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Just a warning, but I made a topic asking what would you say you did for a living to cover up your lottery winnings, and people said it was rude to ask what someone what they did for a living. I didn't get it, but just a heads up.


To stick to the topic. I am a security guard.

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I work at an Italian restaurant as a waiter. Hobby consist of arts and crafts, automobile repair and tune-ups, and lottery logistics.

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In response to Grovel

You can get the same info by asking different question ;)

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Full time college student and work part time at the local grocery market. I think i'm the youngest one on LP and I play the lottery as a hobby hoping to win the big one.Cheers

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Web developer/web designer, plus webmaster and owner of a couple of websites.


I'm an Assistant Mgr. for a major parts retailer and I took this job because I really like anything dealing with cars...especially race cars. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy what I do but, I like running my numbers better. Contrary to some popular beliefs here, I'm not rich, yet, and I'm not really trying to do so. However, I do plan to be well off which is why I've deveoted my total self to this whole deal. It can be done and don't let anyone tell you otherwise. Just apply yourself.


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retired...... CNC machinist and supervisor.

I doubt anyone is earning a living playing the lottery. The lottery is a hole where all the money goes just like owning a boat.

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Nursing, cardiac to be specific....


Accounting assistant to the controller. My job consists of a ton of numbers- hence the lottery playing!!!

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Furniture sales.

Would really like to retire and travel.

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airlines..........bilingual speaker

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FWIW, I don't mind the question.

I'm retired now, my occupations were the Army, the Postal Service, and casinos. I worked in Vegas as a dealer and box man (dice pit) and on river boats. 

I think it's very interesting that we have people from a wide variety of occupations and yet there's a strong common bond- the lottery.

Good Luck to all!



In the daytime I'm a brain surgeon, and at night I'm the senior program director of computer system design for the large Hadron collider.

On the weekends, I get paid to design and build 30 million+ dollar telescopes for scientists in 17 different locations around the world.

I'm in the process of finalizing the last touches to my fully operatable time machine, and a patent in about a week from now.

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In response to Matchmaker

Matchmaker wrote:

Good, let's start here. First of all, I'm not trying to convince you or anyone else and neither has anyone here or anywhere else been conned.

Sounds like your pitching an add to me and everyone else here Pitch Man!

I deal with people that fully understand the ODDS involved in this game and how to reverse them while making a SMALL CONSISTENT PROFIT. You cannot go back anywhere and see where I posted that this was a get rich quick deal, a 100% all win no loss deal, a mega profit deal, or anything of the sort. Since my original post of Pick 3/4 Business Partner, I have been preaching the exact same sermon of small consistent profit with the higher buy in.

Once again pitching an idea! Pitch Man!

What ever you were trying to explain, I'm not currently aware of it but I'm going back once I finish this post to read every single reply you made to me. In regards to this thread and highjacking it, I simply told what I do just like everyone else but, that I enjoy running my numbers better. That's it. It's truly amazing how some you like to twist things all around and plant seeds in other people's head which are bad seeds.

Nobody twisting anything but you! I voiced my opinion that nobody's earning a living playing the numbers and you took it upon yourself to question that, as if i was some kind of moron with a closed mind. I'm more realistic is all.

The threads i responded to were your initial posts when you first joined. You never responded to them or we would have had this ordeal a long time ago.

Did it ever occur to you that i haven't posted to any of your topics since then .... wonder why because as you read further hopefully you will understand.

I do not have a fishing pole with bait hung on the end of it here at LP, okay. NOONE HERE can say I've scammed them or done anything to show signs of a RED FLAG. NOONE. There are really only two individuals here whom I, and my friends, believe truly understand the concept of what we do and how it does really work. Those two people are Paurths and BobP and I've always said the same thing about them because they know how I play in regards to the (900 to 1). This makes all the difference in the world when it comes to running numbers and generating a good profit.

I have every confidence that Paruth and BobP know what they are doing but doubt that you do and haven't seen any evidence of your playing strategy, no winning tickets, no proof equals bull.

Your problem is that you base everything around what goes on at LP because it's all you know.

I was playing the lottery long before i got to lottery post and thought when i came here that i had all the answers also to making money playing the lottery. In fact i wasn't doing all that bad on my own having spent the better part of my off hours from work devising systems talking with lottery personal, players from all walks of life and going to all the high volume ticket sellers asking questions from people who were cashing winning lottery tickets in hope of picking their brain for answers to how they selected the numbers to play and how come they were so fortunate to win so often. I found two old lady's who were the best of the bunch of people i met and they told me it's all in the stars. Astrological numbers come out the most,numbers based on the day,week,and month of the year.

I spent time talking to bookies who took bets on the streets. These guys love lottery players because it pays their rent gets them the high dollar toys they own you figure out the rest. 

I know better than to officially try and post numbers here and guarantee my str8 hits with a maximum of what (50) lines? I CAN'T DO IT AND I'M NOT AFRAID TO SAY IT ON THE RECORD. In that same respect, NOONE ELSE can do it consistently either. However, with my 600 playlist, I can make you eat every negative thing you've said about me which has actually been my thrive.

With 600 numbers for a $500.00 win good luck.If your talking about playing off shore then thats another story but highly improbable for people in the USA since it's against the law to play off shore and or fund their account.  

When you really don't know, you tend to say things based on what you do know.

I know things about the lottery you never thought of yet and answers to questions you never thought of asking in fact i spent the better part of 20 years trying to find out everything i could lottery related.

Playing state lottery and playing online are two completely different worlds. Lots of flexibility online with .25 cents allowing your money to go a long way when starting out. I started with $150 just I like I've been saying all the while. This translates into $600, hence, the 600 playlist at $1 per number. You can see where (1) hit on the dollar produces the $300 profit, can't you? I can custom filter down to (400) numbers and turn that into a $500 profit, hence the 400 playlist.

Want some good numbers to play online play mine they have a good track record. And there's only 50 of each pick 3/4

This is not rocket science, at least not to me. I will leave well enough alone.

If you were going to leave it alone you would have stopped writing right here but you cant leave it alon your ego won't let you.

To you and most, if not all of LP, I appear to be in this fantasy world when it comes to winning.

You don't hit the number! The number hits you!when you understand this concept you will have learned a valuable lesson this is what the bookies and the lottery count on people who think they have a system are their best customers.

To me, and my (6) players, you and most if not all of LP live in this fanatasy world as well. Why? You all think you can produce consistent wins and make money with little investment. We know that increasing numbers counts decreases losing odds while also decreasing the profit but increases efficiency (consistency).

If anybody thinks for one minute that they know what the next number will be than put some real money on it don't pay it for 50 cent play it for 20/30/40/50/ bucks

How unreasonable is my last sentence in the previous paragraph? Honestly. We're talking number counts here. This is the absolute basis of Pick 3. Decrease numbers, decrease the odds of winning. Increase numbers, increase the odds of winning. Every adjustment you make in Pick 3 will affect something else every single time and will be a trade off of some sort and there's no way around it. If I go from 600 to 400 numbers, I'm now decreasing the efficiency but, I'll make $200 more in profit on the hit. This requires playing a special type of draw which will make it easier to still get the win. Playing 600 numbers allows much more flexibilty regarding the draws but, it eats the $200 in profit.

If anyone ever gets up in the morning and players 600 numbers then they need to go to a head shrink and have their head examined.Unless of course if there you and your friends who mist be independently wealthy.

If you cannot understand this, you should not ever play the lottery again because you're willingly contributing to the pot for someone else to win. You're just giving your money away without even giving yourself a chance, man. I didn't say that, the stats you posted for me to review said it. You and everyone else here are factored into that stat sheet.

The stats are just that stats, predictions of the many posters here who predict numbers that might win.

People who play the lottery in the united states and not everybody who can and does play off shore wins big money all the time either.I used lottery post prediction statistics because it was easier than digging the information say from some states lottery who don't post all the money they took in versus the money that paid out.  


Maybe I'll post a 600 playlist for demonstration over in Money Matters. 

Go for it I'm sure the wealthy off shore betters will like it.

Please keep in mind that the majority of people who are regulars here on lottery post are state side most of us cant play off shore. So it would be fitting for you to address that when you post your scheme in any thread.

To the lady who began this thread, I sincerely apologize for this whole ordeal as I should've kept my thoughts over in Money Matters. Please accept my apology and I won't post here again because I've already disclosed what I do. Thanks.



wait... someone let matchmaker out of the psych ward?

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I am a program director / event coordinator . My passion is being a domestic engineer aka mommy to my 6 kids . My youngest is 25 days old & my oldest 11 . I do dream of making money at the lottery .If you are going to dream might as well dream BIG !! LOL I only play the pick 3 for now though.

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In response to lovinwinning

I am  a retired educator of 32 in education worked with the public school system in virginia

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I don't give a hoot who knows what I do.  Spent 16 years in the Army in the Infantry. Since then I have done Heating and Air, and for the past 16 years I have worked in the Auto industry. Hobbies are gambling and golf.

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Curriculum Developer/Adult Educator

In my spare time I volunteer for my Homeowner's Association, read and tinker with the various number games.

In response to joshuakim


I think the nurses just let him use the computer room.

If i was cooped up, my imagination would soar too. However, I think they should cut down on the meds a little.

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In response to Pogo


Big Smile


Adult Probation/Parole officer. I also have a security business providing security services, night watchman type, to area businesses.

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Been a motel desk clerk for the past 8 years. Enjoy doing lottery workouts in my free time and occasionally playing the lottery.

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In response to reddog

Hey there 11B.

I had 11 years of line units, was 13 A at Bragg, 11B in' Nam, 13E in Korea and Germany, 11C at Hood.

You just don't meet that many combat arms guys.

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In response to destinycreation

great post destinycration>>>>>>ELU!!!!

no 1 on D LP except Todd can $afford$


?????>>>>tell us more, please>>>>>>>>

do U have any contact's ND (white house)????

tell us where D money I$>I$>I$> (please}!!!!!!!


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I'm a laid off mortgage person with a lot of accounting exper. You can't beat the lottery. I've being playing lottery before there was a legal lottery call the bug I've won some and I've lost alot. MatchMaker you love to talk you should really start a school. When you first came to LP you said that you had lost alot of money. I've being to most of the casino. I won the double jackpot in vegas, didnt have enough money in the machine I was being cheap. I've spend as much as 150.00 a day and there were times i didn't hit one number it happen. I really don't think anyone has crack the lottery it always changing. The thread was can you make a living off the lottery. I wouldn't want those odds. I did better when I was working than I do now, Why is that I had more money to spend. I believe that it takes money to make money. Nice thread I alway wonder what people do for a living. I always played the day and evening everyday.

Sometime I hit both 3,4 times a week sometime I hit 5 days a week. Would I tell anyone to quit the day are nighttime job for pick 3,4 NO NO NO. JackPOT YES YES YES

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I retired after 32 years from a major technology company as a Service Co-ordinator. I now have a part-time job as a Sales Advisor At CostCo passing out those delicious samples! In my spare time I do volunteer work at the Senior Center.

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I am a retired reservist (Army) and have been teaching for about 13 years now.  I also sell vintage glass and other antiques (If I can get them). I plan to work a couple of more years and then retire from teaching also. 

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