I'm not sure, but let's put some here for fun.

Things you've heard others say and you know are just not true, or things you might have tried and found out were not true.

Here's a few:

The sum of a Pick 3 drawing is usually 15.

Not in Illinois, I know that much!

Don't play a jackpot game the day of the drawing.

Total baloney!

Only play a jackpot game the day of the drawing.

Also baloney!

Higher numbers hit more often because there's more paint on the balls.


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"I have a system..."

Roll Eyes

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In response to Coin Toss

Only play, mega or power, when the jackpot is big, lol,

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They know who is going to win.

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play it for 10 days and it will come in, been playing 861 for six months. WHERE THE HE## IS IT !

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"fifteen years worth of incredible info, mindblowing stuff you never knew about the lottery"  (M-TT)

Sorry, I couldn't help myself. LOL.

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Computer drawings are completely random and can't be tampered with. LOL

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If you want good luck, rub your ticket right here.




I don't fall for that one anymore.

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You played what? Those are my numbers!

No harm comes from hitting a jackpot and not remaining anonymous.

I bet more than I win but come out ahead all the time.

I hit three numbers on Little Lotto and it paid $47.52

(People have actually told me that. 3 of 5 pays $10 and that's it.)

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In response to ThatScaryChick

Amen Sister! Thumbs Up

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Don't play until the jackpot exceeds the odds.


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Mega Think Tank hit the Mega Millions and Power Ball the same weekend..

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In response to ThatScaryChick

Scarychick, thats got to be number 1.LOL

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Lottery Post is a bunch of people who have all won a jackpot.

Evidently some people think so, consier how many times someone new joins and says, "Can you guys tell me how to win?"

The number _  has been out for _ drawings, so it has to hit today.

_ was the Powerball or the Mega ball last drawing, it won't be again for this drawing.

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Such and such a number is due.

Everytime I play I hit.

My such and such friend/relative/whatever hits all the time.

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In response to Coin Toss


The sum of a Pick 3 drawing is usually 15.

Not in Illinois, I know that much!

Illinois, 4/30/2010  744,   lol,  7+4+4=? lmaoooooooooooooooo


Missouri,  evening, 719  4/30/2010

Missouri, midday,  179  5/01/2010

Is this random drawing? by a computer?  whatever, I don't think so, I think they repeated the same number, because, the payout, last night was big on the pick 3 and the pick 4.

This is not theory, it's factual.

And, I'm peed off, because, I said, it was going to come back, instead, I played, 789.


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In response to Coin Toss

"Higher numbers hit more often because there's more paint on the balls."

This might be true if Computer Generated States had any 'Balls'.

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In response to Coin Toss

Allways Pick 3 odd and 3 pairs when picking 6 numbers For The Jackpot.

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The most common sums in a Pick 3 drawing are 13 and 14. 12 and 15 are the second most common sums.

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In response to BobP

Good one, BobP. Not to mention that people that do that are assuming a solo jackpot, and if that's not the case and the jackpot gets divvied up it blows that theory to smithereens twice!

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I used to think that my birthday (1/04) would win the lottery more often on days that

- I went to the doctor's

- I ate from Subway

- I did something that pertained to music


There was also a slew of times around the turn of the millennium where my birthday came up when I got sick.

- 11/01/1999, I had a sore throat and had to stay home from school, 104 hit in Delaware.

- 11/20/2000-11/21/2000 - I had bronchitis or pneumonia, 104 hit in Kentucky on November 21.

- 03/05/2001-03/06/2001 - I had pneumonia (again)!, 104 hit in Arizona on March 5 and California on March 6.

Ever since then, I started expecting my birthday to hit somewhere when I get sick, but it hasn't been happening recently.

In response to Coin Toss

The first one, about pick-3 sums, has some truth to it, but isn't quite accurate.  Some sums are more likely than others.  Consider that there's only one way to get a sum of 0 or to get a sum of 27.  The odds of either of those is 1:1,000, the same as the odds of a straight match, since only one combination will produce either of those sums.

Only 000 produces a sum of 0.  Only 999 produces a sum of 27.  Three combinations produce a sum of 1 (001 010 100) or 26 (998 989 899).  Sums toward the middle become more likely.

The most likely sums are 13 and 14, with the odds being roughly 1:13, 12 and 15 have odds of roughly 1:14.  You can see the Sum It Up chart in the Pick 3 section of the Texas Lottery web site to see the odds of each sum.  Texas took advantage of this mathematical phenomenon to add an additional feature to bet on sums.  You can win even if you don't match the numbers.


Never play consecutive numbers combinations: 1-2-3-4-5-6 etc. If it hits, you'll have to split the jackpot many players.

Never play combinations like 5-10-15-20-25-30 because again, many players use them.

Doubles never hit in Tennessee (oops actually happened in the pick-3 and pick-4 for over a month)

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In response to Longarm


Granted, some sums will show more than others, but the aerticle I had read said the sum of a Pick 3 drawing is usually 15.

Looking opver results for Illinois, it's about 20% of the time. I don't think 20% is the same thing as usually.

That would be about the same as saying a .200 hitter in baseball usually gets on base.

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Hey Coin-

"Oh Lord, Please let me break even today......I need the money!"


EddessaKnightSun Smiley

In response to Coin Toss

I meant to suggest that there's some truth to the statement, but that it isn't quite accurate.  15 will come up more often than 4 or 22, but not "usually."  It should be the sum of the numbers in about one of every 14 draws.  I certainly agree that once in every 14 draws isn't "usual," but there is truth in the idea that some sums will be more common than others.

I don't believe that's helpful, though, because the sum will be as common as the number of combinations that will produce it (if more combinations produce a sum, it will be more common).  I don't see how that's helpful information, since overall they pay out about half of what they take in, regardless of individual draws or numbers or sums.  However, maybe someone who's better with numbers could find it useful.

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if  you didnt put the ticket ontoday the numbers are %100 guranteed to come up

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In response to eddessaknight

Good one! And oh how true!

In response to savagegoose

Actually that happened to me yesterday, savagegoose.  I had done my workup the night before, and had my pick3 playslips all filled out and posted my predictions on LP.  It was a busy day and I never got around to buying my tickets.  Wouldn't you know it...I missed out on a hit!  It was a box, but I'd still have happily taken it.  Rats!!

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JADELottery, amongst others, has posted a chart on Pick 3 sums for all possible combinations. For the latest, see this thread:

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