The F17 System

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I've backtested a few and the results are whoa! Try it in your state

1. Take the last two draws or two recent consecutive draws. They can either be last mid or evening or combined..

2. Subtract when from the other...lower from higher

3. Add 17 to each digit alternatively

4. Look for your straight hits

5. Bonus--you might get a P4 hit in there occassionally.


Ok let's watch NY Midday

1. Draws for Jan 22 and Jan 23

Jan 23  968

Jan 22  885


2. Difference  968-885=083

3. Add 17 ...

1783  (add 0+17, leave other digits as is)

0253 (add 17 to second digit [8]=25), leave first digit and last digit as is

0820 (add 3 to 17, leave first and second digits as is)


Now for your hits...back test and see where most hits come from

NY Jan 25 Midday    023

NY Jan 27   Midday   183

Notice two straights within 4 days

All possible straights:





Hope I have been clear enough. Feel free to tweak and add improvements...change the constant -17 if it works in yr state--but there is a mathematical reason for choosing 17.


Whoa!!  I just did a back test on PA's evening draws (103 and 014), and if I did this correctly, there was a srt8t last night...






last night PA 3 digit = 178....

I'm always a day late!!!

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In response to kimber528

You did it correctly. It works!!!

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Interesting method. When using this will give 3 numbers for p4? And 12 numbers for p3?

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Thanks Fib.  Will try in Ga.

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does the last numbers all ways have a 20 at the end of it..

seems that would be the case if you add 17 and 3 together everytime.

I did try it today didn't play every number but did have a 177..

In the top line and the middle line.and played it..

The number drawn today was 977..close..


Still that 20 at the end of the last set of numbers puzzles me some.

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In response to taterman47

No the last numbers do not always have to have a 20.. If you follow the directions properly the numbers are different every depends on the difference between the draws you are using


But yes if the digit is 3 then then you will result in a 20.

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yea i just figured it out a few minutes ago..Kinda interesting

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could you do example of 292 make sure i did it right.. sounds great.. wanting to try tonight eve

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Will definitely backtest in NC.....Thanks for sharing with us

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Would you play 3 or 4 draws with the same numbers..

or redo it every day?Hiding Behind Computer

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What if the previous number is lower than the last number? example   daytime was 357 and  then nightime was 764. Do you subtract greastest was lowest?

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In response to reddog

subtract lower from greater.

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In response to taterman47

Backtest on yr state and see how long bedfore the numbers hit. Usually within 3-4 days. I wouldn't try more than 5 days to keep it reaaly profitable.

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ok thanks..

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