For Illinois Little Lotto: What is the max amount of lines you can play at once?


Just curious, because one day I might play like 20 lines on 1 drawing.


The last time I looked at Illinois, their playslip allowed you to pick 5 lines on each playslip.  You may fill out and present to the cashier as many playslips as you can afford.  With each playslip you will recieve a ticket with 5 lines.  Ergo: fill out 4 playslips, present them to the cashier, kiss your money good-by, give Hope a big welcoming hug, then wait for the drawing.

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You can play up to 10 lines on one playslip.


Thanks guys. I guess I should have specified. Yeah I know that there are 10 lines on the slip. But what I mean is can you get like 20 quickpicks, like is there a max?

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I'm not aware of any max but 20 QP's is nothing.

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No max...whatever you can afford.....Illinois will take whatever you want to spend.   LOL!


1 line per dollar, 10 lines,15 draws......

From there multiple draws.

Unless you go with a subscription. Then it's

1 line per dollar 10 lines, 364 draws.

From there you go multiple tickets/subscriptions.


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