R.I.P. Michael Jackson


It appears that Michael Jackson, 50, suffered cardiac arrest and paramedics were unable to revive him.

 Michael is survived by three children: Michael Joseph Jackson, Jr., Paris Michael Katherine Jackson and Prince "Blanket" Michael Jackson II.

Blue Angel

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Dang things do come in 3's....I was wondering that earlier today whom would be the 3rd...

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FOX is reporting no one knows what his status is....

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In response to NBey6

This is very sad news. My prayers are with his family.This is a great loss.

                                                                     lotto lynn

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It has been confirmed that he had a Heart Attack and that he did not survive.

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That's more sad news today. So young at 50, he was a very talented man!

He will be missed.


The end of an era.  RIPBlue Angel

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I Agree!

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R.I.P. Micheal, you will be missed! Blue Angel


IM watching CNN now and they saying that MJ is not dead .

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Cnn just stated that  Michael Jackson is in a coma nowat UCLA Medical Center.


Tmz says he had passed, CNN says he is in a coma.. mixed reports... Let's pray


I know im trying to see whats really going on.

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CNN has  just reported that  the Los Angeles times reports that Michael Jackson

 has died


first Ed

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  He will be missed.  I was looking forward to his world tour and come back, I guess God had other plans for him.

  May He rest in peace.  My condolences to his family, fans, and friends. 

Blue Angel

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A brilliant, talented, and gifted shining star has dimmed it's lights. God bless his family and "FRIENDS".

I hope that his fans, that worshiped him, will mourn his passing without becoming overly distraught.

"R.I.P. were one of a kind and you will be missed.

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Sad Sad So Sad!!! Michael may your soul rest in Peace.

May God watch over the jackson family. Blue Angel

Oh my the kids; the pain they must feel right now. may god be with them always

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I am saddened over  Michael  death,  he is in  a better place,  RIP.  My friend.  I just heard  that, possible  overdose, on prescription drugs.

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R.I.P. Michael Jackson.


Not sure ie if anybody new this or not, but James Brown Michael's inspiration died on the 25th of the month also. I thought that was really ironic. MJ will truly be missed, he has inspired so many people with dance and song, his memories will forever live on. The only thing I dislike right now, is how the media(some) are bringing up alleged reports and claims. This man has just died for God's sake, his children have lost their father and his parents their child. Do they not have any shame?

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June 25,2009, Is one of the saddest days in both the whole world and the entertainment indusrty-most
especialy the music industry.We have lost one of the greatest music icon that started all the music that
we listen2 today.Michael Jackson will be forever be remmebered as a legend, May you Rest
in Peace MJ!And we will always love you and your legendary musicfor many many many
years 2 come!!   
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Michael, One of the "Greatest Leaders" in the entertainment industry of our era.  He willl be missed "Greatly".       We Love You,

R.I.P.  Michael, Farrah and Ed M.

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I'm  "paying it forward" and not dwelling on the beginning date of Michael Jackson's life nor the ending date of his life.  I received this video from a friend this past Saturday, and thought it was befitting to share at this time. 

This 3 minute video is called "The Dash"- that horizontal line placed between your birth and death date - is truly the measure of a person's life! Watch and enjoy!  And may Michael rip!


Copy and paste to your web browser:

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R. I. P. Michael

We will miss you, but your music will live on forever!!!

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Beautiful video... Thank you dbello

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RIP Will b missed...Thriller!

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May U REST in Peace MIKE! Miss UU will b remembered by millions

of people who love your music. MY heart goes out to his family, may they

have the strength to get through the coming days.

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RIP Michael...  We Will Cherish Fond Memories Of You

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In response to chouquounette

You read my mind Chouquounette!!


RIP-King of Pop, The Gloved One, The Music-The Man-The Legend...Michael Jackson


Blue Angel  Much peace and many blessings to his family and loved ones as well.


What a week it has been with legendary losses.  May we all do our part to contribute to this world for tomorrow is not promised to any of us.

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