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ok so I'm one of those guys that just loves numbers/math/chess/poker /etc...  and always looking for an advantage or edge  sitting here think how the heck can I hit a lousy 6 numbers geez ya think it would be easy.... at least at first than filling out a lotter betting slip and fillin in the numbers I thought gee if i when back and filled in old winning numbers and look at the patterns ((and/or stack patterns on top of each other))on the slips to see if theres a certain pattern that would be favorable  Conehead        gonna have to try that  Idea

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Maybe this thread would be of help:

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Thats a lot of playslips that you are going to have to go through. Have you tried looking for  a pattern in the past results of your game? Here in New York, i've been following a certain pattern in the take 5 game just by looking at past results and have figured out a way to know which digit is going to show among the other four. The roadblock is that it can take a few draws for the number to show and the dilema of which other numbers to play with it. Still working on guidelines on how long to play a digit and still looking for other patterns to take advantage of. What state are you in? I want to see if my pattern technique works for your pick 5 game.

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hello   i would like to try the bet slip pattern theory but on the pc somehow than take the patterns and try one of those hey this pattern looks favorable approch ...............multi state ..........system I'm using right now is mixture hot n colds   lot of 2 number hits which pays-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------zip............What?

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If there is a pattern in the play slips that keeps repeating then the combination that causes that pattern is repeating too and that just doesn't happens.

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