Lottery Post on TV!

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Just saw it..FREE AD there..should be a pop in Lotterypost trafic..I would think..

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just saw it todd very nice wow lotterypost on tv im happen for you lots of blessing todd

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Yes I wish The best for Todd,he is straight up no matter comes along.He calms the lions down when needed,gives wonderful advise,and there when you need him,Thanks a bunch.

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that is awesome TODD!

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In response to JordanT1021

lottery post on the news wow....................wtg and congrats..............we will probably be overloaded now lol


The media coverage for Lottery Post is both impressive and well-deserved!
Kudos to Todd !!!

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nice stuff!.

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WTG Todd! Cool

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Very cool!


Nice clip Todd.

Did they contact you or vice versa?, or did they just happen to look and see if there was a lottery site out there on the netaddressing the issue?

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Thanks for the nice comments folks!

I was not contacted for the story, which is kind of mystifying to me.  The Arkansas press has talked about Lottery Post a lot, but they have yet to contact me.  On the other hand they have interviewed lots of different state lottery reps.  I made mention of that fact here.

As for traffic, Lottery Post is already the most heavily-viewed non-government lottery site on the Internet, so there may be little bumps in traffic, but not like it would be if we had a story linked on Drudge or something.

Still, it's nice that they gave the site a fair shake and showed the logo a few times.  It's fun to see the site on TV.  I'd love to hear from them next time so they can get some good interview material in addition to the video clips.

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ROFL!!  There goes the neighborhood!!

WTG Todd!!   Does this means that if you are interviewed on TV you'll be unmasked?   LOL!!!

Very nice Todd!  You should enjoy your Kudos!

Thank You again for a Great Site!!

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Awesome Chief Bottle Washer!!!

Just curious Chief, how many people accessing LP during and after appear on TV??? is it in xxx thousand? i hope appearing LP on TV give alot of premium membership :)

well, good luck Chief and Way To Go!

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Very nice Todd!!

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WTG Todd!  You make us all proud to be hereCheers

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Congrats Todd i have always thought you'd get some sort of coverage in the news. I'm very surprised that CNN,... CNBC or one of the major networks haven't given your site a plug yet.

It won't be long before your website is found on the major Internet home pages at some point due to some fantastic story you uncover about the lottery.

It should have happened a while back when Tennessee switched to computers instead of balls for lottery drawings.

In response to four4me

I Agree! and especially since we had posters that mentioned the problem and emailed the Tennessee Lottery four weeks before it was discovered. I'll bet there was a least one state lottery official from a ball drawn lottery that was reading LP and said "aren't you glad we didn't switch to RNG?" and maybe another from a RNG state that immediately started double checking their computer.

While it wasn't actually said during the TV news report, the reporter seemed to believe Lottery Post is THE PLACE to get all the news, results, and information about US and World lotteries.

Congratulations Todd!!

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Auuuh.....SNAP!  Lottery Post on TV!  thats GUCCI   TODD!


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Kudos Todd.  Broadcast recognition  WTG!!!!

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WTG Todd and Lottery Post!

"I'd love to hear from them next time so they can get some good interview material in addition to the video clips"


Send them a thank you note for the free publicity with an invite to learn more via an interview with LP's webmeister extrordinaire - ie yourself :)

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Now folks won't look at me crazy when I mention to them that LP is the place to be!  Well they still will look at me crazy but's for real!

.....Congrats TODD!!!

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They are saying that they will play anyway but when they are losing their money..I bet their tune will change quick...look at TNI don't care what anyone says, computer generated draws are subject to human error and the errors may go undetected except for the people who play the game.

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Bravo Jim 695.  The Petition got some attention.  Until Balls come back my interest in Lottery is gone. Have a great day!

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