PA Big 4 - Mid/Eve for Serious Players!


Thought it would be nice to have a thread dedicated to the PA 4-digit...kind of a spinoff of the Kaptain's pick 3.  I always have so many big 4's come through my head, and can't count how many times I've been literally one number off, or dropped one that came out str8 because of having too many numbers.  I consider myself very fortunate as I've hit str8 quite a few times over the years, 3 times alone last year!!  Once so far this year, and I have hit boxed several times this year, too.  So, maybe if we start comparing predictions we can hit one str8!  Just last night I was literally one digit flipped to get it str8...UGGGH.  The number came to me as I was in line, so, wouldn't of had time to post, but, have to wonder if I would of if someone would of pointed out to put it in descending order...4-3-2-1.  I played it 4-2-3-1, 2143 and 2431.

Sooo, sorry to ramble...let's share our picks for PA 4-digit and hit the BIG ONE!!

These four are one's I always get nervous about if I don't pet numbers..


On my mind today....not sure which one to go with....



Hey Dee...I got a few of these from you, ya know!!  Hope we can put together a str8 soon!!

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Good idea.

It's hard to nail down a st8 in P4.

I've done it more by luck than by study of any patterns.

Quick picks have never produced anything and I think it's a waste of money, my

opinion anyway.

I like P4 way more than P3 for the obvious reasons.

Here is what I'd like to see come up:


1502 3650 4475 0552 5712 2019 8103 7413 3184 4803


Good job on your win last night.

I played it 1324. That's a hundred bucks. $2,500 would have been better.

All of these eights are on my mind lately.

Hopefully they travel from other states here.

4488 8880 8881 1818

7878 7888 seems too coincidental but you never know.

Thanks for starting this thread. Hopefully it gets more attention.


I agree, dr..quickpicks are something I've never done on P4, or P3 for that matter.  My system for Pick 4 is also luck - see a number several times a day, birthdays, etc., is how I usually pick my numbers.

Thanks for posting. I like alot of your numbers...I'm going to go with 8448 today, and put it also 4488 on your advice.  (I hit 8448 str8 in the late 90's and once in 2000, I think it was?).  Your 4488 got me thinking about a number I think Dee plays...4477.  May have to put something on that today.  Those 8's on your mind got me thinking too...I had been chasing 1880 and 1885.  Just last night I had played 8282 and 8882.  Hmmmm...maybe trip 8's in the pick 3!! LOL

Congrats on your win last night, too.  Believe me, I'm very grateful to have played it three different ways boxed to nab $300, but, geez...three different combos and I couldn't come up with a sequence like 4-3-2-1 to get it str8!! 

Good Luck!!


Just was going over potential plays for today and see I double posted of 'em should be 1707.  I hit st8 last year on 1708 during midday...going to play it that way for tonight.  Going with 8448/4488 4477 1707 1702 1705/0157 for today.

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That 1702 reminds me of a guy who walked up to the clerk and said I want 10 tickets for a dollar straight

on that combo. Don't you know that guy hit it that night 1027. He didn't even bother to play it boxed.

I couldn't believe it. Kicked myself for not throwing at least a 50/50 on it. A heavy bet like that either

meant he was nuts or knew something. Turns out he knew something and profited big for it too.

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{{{{{{{{{{{Kimber}}}}}}}}}}}}  Very Nice Post!!! 


I have a 1547 and somehow a 541X and 547X  -- I can't get the fourth digit -- so there you have it.

I was going to start a four digit post - but it would have taken too much time.  Better to do one and be good at it than to do two and know what I mean.  I'm already in trouble with the amount of time I spend on the 3 digits.  LOL!!!

If I get a hottie I'll post here.

I know this post will be successful - We need a good four digit on Lottery Post for Pa!


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Well I happened to agree with all of you on this topic.  We need both pk 3 and pk 4. And by the way anybody up for Qunito?

 Did anyone notice that Kaptiness had the pk three in her pk 4 (boxed). So you see Kapt. you have it in you also.  I have read on your post many times that you tell everyone to  LQQK at the pk 4 cause the pk 3 is in there.  AM I right?  Yes!! Cause I have seen it many times myself.

Well again I have to agree with everyone who has responded to Kimber's Post, that having a pk 4 would be great.

So with this being said I wish everyone  good luck and hope everyone wins big $$$$$$$!!!!

Oh by the way Kimber you had one of my numbers wrong.  It's not  4477 it's  4774  LOL!!!!

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Midday P4    - 0005

Nitetime P4  - 9518

No hitter.

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Yes I should have posted the 541 on the three digit post huh?  ROFL!! 

0006 0007 0005 what is next???????

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x = 8, 7, 2, 1 or 9


Hi everyone...thanks for posting.

whatta story on that 1702, dr!  Similiar thing happened to me...guy in front of me played 3-0-0-0 several  months ago and I thought to myself...what a strange number, doubt that comes out.  Well, of course, it did, str8.  He had hit $1/$1 and I kick myself all the time for not playing it.  I try to tune out what everyone in front of me is playing so I don't have to go through that again!!  My sad story is when 5945 come out that number from a dream, sorta..saw quick spelled wrong in my took those numbers off the phone digits and came up with 5945.  Played it big for three draws and forgot to play it that last night and of course, came out str8.  Just that afternoon I had it $6 str8....still crying over that.  Unfortunately, there are quite a few others I missed str8 like that...

Dee...I knew it was something like that, your 4774....still like that number!

Kaptain, can't wait to see what you come up with in the pick 4...

Just going with my usuals today...1701...2570...2446 and 0120.

good luck everyone!!

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3 hot              0   2   8

3 cold           9   3   7

3 overdue     1   3   4


3 hot                0   3   2

3 cold               5   7   8

3 overdue       7   0   6


5873 8780 7563 1675


Adding a couple more for today...


Noticed I missed another boxed last night...I had 1885 and 9518 came one again..and I knew that 9518 looked familar...played 1958 a week or so ago in memory of a dear friend of mine who passed away unexpectedly last month. 

Thanks for the rundown on the numbers, Kaptain...your picks look good!


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my pic 4's to watch 7247 1425 3331 4968 9864 4896  5172 2525 1942 1616 1114 2573 6289 3883 1442 1215 3587 5776 4444 7777 8888 1111 good luck to all I like this sight Kimber 528 a new addition  let's start a quinto post next


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Why don't YOU do it JoJo?  Let us spread out a bit - too much for one folk.

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0906 - Midday P4

5470 - Night P4


I played 4579, which may be most of us did.  I don't know how many of you guys substitued the 9 for a zero, I did not.  Keep forgetting how tricky they are.


Today maybe:  2213, 3469, or 3461, 3319, 2600, 1400, 5600, 2244, 3322, 4400, 5510, 4479! 


Good Luck to All

In response to Angellight

Listen there is no other way to say it but WE WERE ROBBED and I am really thinking about going to the police and making a complaint against GUS someone needs to set him straight.   I want someone to go to prison for that number or GIVE ME A BAILOUT like AIG  Sad Cheers  LOL LOL :)

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We'll see what happens...

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Okay, now I'm slightly irritated...

Things aren't working posts are getting cut down, I'm getting booted off...ever since the ads

came at the bottom of the page...I can do the quick fixes but I think it has something to do with the

'improvements'. Anyone else having problems?


CJR100, you are so right -- we are getting robbed left and right.  All other states are getting the right numbers -- 5600, 3561, etc., etc., and they don't come here, which is so not right!

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Talk about robbed...where is a triple 3 or 4 for us?

Where is 1616, they bring 1221 twice.

6000 that's another...

Why don't they just bring something else stupid like 9734 - OH WAIT!!

That's what the midday P4 was!


Good Lord!  Could not be 3649 had to bee 3749!   2211 and 6000 and the other repeat numbers are an attempt to rob us.  PA is the only state that does this.  I lived in NY for awhile and they were true to form so you could get a hit now and then -- not like here!  It is so much a system and not Random like some think.


Too, some were playing 4479 and 7749 so it shows up as 3749!

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Many times I thought the random wasn't so...random.

Take for instance this oddity:

(some would say don't play if you think it's fixed, that's entirely beside the point - I've seen the same discussion on other threads about

draws being fixed...the responses sometimes were: then don't play...right...)


The store I go to play my numbers has a clock on the wall. I've been there at 6:59 and have been able to get my numbers for that night yet.

Sometimes, I have been there at 6:55 and it is already cut off. WHY?? This is not a bum clock, in fact matches my clock in my car. Kick me for

being so late sometimes, BUT that's not even the point: The point is - if the cut-off is at the same time each night, why am I able to get

numbers on one day at 6:59 and not another day after 6:55. I really think with the supposed hang-time they're giving themselves, they are

jiggering things around. If the computer knows how many numbers of the same kind are out there and that there might be a chance that

number will hit, I think they cut off normally. If the cards are read and those numbers are not ones that were very popular, I think they

are allowed to go through. I'd like to add that on those days where I was able to play up til 6:59 I DID NOT WIN.

Any thoughts on this?

Since this is a p4 thread and topic area, I'll keep it on topic and say this:



That's it for me! ONE NUMBER!! Now I'm ticked!!

Sometimes mad is a good thing. Mad


Tonight for me: 8080, will try your 4038, 3357 & 5537, 4481, 3149, 4431, 4320, 2231, 4529, 2279!


Good Luck to All

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In response to dr65

I know this is a Pick 4 post but I happened to be scrolling through the posts and came across this one. I'm curious to know what is up with the PA lottery's Evening Pick 3. Why hasn't 66 come out but once and way back in January??

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Probably because they're waiting to rack up enough money 1000 times over to pay out 666.

Funny business going on in PA.

Raking in the dough with crummy numbers, repeats, one off's from what it should be and instant tickets hot off the presses each month -

4 new per month.

I think they're pretty well set regardless of who is crying poor.

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with all those 9's and 6' s in pic four watch out for 9999-6666 or like i posted earlyier 999alll 666all that goes for the 7's 5's and 4's also

good luck to all

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Aww now jojo, I gotta play more....LOL!

Thank you jojo! By the time the night draw comes, I forgot all I wanted to do...and had to do!


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