to win: is it dumb luck or does planning work


I was wondering the opinions those who know the lottery games if winning is really just luck or does tracking numbers actual work?  I have heard of Lucky's system and have yet to check it out.

I like to think that careful study can lead to winning results.  I have not played very much due to a limited budget but studied the numbers from time to time with tools I developed.  My studies have indicated the existance of number patterns over short and long periods of time which tells me the numbers are really not truely random.  But are they predictable?

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In my experience, certain numbers play more often than other numbers. And certain numbers play in certain positions more often than other positions and other numbers. For me, the challenge is finding the COMBINATION of the numbers playing at a certain time and position that will win. For Pick 3, 179 has played in the Tx midday draw 10 times, more often than any other combo. Tx evening draw it's 500 and 543, which played 13 times each. If I was playing P3, I would just ride those numbers.

It's a LOT more difficult with jackpot games, because the numbers that play frequently don't usually play together. So luck is the name of the game. I just try to cut the odds down some.

Good luck.

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Winning is nothing but dumb luck in my opinion..Even if your so called system hits once in a while it's still dumb luck..Ping ball balls,you just can't handicap ping balls..


I would say dumb luck.

From my experiences playing Jackpot games, if I had to do it all over again I would close my eyes and go with DUMB luck.

There are a million things against you while playing your own system. It is the myth of the unknown. One is picking a favored combinations.

In realty the combinations is insignificant among millions and I mean MILLIONS. <snip> incomprehesible millions of combinations.

Second is wheeling numbers. You never seem to get the right combinations no matter how many numbers you pick you don't ever get them in the right order. And you apply you filters and system which inches you closer away from winning.

I realize the daunting task when I generate 50,000 combinations ( A fraction of possible combinations) and looking at those combinations pondering where do I go from here. - They truth is no where.

But it is fun or is it funny :)

Good luck to you.

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Dumb luck.

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probability (which I learned in Finite Math eons ago)  just like rolling die only the odds are much greater.   Luck to me is throwing a basketball 90 feet and having it go in - but then again that could also be probability

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Imo, whether you wheel, use software, pick your own numbers or use quick picks it all comes down to luck. Maybe not so much with Pick 3 or Pick 4 games, but when dealing with games that have a 100,000 or more combinations, then I think luck is the big factor.

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I would say luck but that doesn't mean you can't improve your odds by playing different systems. All it takes is one time to be lucky while playing your system and you're set for life.

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Call it whatever you want but after tracking numbers and watching patterns I can't even bring myself to buy a quick pick(for me) : )

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Absolutely luck for high odds games, I'll use MegaMillions since it's the only one I'm interested in. Maybe you might be able to win a couple bucks regularly by but if systems could be made to actually predict what numbers would drop then it would have been done years ago by people much smarter than anyone on this site. However, like what was already said, you can narrow it down but even if you could remove several million combinations or even 100 million of the combinations, the odds are still against you by an astronomical amount.

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Since Tlot1234 didn't mention a specific game in the OP and we're talking everything from Pick 3 to MM & PB, I'm going to say luck, in a way, double luck - read on.

I'll say for the Pick 5, Pick 6, and 5 + 1 games, not only is it luck, but there's also another "dimension" to it which is if you do hit, on that particular night, how many others also do?

Even on a Pick 5 game - I'll use Illinois' jackpot tonight, $545,000.......sweet jackpot for a Pick 5, but what if three or four other people hit the same night?

(This, in fact, happened recently).

As for Pick 3 and Pick 4, more so Pick 3, there may be a method of tracking that will point you to occassional winners, but the p[ayouts are set up so that only some one with "deep enough poclets" could afford that level of play.

If they can afford that level of play, they're just playing for fun, and grinding out a slight gain at best.

The "house", be it lotto, race track, or casino is not going to continually offer any game that can be beat, that's why Faro is no longer in casinos.

Just my $.02

Just remember, your Quick Pick might be someone else's numbers, and vice versa!


Powerball is even funnier now.

Think how there is no 5+0 winners after a drawing.

Imagine if you spent all that money and bought all the ticket for that drawing you would not win the jackpot.

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I believe both luck and tracking numbers work hand in hand.

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In response to Tlot1234

I think its a little of both.I mean yea you can track numbers but like most or all systems I have seen any where your come up with like 30 number now where the luck comes in is picking a few to play and HOPE to win.

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I don't get being in a pool of 2000 at all.

Tonight's MM is $220,000,000. Should you guys win, that comes to $110,000 each. Nice little score, but not really an "instant retirement" type of thing.

And that's figuring $220,000,000, not cash option (so it would be spread out over years), and not after taxes.

Even if you hit 5 + 0, the $250,000 would come to $125 each.

Just my opinion, but plasying a Pick 5 solo would be better than playing in such a large pool.

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