Mega...this is getting old

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Il finally had a 20mil mega only took about 2 1/2 to three yrs.  I posted a topic about states and thier population and lookie lookie...CA and NY have been racking up along with a few other states. I would just like to see it spead around a bit more...I wonder if we the ppl of IL were to boycott the MM would we see a more equal jp spread...I know stay positive...but I'm done giving my MM money to CA and NY...powerball is the game for me until I see a pattern there...If you live in IL or any other state that has yet to see a jp in a year or more join me in a big SCREW U MM BOYCOTT...

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are you serious?No No

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I posted a topic about large states and their playing population and how that would affect the number of tickets sold and won and everyone said that would'nt be a factor, besides they would have more winners, but they would also have more losers...but losers dont count...and yes I was joking but hey No No u too...


the lottery is the big winner,adding it up every drawing!just think how much our school taxes will go down!

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pretend their no such thing as state lines, or nations

its simple, the area's with the must people should win must of the time

as people Love to live in the millions of each other , in only so many miles of each other "city's"
i know their all crazy!,

but what can you do, you cant fix stupid

so they win must of the time as they make up must of the lotto tickets sells


at lest your state sure getting their cut, and If you ever Won

must of the other states players Are the ones who paid for your jackpot prize!

get over it, its simple math and logic,  highest pop= highest numbers of sold  tickets=  highest number of winners

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In response to Cha$e-IL

You obviously haven't read how these multi-states game work.  The participating states contribute 1/3 of the basic ticket sales to the jackpot and keep the rest along with any money paid to play the multipliers to run the game locally.  The only money the states share is the jackpot.  If states didn't make money locally, they wouldn't add these games to their offerings and local folks wouldn't play them if they didn't have a large jackpot.

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boycott megamillions?  i will not...

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In response to awwcrap

Neither will I. I like to play and I don't think the game is rigged.


Are both games computerized?

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In response to Base400

research it and get back to us.  Wink

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OH BOY! I'm not boycotting MM but I hardly ever play because I don't like the odds. 

How long before you decide to boycott PB too?

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The PB has its oddities too when it comes to counts on which states have won (since 1992). Indiana is the place to be (apparently). And you can't say they've won the most because they've been in it since the beginning as other states who have as well only have as little as a few wins compared to over 30. Indiana seems to fall close to the middle of the population across the U.S. (2006) as well, so I've been at a total loss... but I'd sure like to know why.

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In response to TinFoilHat85705

A lot of players from Ohio have won a PB jackpot in Indiana, in fact two of the largest PB jackpots ever won in Indiana were by a player from Dayton and a group of factory workers from Columbus.  When Ohio start selling PB tickets next month, that won't be happening again same as when Ohio joined MM in '02 cut down on Michigan BigGame winners.

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I don't think there's any state right now tat has MM or PB and no state Pick 6, but it would be interestign if there was one to see the difference in lottery revenue betwen it and a state with both.

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In response to Coin Toss

There definitely will be some difference in lottery revenue because before the cross selling started states with a multi-state game attracted players from neighboring states.  Now that most states will be selling both games, revenue from out of state players will cease.  Larger states will probably see an increase in sales while smaller states will see a decrease.

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In response to Coin Toss

Tennessee, they dropped the Pick6 when MM came in.

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In response to rdgrnr

It's a way to get live ball drawings without spending extra money for a studio and crew.  This should make  players who complained about computer drawings happier about playing locally.

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In response to RJOh

Yeah, that computer P6 was a loser from the beginning but they wouldn't consider the fact that a lot of people won't play computer games unless there's nothing else.

The Tennessee Lottery's mind is made up and set in stone.

They're determined to do everything the way they do now and will never change, no matter what happens.

I'm glad they dumped the P6 but it was cowardly the way they used MM as the excuse. They would have kept it forever otherwise though because dumping it would be admitting they screwed up.

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I hate giving my money to another state too, but statistics show that more winners are sold in areas where more tickets are sold.  The higher the population, the bigger the market, and the harder to saturate that market.  Therefore, more tickets have to be sold to completely saturate that market.

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I cannot remember anyone winning the jackpot here in Illinois...when was that? I must have missed that. I usually am up to date on the MM game....might of been that time I lost a ticket...Oh  Crap!

Did they show where that ticket was bought?   LOL!

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