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I just thought that I would share a recent and infrequent success story, one that gives us all  little hope.  Last night, 3/13/2010,  I got 4 out of 5 of the Arizona Pick (Fantasy) 5 Lottery.

The winning lottery numbers for this lottery were 13-19-27-31-33.  If I had gotten 5 out of 5, I would have won $354,000.00, but I'll hafta settle for $500.00.  Actually, I also got 2 out of 5 for $1.00 on the same ticket, for a total of $501.00.

AZ lottery ticket

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In response to ArtVandalay

hey congratulationHyper

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Congrats on your win, ArtVandalay! Cheers

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Congratulations, ArtVandalay. WTG. Party

Did you wheel those numbers?

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I sent a few dollars out to my sister a few years ago in Surprise Az and hit 5 out of 6 also in the Fantasy..Got 500.00 she lost count and thought I only had 3 numbers..She said when she cashed the ticket the machine played "Your in the money"..


Happened to me 4 times last year on Wis badger 5.  (31 numbers)

Got $50 each time... Once it was over $150k.

Got 5 out 6 on Ill Lotto... $1,590 instead of $5.5 million

Got 5 out of 6 once on Wis supercash  $500 instead of $350,000....

Got 4 out of 5 on Ill Little lotto twice, once when it was about $1 mil.

Also got 5 out of 6 on Wis Megabucks. $500 instead of millions....

But the best one was getting 5 out of 6 in PB for $10K instead of $100,000,000....

Hardly pays for the losers though!


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We have a 3 line lotto here in Ky and I had 5 out of 6 and won 516.00..I missed 265,000.00 by one number..

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Hang tough your knocking at the door..

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Congrats on the win!

Not sure what the matrix is on the Arizona Pick 5, in Illinois it's a 5/39 and 4 of 5 pays $100, so $500 is a nice score!

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In response to Jack Pot

Actually, I have my own system which I posted once back in April 2008.  Basically what my system does is 1) divide the draws into "normal" and "aberation" draws, close to 50/50 each, and then 2) rate the numbers from hottest to coldest and then chose only "warm" numbers, excluding the hottest and coldest.  Even when everything comes together using my system, that doesn't mean that you will win anything, but the chances of winning are greatly increased.  My system works best on "straight" lotteries like the AZ Pick (Fantasy) 5 or the AZ Pick 6, but it can also be used on the PowerBall and the MegaMillions.  In fact, I've been tracking the PowerBall Lottery for the last 206 drawings, and I've also found some ways to "fine tune" or "tweak" my system.  I prefer using my system because I at least understand what is going on.  With other systems I feel like I'm just taking a wild stab in the dark.

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In response to ArtVandalay

Thanks for sharing.

May your system win you the PowerBall jackpot any time soon, ArtV...

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Good One!     Nice Scan


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Congratulations!  I love to hear about winning!

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In response to ArtVandalay

Wow!! Congrats ArtVandalay on your nice Win!!!Hurray!

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WAY TO GOOOOOO!!!!!!!!  Congrats ArtVandalay!!!!!!

As CoinToss mentioned we only get $100 here for 4/5 !

Maybe this was just a warm-up to get you ready for that 5/5 win headed your way : )

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