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Hi there,

Are you tired of losing all the time?  Try something differant!!! Check it out by clicking the link below.


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You can be the guinea pig. Plop down $39.95 and tell everyone on LP how it works out.

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Wonder you are the owner of such a good system and still you are DOWN.

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Ummmmm, No ThanksSpam

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What's different about buying lottery software that guarantee you'll win?  They all make the same claim.

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    * wheels  (too expensive)

No, wheels are your best friends when comes to lottery, it is not expensive one can wheel a full set of numbers produced with the number pools (8 numbers for pick 6 produces 28 combos) and reduced down to a few combos through filtering.

    * filtering (great fun but too destructive)

Destructive to the non winning combos. It filters out allowing one to minimize the cost, and to optimize the winning. If no filtering then it would be expensive playing all combos. The system mentioned "Inverted System" also uses filtering, but it is called "Inverted" instead. lol

    * statistics (promising but very inconsistent results)

Marketing, research, design, etc rely on statistics and other major components to move their product forward in design and development. If we know these 10 combos hit 90% of the time versus the other 10 combos that hit 9% of the time, which ones you're going for? lol, statistic help guide the way.

    * predictions (usually a scam and totally untrustworthy)

Any numbers put down for a chance to win big or small (it's ok to win small, and it's not the size that matter you know) are predictions because we don't know 100% that it is the winniner, if we did, we would increase the bet 1,000 times every time and clean out the lottery commission. lol. This system here does all these but contradict it does not.

How can they rule out the law of lottery, the fundamental, and offer us something else? That's like saying I am giving you super water, but without 2 parts of H and one part of O.

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The word "guaranteed" should neve be used when peddling gamling information.

Since it says "know tomorrow's numbers, guaranteed", and says "only calls for six or seven tickets to be played", and also says works in Pick 5 and Pick 6, I'm wondering if it isn't one of those methods where you cover all the numbers in any given games' matrix with your tickets, and voila, you have the winning numbers!

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If you're playing a pick5 or pick6 game, most have more numbers than 6 or 7 lines can cover but at least you will have all the winning numbers somewhere on your tickets.  You just have to work on getting them on the same line.

Usually the word "guaranteed" in only used in the advertisement.  Most lottery software come with a disclaimer which states it for "entertainment only".

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SOOOOO........have you tried it?

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You have been a member on here for nearly 4 years and you have never posted any predictions?  You might want to start in order to earn some creditability on your claim or you will be concidered another spamer.

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I think I will also pass on the offer and I don't believe I will click that link either.

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Do NOT post spam on Lottery Post.

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