Which is your game of choice?

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I make minimum buys in PB with Powerplay and MM just to be in it with those odds.

I have a little more faith in and invest a little more in Pick 5's.

Pick 3's and 4's on occasion and a scratcher every once in a while.

I would guess Pick 3 would be the most popular but would like to see how many prefer the other games.


I chose p-3. I'll play about 5 bucks a week on it.

I play about 3 bucks a week on Fantasy five here in Florida.

Maybe a buck on PB once every 2 weeks. The odds are rediculous, so if I win I'll just need one ticket. Buying a hundred dollars on a game which has 195 million possible outcomes won't make a difference.

I have this debate about winners at work all the time, with the same folks...unbelievable....

They keep telling me that some one wins just about every draw so that's why they buy so many tickets every week. But what I keep telling them is that there are tens of millions of losing tickets for that one person to win.

Don't get me wrong, I try to keep positive, but at some point reality and the true odds have to be taken in to account. And you'd think my friends at work would NOT keep using that same defense over and over again everytime the issue of lottery comes up. You'd think ! 

Bang Head

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In response to joker17

Yeah, I hear ya Joker, 

The ones that bother me the most though are the ones who tell you how dumb it is to play the lottery at all.

The thing that really gets me though is when I know the real reason that they don't play is mainly because they're cheapskates.

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At the moment, I am focused on two, Pick 6 games and I throw in a couple of bucks at Powerball. I don't play Pick 3 and I don't play the new Pick 5 game that we have, because I don't like the low payout ($20,000) and the high set of numbers you have to choose from with such a low payout (1-36).

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My vote was Pick 5.

Sure I'd like to hit a MM, PB, or Pick 6 jackpot but like I"ve always said that's "a dollar and a dream".

Pick 5 is a dream too, but a person is way more likely in their lifetime to hit a Pick 5 than the others.

The current Illinois Pick 5, Little Lotto is a 5/39 with fixed prize amounts except for 5 for 5, which is progressive.

It used to be a 5/30 game with a fixed top prize( I think it was $200,000) and para-mutuel payoffs for 4 of 5 and 3 of 5. People wanted to get paid for 2 of 5, so the game changed and now they get <drum roll> $1 for 2 of 5.

Bang Head

Pick 3 and Pick 4 would be nice if hit constantly, but I don't know anyone doing that who isn't betting more than they win. And the payoffs are nice but not life-changing.

Illinois sued to have soemthing called Extra! on Pick 4 (maybe Pick 3 too, not sure). If you played and extra dollar it gave you another set of numbers on the ticket, and amounts. If your numbers matched any digit in order, you won that amount. I hit it for $100 once, all four matched the Extra! and added up to $100.That has been replaced by "Numbers Now" - they alll have to match - and every clerk I've asked has told me they have never paid anyone on Numbers Now. How's that for a RNG!

I used to think scratchers were nothing but sucker bets but I've seen more people win oin scratchers than anything else. Nothing spectacular, but they win something way mnore often than numbers games.

Whatever your game of choice is, Good Luck All!


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I play them all within Texas. Except Fantasy 5. The prize is too small and does not rollover, not worth it to me.

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Once my Daily 3 Midday and Evening numbers finally hit--I will no longer play Pick 3 games--I will just play; Daily 4/Fantasy 5/SL & MM; along with a few new games which may come up in the future.Wink


As someone else on here said.  I want to play what would be life changing.

Cash 3 or 4 would do much.

I play GA fantasy 5 as a win would pay off a few debts.

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Just as an FYI for this discussion, Mega Millions and Powerball hit about 12 to 15 times a year (from their own info.) That's for games with two drawings a week.

For a state lottery, using Illinois as an example, the Pick 6 game, Lotto, which is three times a week has been hit 9 times this year.

Little Lotto, the Pick 5 game played everyday, has been hit 129 times as of Oct 30. Oct 30 was the 303rd day of the year, so the Pick five gets hit every 2.34 days.

I think that just bolsters the outlook that a Pick 5 game is something you may actually hit.


cash 5 because of odds. sometimes PB maybe $1  but i prefer cash 5.

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I prefer MegaMillions because it's local and only has two drawings per week.  For entertainment I like tracking past drawing results and detecting trends that might indicate numbers in future drawings and with a couple of days between drawings I have time to do that.  Buying QPs and hoping to get lucky isn't as entertaining.  Sometimes when their jackpots are high, I'll try Rolling Cash5 or Classic Lotto but usually playing MM is plenty of entertainment for me.

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You don't have the Ky "Win For Life" or "3 Line Lotto" wich to me is the best..Odds are better then the PB or MM but still the best in my opinon..

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Pick 5 all the way. The IL little lotto jackpot is just sick because it's progressive. It get up to a million about once a year and that equal to some state pick 6 jackpot.


Pick 6 and EuroMillions

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"thank's">>>>>>>>>LOTTERY POST$$$$!!!!


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In response to psykomo

gee>>>people>>>"U" know u want>>"it">>o!o

gee<<<people<<<"U" refuse a "JACKPOT"$!

ok>>>"PEOPLE"<"U" win NODA<<<<<<<!!!!!!!!

if that's whatcha want>TOYATO>>>>>!!!!!!!!


no JACKPOT<<<<<<<<<4<<UUUUUUU!!!!!!!!!!!

Agree with stupidBedJack-in-the-BoxBedCoffeeLeavingLeavingLeavingLurkingIdeaHiding Behind ComputerChairSulk Off


First it will be a game that will provide a jackpot which will really make my day or change my life.

So it is NOT P3 or P4.....

So from there I play it like a business decision.

I play all the big ones from $10K+

I use the imperfect but practical formula by dividing the cash payout / the odds, the bigger the number the better.

A spreadsheet makes it very easy.  I use ,  it is free and works very well...

Oh, the hottest game in the Wis/Illinois area is now Illinois Lotto with a score of 0.756

Little Lotto  .391

Mega Millions  .273

Powerball  .246

Wis Supercash  .215

Wis Badger 5 .177

Wis Megabucks  .157

But then also I look at how easy it is to win. Although Little Lotto is 2nd @ .391, $225,000 would really affect my life and the odds are 17 times better that #1 Lotto.  And that first $225,000 of little Lotto will affect me much more than the next 5 Million of lotto...


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Illinois Little Lotto is drawn everyday. Today, Nov 8. is the 312th day of the year and there have been 130 jackpots hit, so the game gets hit about every 2.4 days.

Lotto is drawn three times a week. There are eight weeks left in this year. The Lotto jackpot has been hit 9 times. So three drawings a week, X 44 weeks = 132 drawings (approximately, not sure what the first day of the year was as far as day of the week).

Going by that, the Lotto gets hit about once every 14.6 drawings. Pretty infrequently, and the prizes for 5 of 6 and 4 of 6 are relative chump change. Also, the prize progression with each rollover is nothing to brag about.

Just my opinion, but I think you'd have to factor something like this in before calling the Illinois Lotto one of the "hottest" games. Just goes to show how statistics can be manipulated.

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I agree with one of the other post I only play games that are life changing, and seeing that I am in Oklahoma and our scratchers are not the best, that leaves me with Powerball. Unless I drive to Texas or Kansas to play their State lottery game or Texas scratchers.


> but I think you'd have to factor something like this in before calling the

>Illinois Lotto one of the "hottest" games. Just goes to show how statistics can be manipulated.

This is how I explain it.

Right now the cash payout for Illinois Lotto is about 8,400,000 before taxes with about 1 in 10,000,000 odds....

Cash payout for Mega Millions is now 7,500,000 with odds of 1 in 175,000,000 or about 17.5 times harder to win... (175,000,000/10,000,000)

Factoring in the bigger jackpot FOR NOW,  Illinois lotto is 19x better....

This can change by day to day.  When Lotto gets back to 2,000,000 and Mega millions is 200,000,000 it is somewhat different.

But you still have to factor in that to have an equal chance for a jackpot, you would have to buy 17 mega millions tickets to 1 lotto ticket.

And that first  2,000,0000 is the most important.  :-)

Meg Millions jackpot has not been hit in Illinois for YEARS!

But real hot for tonight is little lotto,  325,000 at 575,575 odds.

325,000 IS really life changing.


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Sounds good, and with the MM at the start point you've got a point.

But, consider MM 5 + 0 = $250,000. In the Illinois Lotto 5 0f 6 is relatively chump change.

That's part of the draw of 5 + 0 games. Gefore the Big Game, which became Mega Millions, the state lotto jackpots got pretty pumped up. When the printer in Chicago hit it the jackpot was $43,000,000. That was then.

Also, the Illinois Lotto has only been hit 9 times this year, and that's at three draws a week, with seven weeks left in the year.

Here's 5 of 6 and 4 of 6 payouts on a night no one hit the jackpot:


WINNING NUMBERS: 06 - 07 - 12 - 22 - 30 - 32





Some years ago I hit 5 of 6 in California and the payout was $2002. Not life chaning but certainly better than these payouts.


You also said, "But you still have to factor in that to have an equal chance for ajackpot, you would have to buy 17 mega millions tickets to 1 lottoticket."

Each ticker is an independent shot at beating the game.No matter how many tickets are played, the most common result for each one is going to be hitting 0, 1, or 2 numbers, which pays nothing.



>But, consider MM 5 + 0 = $250,000. In the Illinois Lotto 5 0f 6 is relatively chump change.

For the second prize on MM.

1 in 3,904,701  for $250,000


1 in 36,881  for Illinois Lotto 2nd prize  or 105 times easier to win (I made $1,590)

Which makes probably a slight edge for MM.

In wisconsin we have Supercash 1 in 1,631,312  for $350,000 for top level.....

Which makes Wis supercash level 1 3.35 times better than Mega millions level 2 but then you are not entered into a super prize either which helps MM.

Odds and Cash amount  are more important than number of winners or prize levels....

That is one reason that I enter prizes into my spreadsheet daily.

I think I will enter a couple of 2nd levels into my spreadsheet. But 2nd levels are less important to me.

Sooooo complicated!   :-)

5 in the morning and finally they found no winner for MM last night. It took all night!

Lucky/unlucky winners in little lotto last night. They don't post little lotto results until MM becomes offficial.

Well, they went to bed thinking that they won $415,000, only to find that there were 5 winners. So instead of winning $415,000 they won $83,333......

I'd be happier with $415K, but $83K would make me happy too!


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Yeah, five winners, three were pllayer's picks and two were quick picks.

Two of the winners were played at big grocery chains, a Kroger and a Schnucks, kind of rare.

That drawing proved a couple of things, one is that once a terminal issues a set of numbers on a QP that set of numbers is not used up, as some believe, meaning throughout the state that swt is only issued once.

Another thing was proof that no matter how many calculations someone may go through to pick their own numbers, their numbers could very well be someone else's quick pick.

The five who hit must have had mixed emptions, like you said, $83,333 as opposed to $415,000. Still, nice to have the $83K.

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My favorite by FAR is Fantasy Five.  I use a single set of a  quick pick I found about  a year ago and hit on it all the time. replay at least twice a week,  three out of five a few times and  I actually  hit four out of five once ( boy what a great day that was)  Even though I play a set of Super Lotto plus regularly,  I have extremely strong feelings  for that fantasy five set I use.  I only play a single Mega MIllion every blue moon.  I (kinda) joke that Mega Millions hate me  because I have yet to get one number so it will only be one of those last minute impulse "oh and give me a single mega million QP" kind of purchases.  But I would love to eat my words when fate steps in and lets me win the 100 million from one of those impulses.  I AM SOOOOOOO LOOKING FORWARD TO POWERBALL COMING TO CALIFORNIA!   I love reading about powerball winner stories.

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pick 3 is my favorite.  I only play PB when there's a pool going around at work.  I just don't like playing games with lightning strike odds.  LOL!!  I gave up on it years back.  When we were able to play online smoothly I was winning monthly on pick 3 anywhere from 225 to 900.


I am very surprised to see that the results of this poll are currently showing that the pick 5 game is a close second on here to pick 3. Judging by the forum activity among the pick 3, pick 4, and pick 5 forums, I would have assumed that pick 5 would not be as popular. But if there are really this many people who concentrate on pick 5, why is it that the pick 5 forum is, for the most part, very inactive compared to the pick 3 and pick 4 forums?

I have not been having much luck with pick 5 myself, which I play every other day, if not more (there's a drawing every single day down here), for the past several weeks, and was considering moving to our pick 4 game, which offers a $5,000 jackpot. 1:10,000 odds are certainly better than the 1:376,992 I'm currently fighting against with pick 5/36. Plus, even the smaller prizes in the pick 4 are far better than the smaller prizes on our pick 5. The lesser prizes on the pick 4 game are also much better than the ones they have for pick 5.

The thing that has kept me going with pick 5 is that there's almost always a winner every night. Also, as far as jackpots are concerened, I really do need a $50k+ prize in order to get myself back on my feet, which was another reason why I have been spending so much time on pick 5.

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In response to ThatScaryChick

$20K for a   Pick 5?   adn 1-36? Thats simply cold.--- And I thought California was stingy with the payouts.

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the michigan raffle games are good they only sell a set number of tickets. right now they got the million dollar raffle with 6  top prizes of a million plus a bunch of smaller prizes with only 600 thousand tickets being sold i like those odds.

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"The thing that has kept me going with pick 5 is that there's almostalways a winner every night. Also, as far as jackpots are concerened, Ireally do need a $50k+ prize in order to get myself back on my feet,which was another reason why I have been spending so much time onpick 5."

That is a very good argument for playing the Pick 5.

"But if there are really this many people who concentrate on pick 5,why is it that the pick 5 forum is, for the most part, very inactivecompared to the pick 3 and pick 4 forums?"

Pick 3 and Pick 4 are like roulette, they attract a lot of system players.

As for jackpot games, Pick 5 doesn't get the attention that Pick 6 and 5 + 1 games do as players tend to be jackpot chasers.

Also, judging forums by threads and posts can be a little deceiving. The Mystical Forum gets many more posts than the Mathematical Forum, but most of them are requests for dream numbers.

Sure, we all want to hit a big jackpot, but in reality in one's lifetime are you much more likely to actually hit a Pick 5 than a Pick 6 or PB or MM.

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In response to lottocalgal

I know right? I was really excited, to finally get a Pick 5 game and it was one huge disappointment in so many ways. Oh well, I guess I will be sticking with Powerball and Mega Millions (when we get it). And hopefully, I will be able to start playing Pick 4, if the online bill is passed.

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