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when a pick 4 draw number is broken down into high low you can have 16 possible combinations of high or low ranging from all high to all low.  my question, do all possible combinations have the same probability?

It would seem to me that they would, however my math skills in this area are lacking


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You are right, they all should have the same probability of being drawn, but if you want to know which ones came up most just separate them in to the 16 categories and check which category is the largest.

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I guess you are talking about 16 combinations STRAIGHT for a Pick 4, because there are only 5combinations BOXED:







I Track this pattern in several states for the Pick 4 and Pick 3.  I have noticed that on a monthly basis, in all of the states that I track, (5 states), the HHHH and LLLL Hit the LEAST.  When these patterns do Hit, they normally Hit as doubles or triples (AABC, or AAAB). 

The HHLL pattern Hits most often on a monthly basis.

HHHL and LLLH  hit very often also, and would be the patterns to play, because they are the easiest patterns to catch and Wheel.

For example, for HHHL, you would Wheel all of the High numbers (5,6,7,8,9) against the 1 or 2 Low Numbers that are showing up most often with this pattern during the particular month.  This would be a 6 or 7 digit Pick 4 wheel, producing 15 or 35 numbers to play, (according to the set of Wheels that I use).  There usually is an observable pattern about which Low numbers are Hitting most often with the High numbers.

Likewise, for the pattern LLLH, you would do the same thing.  Wheel all of the Low numbers (0,1,2,3,4) against the 1 or 2 High Numbers that are showing up most often with Low numbers in the state for the month.

For Both of these Patterns, HHHL and LLLH, the Lone L and Lone H, will change each month, so you may have to track that Lone number for 1 or 2 weeks in the beginning of the month to see what the pattern is first.  Then start playing the Pattern Mid-month.

OR, you could just choose your favorite Lone L or H and Wheel it against the other group of numbers.

I want to give Credit where Credit is due, for this Strategy.  I originally read this strategy in a post by

BIG HITTER, and it does work, as he said.  So Thank YOU BIG HITTER for this insight.  Personally, I think that this is one of the better strategies on LP for Pick 4.

Good Luck.


RJOH and Destinycreation  thanks. Destinycreation yes I was refering to straight combinations. I had noticed that the ky midday HLHL comb was out 62 games. this is an area that in the past I did not pay attention to.  Thanks for your explaination. I'll take some time and study this more closely.


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Of the 10,000 numerical possibilities in Pick 4:


HHHH - 625 possibilities
HHHL - 2,500 possibilities
HHLL - 3,750 possibilities
HLLL - 2,500 possibilities
LLLL - 625 possibilities

10,000 total.

Odd-even? Same thing.


thanks johnph77. I like to know the math behind the numbers.  If I could impose just a little more, are the various straight combinations that make up HHHL ie HHLH or HLHH etc evenly distributed?



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There are 5 high digits and 5 low digits so in any way you arrange them it should be (5)X(5)X(5)X(5) or 625 possibilities.

Using the digit 9 as highest, HHLL would be (56789) with (56789) with (01234) with (01234) or 625 possibilities. There are 16 different straight combinations each with 625 possibilities using high and low digits (even/odd too).

Boxing them: 

HHHH - 70 possibilities *

HHHL - 175 possibilities

HHLL - 225 possibilities

HLLL - 175 possibilities

LLLL - 70 possibilities **


* includes the 5 high quads

** includes the 5 low quads


thanks stack47


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In response to phileight


LLLL 625
LLLH 625
LLHL 625
LLHH 625
LHLL 625
LHLH 625
LHHL 625
LHHH 625
HLLL 625
HLLH 625
HLHL 625
HLHH 625
HHLL 625
HHLH 625
HHHL 625
HHHH 625
Total 10000


thanks Raven..  Ky MID has not had a HLHL for 78 days now. we are a bit overdue for a midday double double so 7070 is looking good to me.

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In response to Raven62

Raven62 -


Nicely done!

In response to Raven62


Even at .50 each straight that would cost you $312.50 per draw if you were to play all of only
one pattern out of 16. You would have to be very lucky to pick the right one for that particular draw,
also bear in mind the most popular ones could be sold out.
After examining these patterns for very long periods (years) I've observed that they don't follow
any particular time sequence  because of the constant variance caused by the
randomness system. These lottery people do their best to make sure the machines don't spit out
any repeated patterns that can be calculated this way. If they start doing this they will make changes to the machines. Whatever happened in the past wouldn't work anymore.
The numbers always change (observe the hot/cold breakdowns).
Hence, saying certain patterns are better in a particular month is not a constant. It always changes
over time. You can try to narrow down which numbers expected and hope that pattern comes out.
No guarantees!


Mister xxx   welcome to lotterypost.

   This was never a suggestion to play all of any one group.  I am always looking for methods of eliminating #'s to arrive at 1 or 2 to actually play.  about 99.5% of the time I am wrong.  the idea here was once I come up with the four digits to play, which order do I want to play them. knowing which pattern is hot, or way overdue, is just another tool.


I know you couldn't play all of one set. Like putting all your eggs in one basket.
There are many breakdowns to use as tools. Keeping track of the most recent activity
seems the better way to go rather than looking back at a particular month for numbers.
Expect the unexpected. Patterns will always change.

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In response to MisterXXX

Break it down even further

H 7,8,9

M 3,4,5,6,

L 0,1,2,

Once you get use to working this way it is nice

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