Internet Gambling Law will be voted on and passed in December

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I just heard on CNBC that the federal Gov. will vote and repeal the Internet Gambling law that was passed in 2006.  They estimate that the Federal Gov. will bring in approximately 50 Billion in tax revenue. In December when it passes everyone will be able to gamble online again Legally..hahaha..I am excited and cant wait.!!!!

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I just checked on my OLD account at account is still there with old password still working...cant wait til January we should be able to play at Betslips again..I like that site..!!!!

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In response to lotterybraker

Boy would that be sweet.

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Yep Todd..the Democrats are going to repeal that law..Barney Frank has already submitted the legislation and it will be voted on in December, next month, is what they said on CNBC..They also said that 50 billion in tax revenue was projected over 10 years..that is not the Democrats need the extra money to help pay for all the programs they want to is going to pass next month..thats what they I read on the Internet some time back that alot of the OVERSEAS gambling companies based in Europe were putting a great deal of pressure on the US Gov because of unfair trade stuff..

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Long   Live   LottoMike!!

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I hope that is the case. This law should never have passed in the first place. I think the block heads in Washington, Reps and Dems missed a very big point, when we win money and I did win well from BetSlips, what do you think I did with the money??? 

I went out and spent it, I put money into the economy, dah!

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What is the bill number? 

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In response to Jack-C

There are two bills out there, H.R. 2267 and H.R. 2268, the 2267 deals with safety and the 2268 deals with taxes. They want things to be safe for us so that they get their TAXES.

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In response to mjwinsmith

Thank you, mjwinsmith.

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In response to lotterybraker

great,now i'll be able to use my california integers again.betslips is gonna really hate me.......

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In response to Todd

Say it's true!!!!  Please say it's true

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Halleluah! Thank you Jesus! I made money online and I don't mind paying the taxes..... keep us informed I still have my old account number at the dime store!

Ms. Pat

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Unforunately some of us have to deal with not only the federal law, but a state law as well. I live in Indiana and it's a class B misdemeanor to gamble over the internet. So even if the federal law is repealed, as long as the state's law exists, I still can't gamble over the internet. We can all pray the state laws that ban internet gambling get repealed too!

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I am not a lawyer but I beleive Federal law overrides State law.  If the Feds say on-line gambling is OK, the State has no say in the matter.  We fought a Civil War over this some time back.

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In response to GASMETERGUY

When regulating the same activity, federal law does override state law, however we aren't being given a right to do something by the federal government. What's happening here is a ban is being repealed. In this case, at the federal level, but states can still have their own laws. This repeal could still be a step towards lifting the state bans as well, which I hope it does, but as-is, it doesn't.

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yeah they were talking about this on Pocket Fives (poker site) and TwoPlusTwo.   I'm excited.   Here's a link to the story

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In response to lotterybraker

This is wonderful news! I hope it passes. I would love to be able to play Pick 4. It's something I've really wanted to do, but can't, because Pick 4 isn't in my state.

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In response to lotterybraker

First I heard of this, you can do it anyway. The Slots, the Lottery, the Horses. They said it was illegal, but I don't think it is. Maybe certain States I guess. I can do it rght now if I want to any game. Only thing about gambling online, I wouldn't  bet a whole lot of money. It might be a malfuction of some sort. I would be mad as Hell!

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In response to Ms. Pat

Why aren't you using it now? The dimestore? I have an account now just haven't put anything in the account, I will though real soon, because my numbers are coming out all over the place.

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Good Luck with it!!!!

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In response to unseen

Thank you unseen, I just took a look.  They have the Sweeptakes game online.  you win money through Sweepstakes. I love that game.

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Updated my online Pick 3 Excel files just in case this is approved.

If anyone wants the files here is the download link to the zip file.

Someone in another thread recommended using box net so here is the link.

You will need to create a new folder and name it whatever you want then unzip the 4 Excel files into this new folder.  (12MB size)

Once you downloaded and unzipped the 4 Excel files into 1 folder open the Excel file Pick3.xls then do File>Open and open any of the 3 remaining Excel files Midday, Evening, or All (combined draws)

The Pick3.xls Excel file is where you update each day.

If this law goes through I'll explain some of the Tabs.  The main idea is to look for combinations that have NOT hit in both 500 and 1000 draws for ALL states.  Hope this make sense.

There are Tabs for VTRAC combinations, and regular digits.

Last time I used this was 2006.

Have fun!!

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In response to marcie

Yea setting up an account is easy it's funding the account thats difficult. Besides being against the law. The banks and money transfer sites have a bill attached to homeland security that forbids them from allowing US citizens to place money in offshore gambling sites. There is a way to fund an account but using a wire transfer WU. Would you trust them to wire any winnings back to you.

Are you prepared to deal with the feds if you get caught breaking the law. Having your banking accounts frozen. Dealing with the court, fines, and anything else they throw at you.

There are a number of us here at lottery post who wish they could play offshore a number of people did before the law was enacted.

One day it will be legal. I'll wait.

Do whatever you want but be prepared to deal with the consequence should anything happen.

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In response to four4me

Again, No Comment!!

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the more  the govt is  in massive debt and in ruins money wise

we should get more laws revoked

sense the govt will be in dare need of ever penny it can get. "their spending is a outrage"

if govt wants more cash, they should allow  us to spend our money  however we want in the first place

govt should not be the moral police department over us

i say good riddance to the antiGambling Laws in usa

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Yeah that anti-gambling law is BS!! 


We are already paying taxes. And to think you cant spend your money on whatever you want. Some people make a living off of gambling. They are taking some people's livelihood away. Talk about hard working middle class!(lol) They want everyone to be a retail salesman or garbage man. (not that there is something wrong with those jobs)

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In response to four4me

I Agree! Well said and very true. I have an account with an online betting place, but because of the bank I am with, realized it was going to be next to impossible to fund my account or get any money back. Plus, I'd rather not get in trouble with the law and have my bank account frozen or go to jail. So, I just have to wait, along with everyone else who wants to gamble online. Hopefully, within the next year, we all we able to have access to online betting, legally. Smiley

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In response to ThatScaryChick

Yea there's probably couple hundred thousand people who are playing now maybe more, but i don't want to risk getting in the crossfire should they start another search for the intruders.

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 There is a way to fund an account but using a wire transfer WU. Would you trust them to wire any winnings back to you.



they don't wire it back they send checks via fedex.  And honestly any place you deal with offshore you're dealing with the remote possibility of them not delivering what they promised.  I never had a problem getting paid though.  My biggest payout was over $2000



I'd rather not get in trouble with the law and have my bank account frozen or go to jail. 

Everyday there are hundreds upon thousands of online poker players from the US playing online poker, some who report their winnings, others who don't.  Why would you go to jail?   People who go to jail are those who don't pay their taxes and out of that demographic it's usually the big wigs.  By the way I'm not encouraging any illegal activity I'm just saying there would be no reason to get paranoid.   Hell my cousin was a contractor for years and didn't pay his taxes and kept getting letter after letter from the IRS until finally the took their money straight from his account.  But again it's nothing they just spring on you out of the blue.

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well I am not a lawyer..but as soon as the Congress repeals it, it will be legal..I can they charge you with anything or go after your bank account or anything like that when Congress just made it LEGAL!!!!

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