Call 911...Dream Numbers Needed

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Any numbers for this dream my mom had:

"Three guys at the front door rang bell. The tall guy was unscrewing the porch light. I said to (daughter 3/26) "Get a knife. Call 911!!!". I go get big knife to give to (daughter). The robber comes in. He looks up at the ceiling and asks: " Did y'all do that?". I started down the hallway, try to untwist the door knob (to the first bedroom on the left -- another daughter's room 9/14). It was locked. The other bedroom door with my grandbaby in it was locked too. So (the first daughter) goes into the bathroom and locks the door. So I thought, 'I better go in and lock my door' and I did (12/13). I woke up and my heart was racing."

(As an aside, on the news this morning, we learned that three robbers broke into a friend of the daugher (who locked herself in the bathroom) and shot him in the stomach and he is now in the hospital. So this may have been a premonition dream.)

Thanks for any help.

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light 634 633

rang 933 6664

bell 381 6148

knife 447 774

robber 110 501 845 7683

bathroom 434 6499

lock 297 197

bedroom 846 843

Good Luck!!!!!!!!!

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Thanks lilthing!

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In response to lilthing

339nc jan 30 hope u got it!!!!!!!

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